Pronunciation of Dependent
/d_ɪ_p_ˈɛ_n_d_ə_n_t/, /dɪpˈɛndənt/, /dɪpˈɛndənt/

Antonyms for dependent:

selfcontained, freest, mature, freewheeling, basic, more freewheeling, most exclusory, self-directing, selfsufficient, single-handed, more unallied, un-restricted, unassociated, mismatched, kingpin, not related, un-conditional, non-germane, more monarchial, self contained, selfreliant, most unallied, more unregimented, guardian, most predominate, in-applicable, non aligned, out-right, more enfranchised, insubordinate, unequivocal, foreman, un mitigated, honcho, most autonomic, pre dominate, more exclusionary, out rightest, pre-eminent, un controlled, un divided, dis-crete, at liberty, absolute, in-finite, unaided, on own, fundamental, primary, most monarchial, no strings attached, no joke, most freewheeling, independent, strong, over bearing, more nongermane, Unallied, more emanant, Irrelative, self-ruling, more appearing, efflorescent, un-aided, in fallible, unregimented, first-rate, non-partisan, unaddicted, nongermane, no ifs ands or buts, more liberated, Emanant, taskmaster, most emanant, headman, most unassociated, Self-determining, monarchial, nonpartisan, un equivocal, most selfruling, un-blemished, leader, un regimented, pre-dominant, in applicable, more apart, arrant, most unaided, first-class, most mismatched, un-enslaved, un-limited, more selfdetermining, outright, ex act, more self-determining, in-fallible, more selfruling, un-connected, un liker, more selfgoverned, self-governing, CARER, self governing, most self directing, out goingest, complete, in appropriate, most circumscribed, consummate, most cliquish, in dependent, more self-governed, separatist, un-allied, un connected, caregiver, indie, para-mount, most self ruling, out-goingest, most directing, most emanating, jefe, most self-governed, autonomic, autonomous, emergent, selfgoverned, pre dominant, not kin, most guiding, unrelated, out right, sui juris, most nongermane, separate, un flawed, unsupported, most unenslaved, un allied, out righter, beside point, most appearing, most self-directing, mis-matched, superior, more self ruling, unadulterated, in-dependent, un-likest, un tarnished, un-controlled, unqualified, un-equivocal, Exclusionary, un-attached, self determining, pre eminent, basal, un-adulterated, more exclusory, more positive, ex-act, most efflorescent, selfruling, swank, monarchal, free, more self governed, cliquish, un constrained, more selfdirecting, unalloyed, most selfgoverned, breakaway, in finite, more absolutist, more emancipated, self sufficient, on one own, out-goinger, no ifs ands buts, most exclusionary, more monarchal, un deniable, un enslaved, un adulterated, un-questionable, in-appropriate, most selfdetermining, un aided, positive, out-righter, more unenslaved, un-related, un questionable, outgoing, self reliant, more mismatched, categorical, self governed, pre-dominate, straight out, more efflorescent, not kindred, total, more self-ruling, important, Over-bearing, most irrelative, absolutist, simple, self supporting, un-mitigated, more unaided, unconditioned, self ruling, more emanating, helmsman, para mount, un associated, un ambiguous, out going, un related, unreliant, more predominate, Exclusory, most selfdirecting, more self determining, selfdetermining, dis-criminative, perfect, all-out, de finite, most liberated, dis criminative, caretaker, not germane, issuing forth, un-regimented, un-qualified, de-finite, un-divided, selfsupporting, un qualified, more guiding, most self governed, out goinger, more self-directing, more precise, socially correct, more developing, un-ambiguous, un-deniable, Unenslaved, un-tarnished, ultimate, un abridged, out-going, more irrelative, unmitigated, un restricted, non partisan, non germane, on one's own, utter, dis similar, no catch, out-and-out, more circumscribed, dis-similar, sovereign, most self determining, un-abridged, un conditional, captain, most apart, dis crete, mis matched, most unregimented, most self-determining, most self-ruling, boss man, major, more unassociated, self-supporting, un-associated, on ones own, selfgoverning, un likest, selfdirecting.

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