Pronunciation of Detail
/dˈiːte͡ɪl/, /dˈiːte‍ɪl/, /d_ˈiː_t_eɪ_l/

Antonyms for detail

de-liberating, de liberating, put in a nutshell, de liberates, cuts to bone, out-lines, generalizations, got the meat, gotten meat, inventorying, Summed, dis solving, cover, cutting bone, get the meat, sum substances, in-corporates, de liberated, dis solves, RE-CAP, re views, suppress, re-views, in corporates, gotten to the meat, putting in nutshell, sweeping statement, de-creasing, Inventoried, inaccuracy, dis solved, puts in nutshell, de creased, put nutshell, universality, half truth, re-duce, re view, generalization, boils down, thinks about, Summing, sum and substances, get to the meat, puts in a nutshell, re-caps, re caps, long short it, aggregate, thinking about, de-liberate, misrepresent, putting a nutshell, gotten to meat, in corporate, dis-solved, Tabulated, gat meat, dis solve, de crease, cuts bone, getting meat, half truths, summingup, re-hash, confuse, got to the meat, halftruths, gets to meat, getting to the meat, universalities, got to meat, de-creased, abstract principle, hide, de liberate, conceal, cutting to bone, puts nutshell, long short of it, re-duces, re cap, re-view, re-capitulation, wrap ups, cut bone, thinks over, getting to meat, dis-solving, get meat, de-crease, boiling down, thought over, dis-solves, getting the meat, spirit, out line, gat to meat, cut to bone, mix up, generality, ex-tracts, sum and substance, withhold, digest, got meat, re-capitulations, gat to the meat, de creases, wrapup, simplify, thought about, putting in a nutshell, in-corporate, summating, out-line, out lines, abstract principles, gat the meat, re hashes, sweeping statements, nutshells, boiled down, nutshelled, apercu, get to meat, half-truth, boil down, summary, put a nutshell, dis-solve, re duces, chymifying, wrapups, think about, nutshell, keep, summated, re capitulations, summate, re duce, ex-tract, de-liberates, Apercus, wrap-up, whole, loose statements, summates, Chymify, gets to the meat, re hash, nutshelling, halftruth, de creasing, de-liberated, runthrough, sum substance, put in nutshell, putting nutshell, puts a nutshell, chymifies, ex tract, re capitulation, gets meat, chymified, loose statement, Pandect, wrap-ups, half-truths, gotten the meat, entirety, gets the meat, de-creases, re-hashes.