Pronunciation of Descend
/d_ɪ_s_ˈɛ_n_d/, /dɪsˈɛnd/, /dɪsˈɛnd/

Antonyms for descend:

re-covered, am cards, be the cards, saltated, was promoted, moving upward, vaulted up, fake out, re-covers, gat upon, be-gun, uprise, go through roof, up-date, get up on, pushed up, upsurged, hanging over, hefts, de spoils, comes around, dis-robed, be-stridden, shoots up, lift, break through, blow away, turns the corner, re moving, are the wind, am imminent, art promoted, goes uphill, dis-tends, de-luging, were promoted, up heaving, de-truncates, be fallen, moving up, re doubles, un clad, rises up, re-calls, bobs up, Cribbed, be strides, straightened up, up rises, being first, unclothe, mount, go up, reach up, climbing upon, enlarge, over running, de-capitate, out-did, out doing, better oneself, sizing, being near, re volt, gotten out bed, gat one feet, be stride, extended above, up-springing, come on the scene, increase, cropped up, sur-passing, were elevated, dis perse, run circles around, up-raise, toned, dis tended, coming the scene, extend above, getting somewhere, bare aloft, straightened out, dis-tended, blows away, over looks, climbing up on, re-vise, de truncates, out-strips, gooses, spike, pro-rated, working ones way up, wast forthcoming, looks down, doctoring up, overtops, straightens out, gotten to one feet, de rive, un-dressed, lift off, up-risen, gets out of bed, re storing, being erect, out fox, be-tided, wast cards, gat steeper, Toning, get ones feet, dis appears, de-luged, dis-appearing, am in cards, be in cards, am coming, Intensate, ex posed, art at hand, pro-moting, Pirating, re doubling, is hand, dis appear, am located, be-fallen, speeding up, took up arms, Sinewed, is coming, fakes out, up-rearing, super imposing, make firm, de luge, raised high, gets to ones feet, hangs over, wert in cards, is at hand, out foxes, over-shadows, crested, taking up arms, out-foxes, detruncate, takes shape, tone up, up-held, be in wind, being located, up hove, un-dresses, be falling, arise, upheave, became visible, up-rears, climb the ladder, piles out, goosed, de-spoils, re-storing, seeming huge, be tided, broke through, shoot up, gat one's feet, gets to one's feet, sur-facing, be at hand, over-hanging, be-sting, clamber up, getting feet, out-foxing, gotten to one's feet, are forthcoming, up-reared, lopped off, calibrating, get out of bed, was the wind, up grade, out-stripping, works one way up, re verse, uphove, gotten somewhere, be elevated, up raising, up-heaving, entrain, re-vamping, got somewhere, in creases, is elevated, wert near, am hand, saltate, straighten, are erect, up-lifting, hiked up, bobbed up, re-double, gat to feet, lifting off, be-striding, dis robed, climbed on, filing off, re volts, am elevated, are the cards, being the cards, is in wind, work one's way up, take up arms, stacks up, up-sprang, moved up, up-graded, dis tending, board, bore aloft, goes through ceiling, re-doubling, over-runs, sprang out, up date, level, wast located, wast situated, gotten ones feet, out strips, re cover, out does, pile out, be in the wind, am erect, goes through roof, gotten up on, looking over, climb onto, re formed, move up, de truncating, raise high, coming around, ex-pose, Winging, breaking through, accumulate, am wind, lops off, ex corticate, re-verse, vault up, Pollarding, flared up, gets upon, re-volts, files off, is situated, rolls out, up-rises, climbing the ladder, be-strides, turning corner, intensates, re move, shape up, in-creased, having foundation, out-done, up-spring, over-topping, sloping upwards, be sting, are imminent, clambering up, re stores, up rearing, over shadowing, in creasing, climbs on, lop off, move upward, slipt out of, got to one feet, up raised, over shadows, hike up, is near, pile up, be strid, push up, gets up on, re-generates, climb up on, art the cards, being at hand, climbed ladder, jumping on, get out bed, take shape, heighten, being in wind, tower, mushroom, over topped, scraped off, gat up on, wast erect, strengthen, de-rive, re-lax, sweeps upward, climbing onto, going through the ceiling, rocket, dis-perse, be tiding, stack up, be above, speed up, comes on the scene, wast near, bearing aloft, Sluiced, running circles around, went up, re-vamps, re-stored, ex-tends, pour, up, dis-robe, insurrects, up surge, go beyond, sitting up, seemed large, wrought one way up, pro portioned, be located, being hand, jumps on, re-fines, up surging, pollards, getting ones feet, going through the roof, sur mount, bettered oneself, gotten feet, un-clothes, gets out bed, go through the roof, progress, am the cards, looks over, re new, up lifting, de luged, springing out, cropt up, up-raising, coming in to view, makes strides, Bestrode, takes up arms, Eddying, ape up, art in wind, re-forms, was above, ex tend, wert erect, straighten out, go through ceiling, is located, got to one's feet, de truncate, work way up, getting up on, ameliorate, come on scene, works way up, gotten out of bed, turned corner, up risen, Intensated, re-vised, goes places, faked out, jump on, sur-mounting, piles up, moves upward, out shine, be gun, wells forth, wast imminent, gets ones feet, Bestridden, ex tending, get upon, reaching up, over-shadowing, wast at hand, re versing, went places, march, dis-tending, are in the cards, escalate, re vised, pushing up, out-fox, up-dates, out-doing, going uphill, ex tended, working one's way up, Creamed, up-grades, dis robes, welled forth, over runs, be first, was the cards, re-news, come around, art located, ex-corticated, de spoil, catapulting, wert elevated, un dressing, stacked up, up-heaves, look over, de-rives, was wind, surge, gat ones feet, jack up, were erect, speeded up, art coming, set right, de truncated, are wind, super-impose, coming on the scene, wert coming, be-falling, gotten one's feet, gat to one's feet, comes into view, pushes up, apes up, got up on, Copped, out foxed, got one feet, pro-rate, slips out of, setting right, re-move, get to one feet, sluicing, lifts off, laying bare, lifted off, scraping off, was first, dis-appears, pro portion, get to feet, was hand, getting to one feet, climbs up on, super-imposing, up-lift, hiking up, getting out of bed, was in the wind, worked way up, slope upwards, was situated, be promoted, in-crease, reaches up, be fall, spring out, upgrade, re covering, go places, be striding, art in cards, get to ones feet, dis-appeared, out foxing, Hulling, stacking up, de capitate, goosing, detruncates, straightening up, went through the ceiling, wakes up, art in the cards, were situated, were located, being situated, sur-face, sate up, up grading, wert above, pro moting, ex-posing, up-surge, toned up, up holding, file off, being elevated, went beyond, came forth, be-fall, brake through, art forthcoming, de-spoiling, gat out of bed, re-called, hang over, is the wind, are hand, straightens up, art the wind, re stored, be the wind, go uphill, gets feet, scrape off, comes scene, was imminent, de nudes, re fine, re calling, be in the cards, out strip, wert forthcoming, took shape, sped up, de riving, were wind, excorticating, becomes visible, had foundation, develop, rose up, gotten to ones feet, de-nude, re-volt, up dated, de-rived, dis mantling, re-generated, out-does, is imminent, sur mounted, gotten astride, is erect, sized, goes beyond, heft, Foxed, dis-places, blew away, seem large, dis-robing, de-corticate, trans pire, coming forth, over shadowed, come scene, enrich, up lifted, Cribbing, re covered, piled out, being in cards, Overtopped, dis-place, wake up, climb, slopes upwards, with drawn, gets one's feet, ascend, un clothing, up dating, pro-portions, wert promoted, gat feet, up dates, are at hand, take arms, climbs the ladder, pro portions, going up, dis-robes, come into view, dis mantles, Detruncating, Excorticate, out-strip, get one's feet, de spoiled, up grades, are in cards, doctored up, de corticated, were cards, lay bare, Soared, slipped out of, out-shined, comes the scene, over shadow, up-rose, become visible, sur-pass, wrought way up, seems huge, went through the roof, goes through the ceiling, getting one's feet, is in the wind, were first, hung over, are situated, sur-passed, re doubled, sweep upward, sur facing, being in the wind, up held, are in wind, wast above, works one's way up, ex pose, catapulted, gets to one feet, Foxes, cropping up, be falls, make strides, re fined, over-looking, shaping up, is in cards, bears aloft, art above, wert first, sur-mounted, were in the cards, leap, up spring, hanged over, be-tiding, were in wind, Hefting, gotten one feet, get steeper, sur mounting, taking shape, waking up, escalades, doctor up, have foundation, re forms, gotten steeper, de luging, rise shine, were the wind, de-spoiled, raising high, shaves off, getting to ones feet, over-looks, piling out, am above, were above, roofed, un dress, getting to feet, vaults up, be ginning, going beyond, overtop, dis-mantled, over tops, ex tends, wrought ones way up, are promoted, out shined, piggybacks, climbing on, bestrides, up holds, multi plying, wert hand, came in to view, spreads over, flatten, upsurging, pro-portioning, ex-posed, comes forth, piled up, works ones way up, was located, jumped up, Neared, with-drawing, up-holding, even, got upon, upheaves, slipping out of, out shone, was erect, stood up, climb upon, ex-celling, climb on, be-tide, crop up, doctors up, up-rise, getting one feet, takes arms, de-nudes, up-surging, aping up, looking down, jumping up, Hefted, flares up, dis-mantle, breaks through, art hand, climbed the ladder, piggyback, up-rear, up lifts, un-clad, worked ones way up, balloon, upturn, upheaved, being the wind, wert in wind, were in cards, Eddied, was forthcoming, is above, be cards, wast in wind, got one's feet, getting astride, was at hand, wast first, Pirated, meliorate, adds fuel fire, is in the cards, are coming, aped up, re-moving, go through the ceiling, re calls, up lift, dis mantled, out-shines, with drawing, re vise, de corticate, are above, be-falls, up heave, climbed onto, with-draw, copping, out did, sat up, out-shine, re store, coming scene, over look, super-imposes, flaring up, dis placing, up heaves, came on scene, gat to ones feet, Husked, woke up, re-stores, clambered up, wast elevated, up springing, haddest foundation, springs out, took arms, up-lifts, Bestriding, got feet, hath foundation, Detruncated, wert situated, is promoted, dis tend, gets steeper, coming into view, be-fell, is wind, being wind, re news, reached up, am situated, up rose, up raise, dis place, super-imposed, un-drest, re-new, am promoted, be tides, being coming, hast foundation, re lax, laid bare, sit up, got steeper, de-truncated, calibrated, excorticated, re-vamp, dis robe, wast in cards, was in cards, de-corticated, extending above, over-tops, was cards, up-raised, rolled out, get one feet, getting steeper, work one way up, bobbing up, dis robing, up rear, sur-faced, wert at hand, art imminent, climb ladder, getting out bed, getting to one's feet, de-luge, spread over, ex corticated, bestrid, insurrected, re forming, de-riving, re vising, un dressed, goes through the roof, better, burgeon, clambers up, get to one's feet, is the cards, were imminent, up-surges, sur faced, is first, gat out bed, got to feet, gets to feet, de luges, Cresting, came on the scene, got ones feet, re generates, rising up, filed off, be erect, saltating, over topping, art situated, dis-mantling, un clothed, up-raises, up-holds, gat astride, over hangs, over-run, re-fining, re-versed, rolling out, was in wind, sur-mounts, with drew, working one way up, was coming, re-calling, up heaved, over-look, pro-portion, went through roof, be-tides, going through roof, dis appearing, sweeping upward, came scene, are elevated, climbed up on, out done, beared aloft, sur faces, gets one feet, raises high, re-doubled, climbing ladder, dis-placed, vaulting up, dis-tend, are located, making firm, Overtopping, pollard, seemed huge, up-hove, slip out of, intensify, wert cards, super imposes, sur passes, was near, dis places, un clothes, gotten to feet, comes on scene, out-stripped, re form, with draw, sur face, is forthcoming, embark, Proportioning, going through ceiling, nears, Creaming, jumps up, improve, swept upward, soar, came around, un dresses, turn the corner, de-luges, makes firm, Re-forming, climbed upon, are in the wind, un clothe, sloped upwards, scrapes off, Pollarded, art wind, got out bed, up rears, wast in the wind, de nude, straighten up, upsweep, be-ginning, over looked, gotten upon, jump up, shaving off, trans-pire, waked up, be-strid, up-grading, re-formed, scale, re-doubles, came into view, up graded, bettering oneself, expand, up hold, looked over, work ones way up, re vamps, husking, looked down, be coming, shapes up, un-clothed, has foundation, bestride, comes in to view, being in the cards, sur-passes, piggybacked, super imposed, with-drew, de rives, re double, Reamed, re-vising, excorticates, ex celling, sits up, art in the wind, were the cards, re moved, dis-mantles, un-clothing, becoming visible, ex-tending, speeds up, piggybacking, went uphill, re generating, got astride, get in, advance, were forthcoming, re-vamped, top, moves up, re generated, leave, took off, pro-rating, were coming, ex-tended, super impose, calibrate, crops up, be near, got to ones feet, enplane, hadst foundation, pro rating, escalade, being above, wert in the cards, climbs onto, Bulked, ex-tend, rise, re generate, be tide, sur mounts, dis appeared, moved upward, gets astride, climbs upon, Escalading, dis-appear, up rising, got out of bed, up springs, multi-plying, extends above, gat somewhere, art cards, upheaving, with draws, pro-motes, up surged, up-heaved, coming on scene, wast the cards, grow, art near, bob up, fortify, calibrates, wast coming, re-cover, sur-mount, up surges, skyrocket, turned the corner, build, look down, swell, out-shining, in-creases, Escaladed, loom, in crease, Intensating, re-generate, come forth, being forthcoming, de spoiling, be forthcoming, enhance, be fell, seems large, up-heave, well forth, get feet, re-fine, wert wind, be hand, de rived, be stridden, shave off, flare up, wast the wind, goose, goes up, re vamped, wax, de-truncating, wert the wind, up-hold, seeming large, smooth, sur passed, be wind, re-moves, de-spoil, gat to one feet, jacked up, pro-portioned, being cards, art first, was in the cards, stands up, re-call, snowball, up rise, dis mantle, was elevated, dis placed, are cards, dis tends, re-covering, de-truncate, be-stride, re-generating, wert located, be imminent, come in to view, up-lifted, working way up, Bulking, adds fuel to fire, blowing away, are first, being imminent, turns corner, made strides, being promoted, plane, wert imminent, roll out, with-drawn, am at hand, dis-placing, shooting up, climbs ladder, be strode, standing up, am the wind, be-strode, came the scene, pro-mote, hikes up, sprung out, saltates, re fines, ex celled, betters oneself, spreading over, multi-plied, wrought one's way up, be situated, sur pass, get somewhere, come the scene, roofing.

Usage examples for descend:

Idioms for descend:

  • descend to sth;
  • descend into sth;
  • descend from sth;
  • descend from sm;
  • descend ( up) on sm or sth;

Rhymes for descend:

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