Dig up

Pronunciation of Dig Up
/dˈɪɡ ˈʌp/, /dˈɪɡ ˈʌp/, /d_ˈɪ_ɡ ˈʌ_p/

Antonyms for dig up

Sepulchered, Inurned, meed, macadamize, driving in, in-graining, in laying, be quiet, Macadamizing, tap, sticked in, lose, welcome, dispense, stay, Gravelling, in grain, earn, de-posits, in laid, sticks in, bear, overlook, in lays, tuck in, Bricked, scatter, sticking in, in-lay, suppress, in sert, thrusting in, not touch, withhold, hold, yield, in-fix, drive in, macadamized, penalize, refrain, abandon, shield, put into, dodge, help, dissuade, teach, rammed in, Tarred, guard, Graveling, distribute, tiling, in-lays, in-stalled, separate, refuse, embed, destroy, in-grained, hammered in, keep secret, pass by, sepultured, stuff in, save, confuse, upset, go, hammers in, hammering in, inter, de-positing, evade, divide, bury, laid asphalt, sow, Bricking, take, ratify, stuffed in, misunderstand, Tarring, drives in, put in to, lays asphalt, de-posited, tucked in, offer, disseminate, covers up, disjoin, thrusts in, protect, Tombed, stuffs in, tiled, drave in, lay asphalt, sur facing, in stalling, compensate, in graining, miss, in fixes, sur-facing, remain, in-stall, flagstones, conceal, flagstoning, putting into, inter-ring, laid concrete, in-laying, Tars, sur faces, putting in to, dissatisfy, Gravelled, surrender, in fix, Inurning, avoid, shun, cobblestoned, free, cover, leave, laying concrete, de posits, run away, give, hide, keep, pass up, tucking in, macadamizes, thrust in, fix, disconnect, in fixed, in-hume, in-stalling, in hume, in-fixes, disperse, fall short, in stalled, cancel, in lay, settle, ignore, Sepulchering, covering up, graveled, neglect, in-grain, tar, de-posit, interred, flagstone, puts in to, be immune, cobblestone, de positing, inter ring, cobblestoning, deny, dishonor, plant, in-grains, rams in, secret, pave, share, stuck in, inurns, stuffing in, create, laying asphalt, covered up, sur-face, sepulturing, secrete, drove in, release, de posited, sur faced, sur-faced, in fixing, build, sur face, puts into, de posit, deprive, forfeit, cover up, lays concrete, in-sert, fail, take back, in-laid, let go, Embedding, not see, flagstoned, tucks in, hammer in, stick in, lay concrete, Inurn, Tombing, ramming in, cobblestones.