Dis charged

Pronunciation of Dis Charged
/dˈɪs t͡ʃˈɑːd͡ʒd/, /dˈɪs t‍ʃˈɑːd‍ʒd/, /d_ˈɪ_s tʃ_ˈɑː_dʒ_d/

Antonyms for dis charged

convicted, trickle, enforce, drain, begin, approve, put in, earn, disjoin, vague, legalize, incarcerate, dishonor, injure, institute, increase, insert, overlook, withdraw, blocked, decline, secure, oppose, invest, offer, catch, uncertain, cease, stored, construct, compel, avoid, in favor, capture, closed, deprive, upset, marry, commence, established, forfeit, impeach, overflow, fill, flow, faltering, aid, fail, unmix, end, free, frustrate, bind, choose, collect, saved, cancel, wonder, dismantle, fuzzy, arrive, solidify, disarrange, reject, counter, finish, employed, imprison, differ, welcome, denounce, laze, dim, miss, explain, leave alone, walk, schedule, drop, inhale, responsible, direct, sociable, charge, fix, include, anger, seize, disorder, dissuade, secrete, accept, hinder, continue, unsophisticated, refuse, defer, uphold, dissent, doom, assign, repress, worry, ignored, introduce, uncultivated, establish, attach, button, culpable, couple, emphasize, censure, refrain, steady, protect, active, take, convict, place, condemn, divide, regressing, receive, let in, enter, lose, bore, not finish, held, absorb, unintelligible, crude, incorporate, underwhelm, revive, DO, breathe in, mysterious, restrain, live, resist, smudged, block, disprove, spend, resolve, garner, hitch, coagulate, need, want, incriminate, reveal, let go, pardon, combine, come in, disobey, give up, distraught, disallow, plant, Prevented, help, come, dodge, mutiny, be willing, deplete, nonexempt, depart, HIT, chastise, link, enslave, set up, save, integrate, extroverted, clean up, indistinct, encourage, restrained, hurt, rebuff, repair, take back, appoint, working, start, hire, withhold, forget, sanction, pour in, deter, retain, slow, accumulate, open, move, Cannot, sickly, maintain, prevent, run into, pick up, release, dull, gather, clutter, mismanage, leave, liberate, idle, lack, give birth, object, stand, worsening, hold back, agree, give, incite, neglect, pain, prohibit, admit, void, delay, revalidate, clouded, disagree, left, shadowy, tip, disappoint, abandon, put on, arrange, sad, deny, mend, discontinue, delegate, detain, trouble, accountable, hesitate, take in, create, unrefined, store, damage, rebuild, fall behind, limit, assist, uncover, answerable, foggy, employ, damn, remain, obscure, allow, unseal, enact, lay bare, dry, use, condemned, occupy, guard, hide, pass, be quiet, punish, clean, congested, withstand, halt, permit, invalidate, dark, preserve, get, discourage, ambiguous, rise, load, Obscured, push, question, abstain, ask, tighten, support, restored, validate, ostracize, imbalance, shirk, disconnect, assemble, join, accused, exonerate, unclear, clogged, suppress, owe, put off, connect, initiate, burden, Hindered, implode, separate, surrender, concentrate, pile up, appear, carry on, weak, ratify, displease, disregard, kept, ascend, restart, pull, go on, destroy, empty, tell, engage, sow, find guilty, bear, sentence, held back, honored, keep on, cloudy, restrict, conceal, stay, keep, veto, incomplete, obey, discontent, unfinished, fasten, exhaust, ignore, dehydrate, failing, accuse, forego, swallow, serve, blame, disorganize, gloomy, derange, restore, dam, stop, irritate, penalize, rebel, check, protest, dispute, unsettle, put together, hook, disapprove, add, prove, liable, ruin, guilty, argue, aggravate, worried, mix up, harm, wait, disturb, dissatisfy, yield, pour, confuse, confine, undo, obligate, hold, unite, build.