Pronunciation of Dexterous
/dˈɛkstəɹəs/, /dˈɛkstəɹəs/, /d_ˈɛ_k_s_t_ə_ɹ_ə_s/

Antonyms for dexterous

in-felicitous, in commodious, maladroit, in apter, in effective, un-gainliest, all thumbs, in nocuous, ham-handed, most untalented, un graceful, not have it, sloppy, halting, in-decorous, un-couth, more limping, in-effective, in-firmest, stilted, green, un successful, most unfitted, dis-qualified, most inadept, in effectual, cant hack it, unadapted, in-opportune, un wieldiest, in-elegant, dis qualified, most unthorough, in-nocuous, two left feet, un tidier, un-manageable, un pleasant, in efficacious, un-productive, in convenient, un prepared, unhandiest, dis-agreeable, in appropriate, un-tidy, Infecund, un-natural, un-comfortable, more gawkish, in capable, more butterfingered, foolish, more slackspined, in operative, un-abler, most slack-spined, wooden, un-happy, over-wrought, un-available, more stammering, un wieldy, un-adept, not adapted, heavy handed, un-timely, un easiest, more illshaped, un-tidiest, in-commodious, un kempter, in fecund, un comfortable, un wieldier, dis-commodious, more unthorough, un-seasonable, un-timeliest, defeasible, un kemptest, in competent, un-graceful, having two left feet, un duest, un-dexterous, gauche, most stumbling, more butterfingers, more ham handed, clumsy, in-efficacious, in capacitated, more unproficient, Thick-headed, un availing, most hamhanded, in adept, dull, more untalented, un-fruitful, un-refined, un couth, most butterfingers, un handier, in firm, un refined, more disqualified, most gawkish, in efficient, most ill-shaped, most unequipped, be draggled, un-fitted, un-proficient, un dexterous, most lubberly, more unadapted, un-mannered, more stumbling, more claudicant, un fruitful, duddest, more emasculate, more blunderous, more lubberly, stiff, de-feasible, unequipped, in-sipid, un adapted, most blunderous, most faltering, in-efficient, not cut out for, un-duer, un easier, most botched, out place, in expert, most discommodious, in decorous, not clean, dis organized, un-fortunate, in adequate, inefficient, in opportune, more hamhanded, out lunch, un equipped, un-wieldier, un timely, dis-organized, un manageable, inept, un adept, helpless, more neutralized, in-operative, in-adept, un timelier, most unfacile, in elegant, most limping, inadept, most ill shaped, un skilled, un-easier, un due, unproficient, inexpert, un-polished, in-sufficient, unskilled, un gainly, un easy, up-hill, un-adapted, un happiest, un facile, more enfeebled, most ham handed, un-handiest, un tidiest, most clownish, more floundering, most defeasible, most enfeebled, un-suitable, most infecund, un-fit, un handy, clownish, un fortunate, in-capable, un happy, more ham-handed, ineffective, more slack spined, most neutralized, up hill, fumbling, hamhanded, in-adequate, butterfingered, un seasonable, in-capacitated, more slack-spined, most undexterous, un happier, un productive, not effective, in-decisive, un initiated, incompetent, more unfacile, most amateur, senseless, un fitted, un-skilled, un fit, no way, more infecund, un-kempt, unfitted, un-gainlier, un-due, most blundering, most improficient, uneasy, heavy-handed, shooting blanks, ungraceful, un-trained, un trained, illshaped, splay, over done, un gainliest, un-initiated, ill mannered, more forceless, un-timelier, having two left hands, labored, Claudicant, in-attentive, un-tidier, un tidy, more loser, most anticlimactic, un cultured, un profitable, most unproficient, unthorough, more unadept, more ill shaped, un-talented, un aptest, ponderous, un kempt, un talented, unhandier, un available, un-skillful, more faltering, gawkish, bushleague, un abler, not equal to, un qualified, un-gainly, ill-shaped, Unhandy, clunkiest, slack spined, ungainly, un proficient, splayer, un seemliest, more undexterous, more clownish, in-effectual, undexterous, un-cultured, incapable, in decisive, un seemlier, most butterfingered, unadept, ill shaped, uncomfortable, un-apter, un-easiest, in sipid, in-expert, graceless, Dudder, Discommodious, witless, most forceless, un tactful, in-convenient, un-seemliest, un-prepared, in-competent, more unfitted, in-firmer, ham handed, un-handier, un suitable, ignorant, most ham-handed, unable, out of place, more unequipped, dis commodious, un-kempter, more blundering, klutzy, un gainlier, more inadept, un timeliest, amateurish, un-qualified, heavyhanded, forceless, most emasculate, in-appropriate, blunderous, un-pleasant, ill timed, in firmest, more defeasible, un-ablest, in firmer, un-seemlier, most unadapted, most disqualified, un-tactful, clunky, un-handy, slow, most floundering, most stammering, anticlimactic, un-easy, un-kemptest, in experienced, idiotic, be-draggled, un skillful, un-wieldy, unfacile, illmannered, un-wieldiest, un handiest, more ill-shaped, awkward, most stuttering, clunkier, anti climactic, ineffectual, most unadept, in-experienced, dis agreeable, un apter, in-apter, more anticlimactic, more amateur, most slackspined, un-successful, in-eligible, un-facile, most illshaped, uncoordinated, no go, hard use, lubberly, un-availing, de feasible, slackspined, in-fecund, un seemly, un-equipped, un ablest, hard to use, in eligible, untalented, un-duest, anti-climactic, most loser, splayest, un polished, rude.