Dis Engage

Pronunciation of Dis Engage
/dˈɪs ɛnɡˈe͡ɪd͡ʒ/, /dˈɪs ɛnɡˈe‍ɪd‍ʒ/, /d_ˈɪ_s ɛ_n_ɡ_ˈeɪ_dʒ/

Antonyms for dis engage:

block, place, encourage, approve, disorganize, fill, agitate, worsen, find guilty, compel, check, append, harm, damn, tie, hire, connect, retain, hold, button, close, upset, dirty, come, arrange, run into, stop, begin, corrupt, meet, go forward, elongate, extend, join, leave alone, limit, DO, convince, enlarge, include, punish, hook, confine, merge, mend, incarcerate, annoy, stay, burden, tighten, wind, be direct, increase, exasperate, neglect, darken, impede, HIT, halt, dull, excite, enslave, wait, suppress, charge, hide, bind, cease, introduce, keep, bring down, knot, abandon, expand, grow, complete, weaken, destroy, agree, anger, arrive, persevere, hitch, unite, fasten, twist, irritate, link, attach, add, disarrange, intensify, provoke, worry, pile up, raise, insert, demote, entangle, trouble, employ, keep to, slow, injure, blame, maintain, wonder, perplex, gather, repress, imprison, marry, integrate, mingle, persuade, order, enter, validate, incite, straighten, come in, couple, desegregate, lessen, forge, incriminate, advance, combine, convict, hinder, hurt, condemn, decrease, lower, clutter, pollute, vex, restrict, entwine, aggravate, make mad, drop, associate, make difficult, keep together, encumber, permit, tangle, sentence, allow, continue, involve, forward, sanction, organize, depress, untwist, incorporate, fall, dissuade, question, delay, load, strengthen, detain, face, plug, discourage, collect, prevent, lengthen, fix, restrain, take on, remain, engage.

Synonyms for dis engage:

abstract (verb)

disengage, extract, isolate, part, remove, steal, take out.

clear (verb)

ameliorate, brighten, burn off, clarify, cleanse, disencumber, eliminate, empty, erase, free, lighten, lose, meliorate, open, purify, refine, rid, rule out, shake off, sweep, tidy, unblock, unburden, unclog, unload, unpack, vacate, void, wipe, break up, throw off.

crop (verb)

chop, clip, curtail, hew, lop, mow, pare, pollard, prune, reduce, shave, shear, shorten, skive, slash, snip, top, truncate, detruncate.

detach (verb)

disassemble, dismount, divorce, segregate, sever, sunder, take apart, tear off, unhitch, disaffiliate.

disconnect (verb)

dissever, sideline, cut off, drop it, break it off, break it up.

disengage (verb)

abstract, back off, back out, detach, disassociate, disconnect, disentangle, disjoin, dissociate, disunite, divide, drop out, ease, extricate, liberate, loose, loosen, opt out, pull the plug, release, separate, set free, unbind, uncouple, undo, unfasten, unloose, untie, withdraw, Unfix, cut out, cut loose, weasel out.

disentangle (verb)

clear up, disembroil, disinvolve, emancipate, expand, let go, resolve, simplify, sort out, unbraid, unfold, unravel, unscramble, unsnarl, untangle, untwine, untwist, work out, Discumber, let off, bail one out.

dislocate (verb)

break, disarticulate, disjoint, disorder, disrupt, disturb, jumble, misplace, move, rummage, shift, transfer, unhinge, upset, mix up, put out of joint.

dissociate (verb)

alienate, break off, disband, disperse, distance, estrange, quit, scatter, set apart.

divert (verb)

deter, detract, discourage, dissuade, distract, draw away, get around, lead astray, sidetrack, stall, Disadvise, attract attention, bend the rules, catch flies, circumlocute, lead away, send on a wild-goose chase.

divide (verb)

bisect, branch, break down, carve, cleave, cross, cut, demarcate, dichotomize, dislocate, dismember, dissect, dissolve, halve, intersect, partition, pull away, quarter, rend, rupture, section, segment, split, subdivide, tear, Abscind, cut up.

ease (verb)

abate, aid, allay, anesthetize, appease, assist, assuage, attend to, calm, cheer, comfort, cure, disburden, doctor, expedite, facilitate, forward, further, improve, lessen, lift, mitigate, moderate, mollify, nurse, pacify, palliate, promote, quiet, relax, relent, relieve, slacken, smooth, soften, soothe, speed, speed up, still, tranquilize, Untighten, make easier, clear the way, let up on, open the door, run interference for.

extricate (verb)

bail out, clear, deliver, difference, differentiate, disembarrass, pull out, rescue, get off the hook, get out from under, save one's neck, wriggle out of.

free (verb)

absolve, acquit, bail, decontaminate, demobilize, discharge, dismiss, enfranchise, excuse, exempt, let loose, let out, manumit, pardon, parole, ransom, redeem, reprieve, save, spring, unchain, unleash, Disenthrall, Uncage, Unfetter, Unlade, Unshackle, turn out, put off, cast off, turn loose, disimprison, let off the hook, put on the street.

isolate (verb)

block off, close off, confine, insulate, island, keep apart, quarantine, seclude, sequester.

loose/loosen (verb)

alleviate, ease off, unbar, unbolt, unbuckle, unbutton, unclasp, unhook, unlace, unlash, unlock, unpin, unscrew, unstrap, Unlatch, Unstick, become unfastened, unsnap, work free, work loose.

loosen (verb)


pry (verb)

elevate, elicit, extort, heave, hoist, jimmy, lever, press, prize, pull, push, raise, rear, tilt, turn, twist, uplift, upraise, wrest, wring, Uprear, pick up, take up.

release (verb)

commute, dispense, drop, exculpate, exonerate, give off, give out, issue, leak, open up, surrender, vent, yield, cast loose, go easy on, set at large, set loose, wipe slate clean, let off steam.

retreat (verb)

abandon, avoid, back, back away, back down, backtrack, cave in, decamp, depart, draw back, ebb, elude, escape, evacuate, evade, fall back, fold, go, go back, hand over, hide, lay down, leave, move back, quail, recede, recoil, reel, regress, relinquish, resign, retire, retrograde, reverse, run, shrink, turn tail, Retrocede, go along with, start back, keep aloof, beat it, seclude oneself, give ground.

unbind (verb)


undo (verb)

unloosen, unwrap, Unclose, Unshut, Unstop.

unhinge (verb)

fluster, unbalance, unsettle.

unravel (verb)

decipher, faze, ravel, solve, unwind.

untie (verb)


untighten (verb)

slack, let up.

withdraw (verb)

abjure, blow, book, bow out, check out, exit, get away, get off, give way, phase out, pull back, retreat, run along, secede, switch, take leave, take off, take away, ease out, take a hike, get lost, exfiltrate, make oneself scarce, absent oneself.

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