Dis closes

Pronunciation of Dis Closes
/dˈɪs klˈə͡ʊzɪz/, /dˈɪs klˈə‍ʊzɪz/, /d_ˈɪ_s k_l_ˈəʊ_z_ɪ_z/

Antonyms for dis closes

deprecate, keep quiet, oppose, not see, close up, deny, repress, contradict, repudiate, stay, disapprove, lose, overlook, object, keep, abridge, ignore, repel, attach, miss, marry, obscure, delude, confound, sell, guard, unite, forget, fail, be quiet, abandon, bottle up, pass by, not have, check, disprove, figure, wind, strengthen, disappear, dissent, shrink, invalidate, allow, discontinue, shield, gainsay, refrain, leave alone, bewilder, erase, gather, complicate, destroy, mislead, prevent, eradicate, disavow, wait, ruin, compress, wonder, hurt, perplex, let go, disown, mystify, dismiss, withhold, cloud, close, mix up, keep secret, combine, decrease, agree, learn, join, take, lessen, veto, harm, stop, hinder, block, confute, mumble, expel, cease, praise, disclaim, mask, put together, maintain, protect, stabilize, hold, disagree, question, diminish, leave, shut, deceive, shut up, bury, distort, puzzle, request, condemn, argue, clean up, fold, tangle, retain, dispossess, knot, confine, falsify, listen, misunderstand, decline, defend, be faithful, retract, go, obey, hold back, conceal, secure, cover, circumscribe, hide, mend, confuse, be vague, stagnate, secret, save, finish, lack, dissociate, cause, estimate, be blind, fasten, reject, protest, misrepresent, conclude, veil, oust, narrow, twist, refuse, avoid, differ, shorten, wrap, eject, collect, exclude, discourage, be modest, sew, misguide, retreat, debar, secrete, suppress, support, fix, receive, guess, cloak, disallow, be loyal, renounce, depart, pick up, neglect, dispute, Disacknowledge, contract, end, need, halt, tie, lower, ask.