Pronunciation of Despair
/d_ɪ_s_p_ˈeə/, /dɪspˈe͡ə/, /dɪspˈe‍ə/

Antonyms for despair:

peace, sweated it out, encouragement, looks forward to, de-siring, deem likely, Cheeriness, har de har, bright side, watches for, hast faith, at onenesses, chucklings, sweated it, ravishments, pro-mises, in toxications, relaxation, feeling confident, looking at sunny side, expect, hangs in, hopefulness, hung in, howlings, bright sides, atoneness, looked sunny side, Jollies, looked at sunny side, good cheers, promised oneself, rosinesses, fore seeing, had faith, merriment, castles air, sur-mises, stars in one's eye, rapturousness, am sure of, knocking wood, expectation, stars in ones eye, stars eye, pro spect, Tehee, watch for, stars in one's eyes, stars in eye, at-onenesses, Rhapsodies, sweats it out, bliss, exaltation, hath faith, promise oneself, well being, high spiritses, sur-mise, prevision, knocking on wood, feel confident, rhapsody, joviality, be lief, pro-spects, up-lifts, contentment, joyousness, Laughters, thinks to, stars in one eyes, was sure of, de-lights, fore-saw, greedy glutton, fore-seen, afford, deems likely, stars eyes, de-sires, looking sunny side, have faith, gladness, de siring, trust, fool paradise, stars one's eyes, think to, stars in ones eyes, felt confident, up-lift, optimism, joyousnesses, wast sure of, deemed likely, light at end tunnel, crack-up, wish for, keep fingers crossed, gigglings, look up, titterings, pleasure, gaiety, exuberance, endure, depends on, ravishment, courage, crack ups, sunniness, joyfulness, re-lying, knocked on wood, knocks wood, pursue, greedy gluttons, anticipation, stars ones eyes, sweating out, cheerinesses, sweats it, sur mise, confidence, at oneness, re lied, sweated out, wellbeing, undergo, keeps fingers crossed, in toxication, re laxation, be lieve, were sure of, depend on, crowings, at-oneness, thing with feather, foreboding, de sired, keep, watched for, uppers, har-de-hars, de-sired, fore sees, looked forward to, hanged in, fore-see, good spirit, light end of tunnel, tehees, cheerfulness, brighten, fore-sees, fore seen, castles in air, re laxations, expectancy, stars one eyes, roarings, highs, pro mise, taking heart, being sure of, looks sunny side, look sunny side, de-light, pro-mise, joy, has faith, light end tunnel, having faith, up lift, sweating it, thought to, guffawings, took heart, faith, re-laxations, crackup, assurance, look at sunny side, sur mises, take heart, laughter, lightheartedness, mirth, Hoped, atonenesses, happiness, har de hars, stars in one eye, be-lieve, watching for, de-sire, knock on wood, stars ones eye, rosiness, promises oneself, crackups, hang in, glee, hopefulnesses, comfort, Yuck, rapture, be-lief, crack-ups, haddest faith, chortlings, re lying, har-de-har, looking forward to, takes heart, guffawing, in-toxications, euphoria, ecstasy, depended on, thing with feathers, sweat it out, look forward to, sweat it, keeping fingers crossed, art sure of, knocks on wood, deeming likely, de lights, be sure of, knocked wood, mirthfulness, wert sure of, de sire, high spirits, buck up, yucks, are sure of, sweating it out, de sires, feels confident, Elysiums, elation, hope, light at end of tunnel, pro spects, good spirits, peace mind, de light, thinking to, promising oneself, re-laxation, anticipate, gleefulness, cheer, blissfulness, is sure of, looks at sunny side, exultation, kept fingers crossed, sweat out, pro mises, jubilation, up lifts, fore saw, knock wood, jollity, re-lied, hadst faith, snortings.

Usage examples for despair:

  • But she would not despair yet. - "The Captives", Hugh Walpole.
  • Evening was drawing in before I threw my work aside in despair. - "Danger! and Other Stories", Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Mervyn's heart was filled with black, gloomy despair. - "The Heath Hover Mystery", Bertram Mitford.

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