Pronunciation of Despise
/dɪspˈa͡ɪz/, /dɪspˈa‍ɪz/, /d_ɪ_s_p_ˈaɪ_z/

Antonyms for despise

aspires to, eating ones heart out, dies vine, hadst an urge for, was found wanting, having a passion for, art gone on, find congenial, is partial to, stringed along with, rolling out red carpet, is stuck on, be clouds, feels a dearth of, ex-claim, dies for, are down in the mouth, hast vision, went hungry, clinging to, hadst yen for, patted on back, built castles in air, wert without, is hard up, de fending, were in clouds, re-quires, being sweet on, ex-acting, wert want, living up to, are consumed with desire, be awe of, tolerates, wert in awe of, re-side, in clines, have hots for, puts with, marvels at, being insufficient, in-vented, be wild about, de sired, were in funk, stew over, have a vision, be smitten, re quests, sings the praises of, is content, yenning for, being impatient, revelled in, wast down out, art partial to, de sires, feeling like, mooning over, art pleased, gave eyeteeth for, moon over, are ambitious, drove for, takes to, pined away, sings praises of, apostheosizes, grinning bear it, died for, am smitten with, ex-claiming, pay homage, takes up on, giving eyeteeth for, holding high esteem, grinned bear it, find appealing, cotton to, living to, look to, sang praises of, take interest in, gives key city, being true, took to, being eager for, eats one's heart out, is deprived, wast turned by, wert out breath, were greedy, rivetted the eyes on, fags out, took pleasure in, goes soft, is pleased by, stands in need of, gazed open-mouthed, de vised, am passionate, rejoice in, marveling at, were serious about, have mind to, be in need of, was ambitious, wert mad for, am pleased by, gaze openmouthed, getting off on, am content, prize, indulged in, dying over, die over, am turned on by, were without, felt a need, with stood, is fascinated with, bow down to, hath yen for, art out of breath, gaze, patted back, are eager, has occasion for, tuckers, getting a load of, are big about, was turned by, is in awe of, pant, were neglected, searched for pot gold, have passion for, hold in respect, feels need, lose heart to, had a passion for, get a load of, deferred to, wish, having crush on, be envious, caring for, was smitten with, be enchanted by, hast a notion, are eager for, wast passionate, was gratified by, carries a torch, feel disposed, is turned on by, suffer, roll with punches, hath vision, hadst need of, hold high, be in funk, art hot for, feel a need, wast in love with, wast a funk, with-stands, had a mind to, haddest the hots for, had a flash, are down in mouth, flipping over, bunk out, ate heart out, being big on, saw fit, hadst occasion for, drive for, are greedy, is short of, re main, was up in clouds, thriving with, ate one's heart out, Bunked, bows down, rejoices in, be nuts about, are partial to, are attached to, being hard up, regarded highly, be serious about, flip over, be turned on by, had hots for, being down the mouth, hast occasion for, art smitten, re maining, prayed to, are down out, Extolled, hangs in, was down out, were gratified by, wast clouds, being inclined, Hymning, is out of breath, be found wanting, feeling the necessity for, having a yen for, esteem, taking pleasure in, fell short in, am poor, art up clouds, builds castles air, art hard up, rubbers, envy, was eager, art in want, being enamored of, having vision, art wild about, have a passion for, memorialize, moons over, be love with, wast down and out, being up clouds, being in need of, was deprived of, hangs there, coulding do with, wonder, be down the mouth, wert gratified by, feels pinch, have a nightmare, wert needy, abide, pre served, being out breath, am gratified by, pre-serving, feeling necessity for, being delirious, wanted, wert out of breath, be in a funk, take upon, wast want, chuffing, wert fond of, gotten off on, taking to, has crush on, is enamored of, stucking on, are pleased by, am consumed with desire, care to, are apathetic, marvel at, derive pleasure from, wert down and out, wast out of breath, being poor, wert passionate, is down the mouth, re side, hath the hots for, prays to, were passionate, de fend, hath a crush on, were desirous of, were in a funk, being in funk, eat one's heart out, art in awe of, takes upon, Roomed, in habits, care, feel a dearth of, wert consumed with desire, was stuck on, hadst a vision, be up clouds, feel the necessity for, up-reared, ex-acted, dies on vine, gat off on, eating one heart out, creamed for, are gloomy, amused oneself, eats heart out, are in a funk, wert eager for, hast a vision, itches for, thought highly of, searching for pot of gold, being want, are in funk, be neglected, was want, wert impatient, being funk, wast found wanting, carries torch, ate ones heart out, being wild about, set ones heart on, wert in a funk, are without, am down the mouth, building castles air, hadst a preference for, be faithful, being a funk, de-cline, up-rears, haddest a notion, fagged, am envious, hath ambition, patting on back, were in love with, is envious, was up clouds, take a liking to, hast an urge for, search for pot of gold, got a load of, hang in there, be-grudge, hungers for, fagged out, wert fascinated with, lust, were crazy over, think the world of, art serious about, hadst hard feelings, be need of, regard highly, wast down in the mouth, looked up to, am a funk, be big on, art turned on by, am deficient, love, are up in clouds, regarding highly, was faithful, spoils for, fancy, put up with, are out of breath, was pleased, held in respect, made advances to, puts a pedestal, take satisfaction in, suspires, hast a yen for, was pleased by, art stuck on, hungering for, be crazy for, was moonstruck, gat high on, looking up to, gazed openmouthed, are down and out, be hot for, thinks the world of, go pieces, take a shine to, live little, is attached to, apostheosized, aspiring to, felt pinch, strung along with, strings along with, de siring, art poor, in vent, overing, hath urge for, giving key to city, partialing to, gives key to city, wert up clouds, is keen on, being down in mouth, were love with, putting on a pedestal, carry a torch, are gratified by, Rooming, is true, hadst eyes for, re-pines, marvelled at, drave for, bow down, being in want, falling short in, miss, had it bad, have ambition, felt like, ex tolling, keep, payed homage, wast in awe of, losing ones heart to, art true, pays homage, de-vised, languish, get high on, be impatient, were poor, pre serves, eat one heart out, is down out, bunked out, itched for, be in love with, having hard feelings, am out breath, doted on, hath it bad, facing it, hast bad, is poor, sub limed, hadst a yen for, paying homage to, re-quiring, feel pinch, dying for, were in awe of, art content, putting on pedestal, found appealing, sets one heart on, holds in respect, am gloomy, Whiffing, sung the praises of, gotten a load of, suffer privation, hast preference for, wert smitten with, being down mouth, is inadequate, am hard up, am captivated by, am deprived of, wilded for, has a vision, sighed for, has notion, haddest ambition, had hard feelings, wast disregarded, wert content, art a funk, is a funk, in-habit, apprize, in spects, starve, de-sire, wert serious about, nested, had ambition, am in clouds, glories in, gaze open mouthed, art want, wert wild about, has nightmare, hast a nightmare, was delirious, have an urge for, are passionate, re-questing, am mad for, Whiffed, yearning for, gave key city, loses one's heart to, marveled at, be keen on, stringing along with, feels the necessity for, be a funk, hadst affection for, re mains, putting up with, was deficient, being gratified by, gat load of, standing in need of, pre serve, were apathetic, thirsted for, were down in mouth, having mind to, be grudged, taking upon, sang the praises of, being in a funk, being in clouds, live to, turning green, re-quests, stood in need of, builded castles in air, am ambitious, de-siring, feeling dearth of, were enamored of, hast mind to, art passionate, are smitten with, throve with, is deficient, take to, hanker, sing praises to, is apathetic, got load of, being without, being captivated by, are deprived, Suspired, having a mind to, rivetting eyes on, holding in respect, haddest eyes for, wast inadequate, please, having notion, is desirous of, is nuts about, sung praises of, Desiderate, haddest a mind to, be fond of, was disregarded, am without, holds awe, have it bad, setting one's heart on, had urge for, wert in need of, were attached to, cling to, be moonstruck, were crazy about, dying vine, haddest yen for, were out breath, is in funk, apprizes, is down in mouth, am deprived, being desirous of, being serious about, gat eyeful, were impatient, hath need of, pray to, were in need of, lusting after, care for, handing it to, felt the necessity for, held dear, died vine, hast urge for, wert ambitious, live up to, in-habiting, stand need of, in habit, in venting, itching for, spoil for, riveted the eyes on, wert mad about, is eager for, pining away, are keen on, finding congenial, put on pedestal, hanging there, rolls out red carpet, sticks around, reveling in, hankering for, am keen on, get eyeful, pats the back, ex-tolled, are short of, dieing over, Fagging, being attached to, re questing, am sweet on, setting one heart on, felt a dearth of, having affection for, re-sent, get load of, be mad for, look upon, rolled with punches, dream of, got eyeful, was in a funk, wast gloomy, sub-lime, prefer, wert awe of, thought world of, aspire, art attached to, re sent, wast down mouth, are deprived of, de-fended, is big on, art smitten with, could do with, were smitten, like, Subliming, fored, gets load of, wast pleased, turned green, lives a little, feel like, is crazy for, are pleased, tuckering, in cline, yenned for, go soft, wast apathetic, having a notion, were inclined, re pined, held respect, with-standing, coulded do with, has flash, size up, be delirious, having nightmare, had occasion to, are hard up, up-rearing, carrying a torch, hadst notion, look fixedly, art inclined, wast enchanted by, has yen for, long for, in spect, am desirous of, takes an interest in, am delirious, conk out, being mad about, are down the mouth, indulges in, pay homage to, regard, were captivated by, in-spect, give glad hand, being down in the mouth, hold awe, amusing oneself, ex-act, glorying in, were moonstruck, has it bad, wert down in mouth, hath an urge for, wast wild about, sings praises to, were content, are turned on by, were clouds, was mad about, being ambitious, hanging in there, taking a shine to, is consumed with desire, hold high esteem, defers to, having an urge for, moon, is deprived of, art captivated by, de vising, was inclined, am neglected, being crazy over, being gloomy, wast partial to, have a yen for, gets an eyeful, were down the mouth, has affection for, be gone on, pre-serves, sized up, hungered for, art moonstruck, wonder at, rate highly, relish, hold dear, dreaming of, going hungry, was enchanted by, Roosting, finds appealing, holding high, wast down in mouth, is up clouds, appreciate, feasting on, make advances to, hast a crush on, were ambitious, wast smitten with, grins bear it, de sire, driving for, grinning and bear it, paid homage, re-sents, had crush on, is delirious, wast in a funk, hang there, conked out, stargazed, was wild about, Accounted, goggle, re-main, Thirsted, have use for, revel in, gaze open-mouthed, re-siding, wert gloomy, hadst use for, rolls with punches, was insufficient, art big on, handing to, bowing down, paid homage to, is gone on, wast serious about, apprizing, is funk, hath hard feelings, being enchanted by, was mad for, were fascinated with, hanker for, have bad, hung in there, rated highly, keeping on, are fond of, took shine to, lived up, were down in the mouth, ex acts, were smitten with, taking liking to, re pine, has passion for, itch for, be crazy over, having a preference for, aspired to, sighing for, mope, treasure, wondered at, gotten load of, wast ambitious, get kick out of, build castles in air, wast neglected, with standing, pine away, wast greedy, rates highly, was funk, wast out breath, hath bad, turn green, build castles air, took interest in, hadst the hots for, de-vising, being inadequate, taking a liking to, crying up, were big about, holding respect, lives with, ex claims, sing praises of, taking delight in, were inadequate, coulds do with, carry torch, stuck around, being fascinated with, wast pleased by, were short, wast captivated by, having preference for, re gards, are disregarded, art without, pats on back, mooned over, be deprived, wast love with, holds in high esteem, wert short of, wert down the mouth, with-stand, wert found wanting, in habiting, was attached to, is disregarded, de-clines, apostheosizing, cry up, hadst a passion for, art short of, were crazy for, pines away, hanged in there, is crazy about, art in need of, is greedy, paying homage, having passion for, thrive with, patting back, lust after, grooves on, wert crazy over, Desiderating, died on vine, in-habits, are content, reveled in, with stands, was smitten, hung there, holding in awe, puts pedestal, lose ones heart to, were partial to, re mained, were deprived of, is neglected, takes delight in, sigh for, take pleasure in, suffered privation, faces it, hast hots for, eat ones heart out, be-grudged, being crazy about, is found wanting, indulging in, wast impatient, de-sires, was crazy over, holds dear, wast enamored of, put a pedestal, lost one's heart to, being down out, was crazy about, keeps on, bunks out, being love with, had occasion for, are in clouds, art delirious, spoiled for, art gratified by, luxuriates in, takes liking to, de-sired, incline toward, suspire, wast big on, is smitten with, string along with, wast eager for, am in awe of, am want, goning on, be inclined, am faithful, amuses oneself, were need of, was need of, am clouds, art love with, thirst for, wastes away, stucked on, wast stuck on, be poor, hath crush on, wast keen on, has eyes for, was love with, feast on, bowed down to, flipped over, partials to, being hot for, itch, were mad about, art crazy for, wert pleased by, is clouds, cleft to, am true, was partial to, looks up to, be grudges, be stuck on, be in clouds, wast content, lusted after, being stuck on, takes satisfaction in, haddest bad, are want, wert turned by, is in need of, hath a preference for, look up on, Tolerated, have affection for, sub lime, is down and out, re-quire, are wild about, re spects, art crazy about, fizzling out, praying to, on vine, being needy, cared to, wert in love with, ate one heart out, be down in the mouth, was true, hadst urge for, pine, hangs in there, haddest a preference for, had a nightmare, wert deficient, have occasion for, have eyes for, wert clouds, be desirous of, feasted on, re quiring, eating one's heart out, having a nightmare, am enamored of, live up, is without, re siding, is passionate, sweating over, up rear, was envious, be deprived of, with stand, delight in, gazed open mouthed, having yen for, be true, are fascinated with, are inadequate, use, art deprived of, is gratified by, having flash, hang out, looking forward to, being smitten, hunger for, am in a funk, revelling in, pat the back, is crazy over, prayed for, wert faithful, am awe of, be deficient, wast up clouds, had mind to, in-clines, art in a funk, re-mains, is in want, hath occasion to, take an interest in, be insufficient, take liking to, searches for pot gold, overed, getting eyeful, wert delirious, taking an interest in, hadst a crush on, was short, be captivated by, being moonstruck, taking interest in, have hard feelings, wast funk, sets heart on, Lasted, were a funk, hath a nightmare, wasting away, be ambitious, hast yen for, be apathetic, has a nightmare, felt dearth of, am pleased, wast awe of, am hot for, re-spect, is needy, had yen for, lived it up, setting store by, sing the praises of, dreamed of, having use for, are smitten, is wild about, wert funk, cleave to, flips over, has a yen for, am enchanted by, starves, up-rear, looked to, mourn, wearing a long face, makes advances to, had a crush on, in vents, rivet the eyes on, ru, being need of, sublimed, are delirious, were sweet on, re quested, re-sting, wore long face, cares for, living a little, be down mouth, being big about, were deprived, gazes open-mouthed, re-sided, was awe of, looking upon, feels dearth of, took a shine to, hath notion, riveting eyes on, think highly of, inclined toward, be gloomy, are serious about, hast eyes for, be fascinated with, have flash, honor, am down mouth, be in want, eyeball, being deprived of, felt necessity for, wert hard up, see fit, were big on, was down and out, hallow, ex claim, in-vent, am short of, taking shine to, being passionate, wert attached to, being neglected, eyeballs, loses heart, die for, ex claimed, feel the pinch, in vented, loses one heart to, sung praises to, re-pining, object to, wast down the mouth, wast short, wast in clouds, crave, sur-mises, feel need, be funk, had a notion, art needy, objects to, sang praises to, haddest flash, cried up, defer to, were envious, stucks on, hast notion, feels the pinch, was big on, were awe of, lamped, deriving pleasure from, making advances to, is love with, objecting to, was gone on, being short, haddest nightmare, got off on, am down out, hast affection for, looks up on, haddest urge for, wert big about, hast a passion for, turns green, lost ones heart to, builds castles in air, lose one's heart to, offers prayers to, has occasion to, hadst it bad, aspire to, adore, rivetting the eyes on, lived a little, are crazy about, are clouds, being mad for, am down in mouth, wanting, wert desirous of, were true, with-stood, loses heart to, feels a need, art gloomy, are desirous of, wondering at, having urge for, has a flash, have a mind to, re quire, bowed down, was in need of, am gone on, being eager, apprized, Rus, am eager, setting ones heart on, wast moonstruck, are enamored of, re sided, re-pined, de-fending, sweets on, had flash, hadst hots for, yearns for, is in love with, spoilt for, was consumed with desire, grin and bear it, pray for, be short of, cottoned to, are in need of, covet, objected to, were deficient, Desiderated, sub-liming, payed homage to, wast desirous of, hurting for, enthrones, am greedy, was nuts about, praise, being clouds, sur mises, re spect, wast delirious, were keen on, be short, wears long face, nesting, languish for, were pleased by, is enchanted by, re-quired, thrives with, died over, eats one heart out, eats ones heart out, wild for, are enchanted by, have a flash, art in clouds, be eager, setting heart on, luxuriated in, finds congenial, hast a flash, lives up, searched for pot of gold, art keen on, lusts after, stews over, had affection for, sub liming, dieing vine, haddest hard feelings, was sweet on, puts on pedestal, re quired, take delight in, are turned by, were gone on, stuck on, live with, lose one heart to, were want, inclining toward, wast eager, are impatient, amuse oneself, wert love with, am stuck on, am fascinated with, am smitten, cares to, foring, waste away, re quires, took upon, art deprived, be down out, was neglected, haddest a passion for, be want, was short of, was serious about, suspiring, FAGS, idiolizing, wast gratified by, has a preference for, being out of breath, hast nightmare, de clines, wert apathetic, hast the hots for, being pleased by, has an urge for, being content, be passionate, was in awe of, rivet eyes on, be-grudging, took an interest in, were consumed with desire, looked forward to, patting on the back, is hot for, are captivated by, in-vents, yen for, worship, creams for, fag, have occasion to, looked up on, wast attached to, held in awe, was turned on by, hadst vision, living up, haddest occasion for, art pleased by, being in awe of, lost heart, am wild about, clave to, wast faithful, having need of, cream for, die vine, looking to, holding in high esteem, laud, patted the back, wert in want, wast big about, taking up on, yens, gives eyeteeth for, regards highly, be inadequate, sweats over, hath passion for, revere, hanged in, wast up in clouds, is impatient, looks to, be crazy about, wert poor, dreamt of, thinking world of, was hard up, marvelling at, has urge for, haddest hots for, carried torch, is mad about, give eyeteeth for, art apathetic, be gratified by, are faithful, grin bear it, pre-served, take shine to, art neglected, set one heart on, builded castles air, art out breath, de-fends, yenned, wert enchanted by, is moonstruck, art in love with, had eyes for, hast need of, were down out, am love with, wast inclined, wast mad about, re-sides, wert inclined, gotten high on, ex-claims, fall for, had use for, faced it, being consumed with desire, were enchanted by, putting with, gazes openmouthed, are in awe of, Revering, riveting the eyes on, be needy, lost one heart to, being faithful, take up on, being turned on by, hadst a flash, was down the mouth, sees fit, gones on, languishing for, has hots for, is faithful, eyeballing, get off on, sweat over, are inclined, dies over, be eager for, being envious, am big on, thinking up, am disregarded, was content, gets high on, be up in clouds, having it bad, gotten an eyeful, were nuts about, stood need of, luxuriating in, am up clouds, hadst a mind to, wast hard up, fagging out, art consumed with desire, look forward to, is turned by, gets a load of, has a crush on, has need of, creaming for, wear a long face, were funk, have yen for, sticked around, be mad about, was down mouth, is pleased, having eyes for, inclines toward, being down and out, go along with, be without, haddest a flash, am mad about, art big about, accept, languishes for, sublimes, wert need of, hath affection for, in-venting, were down and out, yens for, wert nuts about, am need of, puts up with, was inadequate, hanged there, wears a long face, grinned and bear it, rubbered, were faithful, de-vise, putting pedestal, OVERS, was greedy, be out of breath, haddest need of, living with, lives it up, was in love with, be smitten with, sweet on, wert a funk, were out of breath, being nuts about, were up in clouds, yearn for, de-fend, rejoiced in, stewed over, takes shine to, grooved on, wert gone on, sweated over, seeing fit, lost heart to, hold respect, re-spects, art up in clouds, going soft, being smitten with, hadst occasion to, was passionate, fag out, hath a vision, ex-tolling, will, hurt for, have crush on, had a preference for, FORS, had passion for, deferring to, conks out, am crazy about, was crazy for, clung to, art turned by, wast need of, hath a passion for, gave glad hand, be big about, were turned by, took a liking to, give key to city, be down in mouth, want, wast in want, glorify, hath flash, having occasion to, have a notion, are hot for, hast it bad, was captivated by, be enamored of, luxuriate in, hurts for, haddest an urge for, wert up in clouds, enthroning, in habited, look up to, are insufficient, eat heart out, am eager for, be out breath, wast sweet on, goes hungry, wert true, get an eyeful, art mad about, standing need of, is smitten, being disregarded, cries up, have a preference for, cleaved to, being partial to, apostheosize, set one's heart on, finding appealing, feeling disposed, held high, takes pleasure in, has the hots for, are stuck on, are sweet on, glory in, rivetted eyes on, spoiling for, be pleased by, am big about, grumped, de fended, hast a preference for, felt disposed, art sweet on, thinking highly of, wast nuts about, putting a pedestal, are up clouds, up rears, are crazy for, feeling a need, yearn, was hot for, art mad for, dote on, being deprived, holding awe, hand it to, handed it to, stewing over, approve, hath eyes for, getting an eyeful, wast consumed with desire, wert pleased, is up in clouds, idiolize, had bad, cared for, dieing on vine, am short, hath a yen for, yearned for, am serious about, art desirous of, wear long face, were mad for, respect, am crazy for, gazing openmouthed, sur-mise, wert down in the mouth, derived pleasure from, wore a long face, go hungry, looks upon, am needy, fizzled out, be turned by, living it up, art ambitious, holds in awe, has ambition, feeling the pinch, are deficient, hast hard feelings, was fond of, art crazy over, hath a mind to, hath hots for, wert enamored of, held in high esteem, idiolizes, feeling a dearth of, is sweet on, Reverencing, being gone on, wert eager, wert crazy for, re sides, has preference for, am down and out, thinks up, feels disposed, hath preference for, being deficient, am attached to, art greedy, haddest use for, having the hots for, am turned by, had a yen for, sizes up, having a vision, rejoicing in, wert moonstruck, losing one's heart to, got high on, being apathetic, feasts on, die on vine, be greedy, haddest affection for, carrying torch, holding dear, looking up on, haddest a vision, rolled out red carpet, venerate, idolize, dream, holds high, wert captivated by, art impatient, thought the world of, had an urge for, searches for pot of gold, fizzles out, grooving on, are short, sur mise, wert in clouds, fizzle out, face it, building castles in air, hast ambition, am up in clouds, indulge in, cleaving to, wert inadequate, were insufficient, is awe of, held high esteem, Bunking, are gone on, looked upon, being greedy, are poor, cleaves to, roll out red carpet, wasted away, had nightmare, Hungering, be consumed with desire, were hard up, be partial to, was impatient, eating heart out, were short of, had need of, deify, sets one's heart on, put with, riveted eyes on, is inclined, gives glad hand, sets ones heart on, is down mouth, gat an eyeful, cherish, sub-limed, re-gard, dying on vine, carried a torch, having ambition, wast crazy for, wast mad for, lived with, were pleased, art insufficient, wast without, haddest occasion to, ex tolled, was eager for, goned on, rolling with punches, were down mouth, was without, sighs for, is captivated by, art fond of, wast crazy over, revels in, were turned on by, hadst nightmare, haddest preference for, art found wanting, am crazy over, groove on, wast in need of, are in love with, conking out, re-pine, art short, are funk, cottoning to, being turned by, having a flash, wert partial to, wearing long face, feel necessity for, has use for, losing heart, are true, be-grudges, re sting, are awe of, being crazy for, think up, desiderates, desire, getting high on, stargazes, caring to, hast use for, be grudge, took delight in, takes a liking to, wert crazy about, being short of, wert turned on by, was down in mouth, hast flash, are big on, live it up, Hungered, be grudging, ex acting, has a notion, lose heart, takes a shine to, hath nightmare, having occasion for, art deficient, singing the praises of, favor, art nuts about, is big about, felt need, cottons to, are down mouth, thirsting for, pat back, was enamored of, sweeting on, in-cline, being awe of, enthrone, thinks highly of, hath a notion, art inadequate, were stuck on, haddest a nightmare, in-spects, art need of, is fond of, clove to, am out of breath, am nuts about, be content, was big about, need, put on a pedestal, was keen on, are found wanting, were found wanting, were up clouds, went soft, gone on, de cline, were needy, being in love with, are crazy over, am down in the mouth, art awe of, wast crazy about, longs for, wert deprived of, wonders at, was poor, bunking out, ex-claimed, haddest passion for, wast deficient, hold in awe, had preference for, set store by, thirsts for, be sweet on, is mad for, be in awe of, stargaze, be pleased, wast poor, set heart on, hanging in, Valuing, sub limes, think world of, be hard up, gets off on, was needy, wast hot for, has a passion for, is want, have urge for, is serious about, being keen on, gazing open-mouthed, takes interest in, lives little, being pleased, pats on the back, hadst passion for, long, was deprived, had a vision, Lauding, haddest a yen for, sets store by, is need of, hadst ambition, offer prayers to, wast gone on, searching for pot gold, wert keen on, are in want, hung in, haddest a crush on, built castles air, art funk, de vise, being fond of, Roosted, de fends, are out breath, being found wanting, wast fond of, hang in, admire, dieing for, losing heart to, be down and out, wert stuck on, wert insufficient, were wild about, has a mind to, held awe, hast passion for, wilds for, wert deprived, have need of, hadst preference for, wert sweet on, am impatient, were delirious, are a funk, fall short in, live a little, up rearing, singing praises of, holds respect, be attached to, took up on, art clouds, rivets eyes on, am apathetic, pre serving, languished for, be disregarded, ex claiming, dreams of, pays homage to, Idled, rating highly, are envious, drives for, took satisfaction in, holds high esteem, chuffed, wast insufficient, tucker, found congenial, bows down to, singing praises to, art in funk, wast true, taking satisfaction in, derives pleasure from, feeling need, Tolerating, rivets the eyes on, bowing down to, clings to, was in funk, ex act, being up in clouds, am partial to.