Dis Counted

Pronunciation of Dis Counted
/dˈɪs kˈa͡ʊntɪd/, /dˈɪs kˈa‍ʊntɪd/, /d_ˈɪ_s k_ˈaʊ_n_t_ɪ_d/

Synonyms for dis counted:

low-priced (adjective)

bargain, economical, inexpensive.

reduced (adjective)

debilitated, deflated, degraded, humbled, lowered, sunk, weakened, Abated, Cheapened, Leveled, Demoted, marked down.

remaindered (adjective)

discarded, dropped, reduced.

cheaply (adverb)

advantageously, cheap, dirt cheap, inexpensively, moderately, poorly, reasonably, shabbily, shoddily, Discounted, on sale, at a bargain price, at a discount, at a reduced price.

abuse (verb)

backbite, bash, berate, calumniate, cap, castigate, cut down, decry, defame, discount, insult, knock, nag, offend, oppress, persecute, reproach, revile, ride, rip up, scold, signify, slam, slap, smear, sound, tear apart, trash, upbraid, vilify, vituperate, zing, run down, put down, blow off, bad-mouth, pick on, cuss out, dump on, cut to the quick, do a number on, give a black eye, hurl brickbat, rag on, sling mud, swear at.

belittle (verb)

blister, criticize, deprecate, deride, disparage, downgrade, downplay, lower, pan, rip, roast, scorch, scorn, sour grapes, squash, squelch, take down, tear down, underestimate, underrate, undervalue, write off, shoot down, take down a peg, sneer at, shoot full of holes, cut down to size, pooh pooh, poor mouth, take a swipe at.

blink (verb)

bypass, condone, connive, cushion, pass by, turn a blind eye.

brush aside (verb)

push aside.

decry (verb)

abuse, asperse, censure, condemn, denounce, detract, devalue, disgrace, malign, rap, reprehend, reprobate, traduce, HIT, rail against, cry down, poor-mouth, opprobriate, take swipe at, throw stones at.

deduct (verb)

abstract, bate, cut back, dock, draw back, lessen, reduce, take, withdraw, take from, roll back, decrease by.

depreciate (verb)

attack, contemn, denigrate, discountenance, fault, humble, slander, slur, spurn, look down on, find fault with, clamor against.

detract (verb)

cheapen, decrease, devaluate, disesteem, draw away, laugh at, Misprize, Vilipend, cut rate, subtract from.

disbelieve (verb)

distrust, eschew, repudiate, suspect, Unbelieve, not buy, give no credence to, not accept, not credit, not swallow.

discount (verb)

abate, allow, belittle, deduct, depreciate, derogate, diminish, disbelieve, discredit, dispraise, disregard, doubt, fail, forget, mark down, minimize, mistrust, modify, neglect, omit, overlook, overpass, pass over, question, rebate, redeem, reject, remove, scout, slight, strike off, subtract, undersell, take off, take away, knock off, brush off, blink at, detract from, scoff at, make allowance for, hold a sale, sell at discount.

discredit (verb)

challenge, deny, dispute, put under suspicion.

disregard (verb)

brush aside, despise, disdain, disobey, laugh off, let go, live with, miss, pooh-pooh, snub, wink at, brush away, tune out, pay no attention to, have no use for, look the other way, cold-shoulder, leave out of account, let off easy, let pass, pay no heed to, pay no mind, shut eyes to, take no notice of, turn a deaf ear.

draw back (verb)

pull back, recede, recoil, retreat, sheathe, shrink, reel in, start back.

fail (verb)

abort, back out, blink, desert, disappoint, funk, ignore, let down, miscarry, slip, go astray, break one's word.

forget (verb)

drop, skip, transgress, trespass, lose sight of.

ignore (verb)

avoid, evade, let it go, wink, be oblivious to, bury one's head in sand, take no notice, turn back on, turn blind eye, turn deaf ear.

minimize (verb)

abbreviate, attenuate, curtail, dwarf, miniaturize, play down, prune, underplay, make light of, knock down, make little of.

miscalculate (verb)

blow, blunder, err, go wrong, misconstrue, miscount, misinterpret, misjudge, misread, misunderstand, overestimate, overrate, overvalue, stumble, Misreckon, mess up, slip up, mix up, drop the ball, get signals crossed, get wrong, miss by a mile.

misreckon (verb)


neglect (verb)

affront, detest, dismiss, keep one's distance, pass up, pretermit, rebuff, scant, shrug off, have nothing to do with, not care for, keep at arm's length.

overlook (verb)

leave out, pass, leave undone, fail to notice, let fall between the cracks, let slide, pay no attention.

pass (verb)

decline, pass on, refuse, not heed.

pooh-pooh (verb)

wave aside, treat with contempt.

put down (verb)

crush, deflate, humiliate, mortify, shame, downcry.

reduce (verb)

abridge, bankrupt, break, chop, clip, contract, cut, debase, depress, diet, dilute, drain, dwindle, impair, impoverish, lose weight, moderate, nutshell, pare, pauperize, ruin, scale down, shave, shorten, slash, slim, slow down, taper, taper off, tone down, trim, truncate, turn down, weaken, step down, wind down, bant, go on a diet, take off weight.

reject (verb)

burn, cashier, cast aside, cast out, chuck, disallow, discard, eliminate, exclude, jettison, jilt, nix, renounce, repel, repulse, scoff, scrap, second, shed, shun, slough, throw away, throw out, veto, cast off, kill, give thumbs down to.

scoff (verb)

boo, flout, gibe, jeer, mock, rag, rally, ridicule, sneer, tease, poke fun at, dig at, show contempt.

slight (verb)

chill, cool, upstage, give the brush, give the cold shoulder to, not give time of day, show disrespect, turn deaf ear to, sneeze at.

sneeze at (verb)

take lightly.

subtract (verb)

take out, withhold.

underrate (verb)

underprice, Underprize.

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