Pronunciation of Desegregate
/diːsˈɛɡɹɪɡˌe͡ɪt/, /diːsˈɛɡɹɪɡˌe‍ɪt/, /d_iː_s_ˈɛ_ɡ_ɹ_ɪ_ɡ_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for desegregate

de taches, dis-engages, Bracketed, dis-affiliates, dis-joint, held candle to, putting on side, dis-unite, in-spect, weighing against another, un-links, setting against, dis unifying, dis unify, Separating, disaffiliate, dis associate, relationships marriage alienate, putting side, bi-furcated, took leave, spacing, dis entangling, un did, dis join, come apart, de-tach, single out, put on side, bi furcate, dis affiliate, brake it off, re-tiring, dis-affiliating, Uncombine, setting side by side, un-combined, dis uniting, closed off, bi-furcating, Cloistering, singling out, places in juxtaposition, dis-joints, blockaded, comes away, un-doing, de parted, with draws, intervaling, de parting, uncombining, put side, dis-assembled, block off, stood between, un-combine, de parts, un combining, set apart, dis continue, de domicile, with drawn, place in juxtaposition, dis-engaged, dis tribute, dis unified, dis assembles, de tach, de-domiciling, going different ways, un-fix, stack up against, compare, untied the knot, seclude, keep apart, re moving, hold a candle to, detach, roping off, dis-entangling, breaks it off, goes different ways, came away, Unlink, un-fixing, disunified, un-combines, tearing off, un fastened, untied knot, dis-assembles, bi furcates, dis associated, going separate ways, dis joints, taking apart, dis assemble, bi-furcates, tore off, stacks against, dis-assembling, weigh against another, intervaled, dis-unifying, dis-tributes, dis criminates, going away, dis-engage, separate, dis-connected, dis unites, compartmentalizes, dis joining, Bracketing, un-hitching, compartmentalize, dis-continues, unties knot, dis affiliating, cordon, de-domiciled, un linking, unfixed, dis mounted, puts on side, dis-unified, dis united, isolate, hold candle to, un fixt, re tire, holds candle to, de-domiciles, dis-connect, dis continued, taking leave, dis severs, match up, dis-engaging, dis continuing, dis-mounted, unlinks, dis connected, un linked, dedomiciled, dis engage, dis criminated, un-fastened, un fixes, relationshiping marriage alienate, dis-assemble, dis-criminates, compartmented, coming apart, singled out, comes apart, placing juxtaposition, cordons, holds a candle to, un fix, sizes up, dis unite, re tiring, uncouple, with-draw, disunify, un-fixt, in-spects, dis-criminating, holding a candle to, puts side, dis-entangled, disunifies, dis-severed, de-domicile, un-fixed, un couple, re-tire, tear off, dis-associating, sealed off, put one side, dis engaging, dis criminate, cordoning, disaffiliating, un-hitches, un link, dis-joining, kept apart, un-linked, dis associates, Dichotomized, cordoned, un fixed, sets against, go different ways, placed in juxtaposition, un-hitch, re strict, weighs against another, dis tributes, re-moves, un doing, weighed against another, breaking it off, dis-affiliate, held a candle to, un done, sealing off, dichotomizes, dis-mounting, un does, un hitches, closes off, dedomicile, dis entangled, dis-jointed, un-linking, takes leave, blockading, un coupling, dis mounts, compartmentalized, dis-continued, stands between, untying the knot, Islanded, dis associating, un fixing, relationshipping marriage alienate, drawing apart, de-part, in spects, dis criminating, dis entangles, dis connecting, torn off, draws apart, blocked off, un hitched, stacked against, de-parted, un-coupling, relationship marriage alienate, untie knot, dis-associated, dis connect, dis-continue, relationshipped marriage alienate, dedomiciling, un-link, dis-join, un links, dis-joined, putting one side, re tired, dis-entangles, re tires, dis affiliates, puts on one side, dis-connects, rope off, dis-criminate, break it off, sized up, re move, matched up, dis-severs, take apart, dis-jointing, with draw, dis joint, dis assembling, closing off, un combined, dis-affiliated, matching up, coming away, ropes off, singles out, drew apart, dis-connecting, un combine, sets apart, dis-sever, setting apart, bi furcated, sequestrate, sets side by side, re-moving, close off, un-fixes, dis-united, placed juxtaposition, seal off, come away, de domiciling, dis engages, Embargoing, un-coupled, dis joins, bi furcating, un coupled, stacking against, dis-tribute, dis engaged, took apart, place juxtaposition, dis assembled, size up, compartmenting, uncombines, blocks off, dis severed, re-strict, dis-entangle, blocking off, dichotomize, dis mount, puts one side, Embargoed, dis jointing, unties the knot, stacks up against, dis-unify, un couples, draw apart, keeping apart, de part, Dichotomizing, stacked up against, dis-uniting, untie the knot, went separate ways, un-hitched, dis connects, placing in juxtaposition, disaffiliates, closeted, un hitch, bi-furcate, dis entangle, tears off, relationshipped or marriage alienate, de domiciled, dis-associate, with-drawn, putting on one side, dis-unites, roped off, relationships or marriage alienate, came apart, dis-continuing, dis continues, set side by side, with drawing, dis severing, un-couple, dis-joins, re moved, dis jointed, segregate, un-did, dis affiliated, Unfix, un-does, dis mounting, set against, compartmentalizing, go separate ways, standing between, un hitching, unfixes, relationshiping or marriage alienate, holding candle to, places juxtaposition, with-drawing, de-taches, with drew, re-move, takes apart, dis-mount, de domiciles, stand between, disaffiliated, dis sever, unlinking, un-fasten, dis-mounts, put on one side, de-parts, goes away, Closeting, with-drew, dis-associates, un fastens, un fastening, de-parting, disunifying, dis-criminated, matches up, dis joined, dis-unifies, un fasten, broke it off, went different ways, dedomiciles, dis unifies, in spect, un combines, stack against, dis-severing.