Dis Entangled

Pronunciation of Dis Entangled
/dˈɪs ɛntˈaŋɡə͡ld/, /dˈɪs ɛntˈaŋɡə‍ld/, /d_ˈɪ_s ɛ_n_t_ˈa_ŋ_ɡ_əl_d/

Synonyms for dis entangled:

clear (verb)

ameliorate, brighten, burn off, clarify, cleanse, disentangle, eliminate, empty, erase, lighten, loosen, lose, meliorate, purify, refine, rid, rule out, shake off, sweep, tidy, unblock, unburden, unclog, unload, unloose, unpack, vacate, void, wipe, break up, throw off.

comb (verb)

adjust, card, curry, dress, groom, hackle, hatchel, rasp, scrape, smooth, sort, straighten, tease, lay smooth.

decipher (verb)

analyze, break, break down, bring out, cipher, construe, decode, deduce, elucidate, encipher, explain, expound, interpret, make out, puzzle out, read, render, reveal, solve, spell, translate, Unriddle, dope out, crack, make clear, find the key.

detach (verb)

abstract, disassemble, disassociate, disjoin, dismount, dissociate, disunite, divide, divorce, isolate, remove, segregate, take apart, tear off, uncouple, unfasten, unhitch, withdraw, Unfix, disaffiliate.

develop (verb)

account for, acquire, actualize, disclose, elaborate, evolve, exhibit, explicate, foretell, form, materialize, produce, reach, realize, recount, state, uncoil, uncover, unfurl, unroll, unwind.

disengage (verb)

back off, back out, disconnect, drop out, ease, liberate, opt out, pull the plug, release, set free, unbind, cut out, cut loose, weasel out.

disentangle (verb)

clear up, detach, disembroil, disencumber, disengage, disinvolve, emancipate, expand, extricate, free, let go, loose, open, part, resolve, separate, sever, simplify, sort out, sunder, unbraid, undo, unfold, unravel, unscramble, unsnarl, untangle, untie, untwine, untwist, work out, Discumber, let off, bail one out.

dislodge (verb)

dig out, dislocate, displace, disturb, eject, evict, force out, oust, uproot.

divide (verb)

bisect, branch, carve, chop, cleave, cross, cut, demarcate, dichotomize, dismember, dissect, dissever, dissolve, halve, intersect, partition, pull away, quarter, rend, rupture, section, segment, shear, split, subdivide, tear, Abscind, cut up.

ease (verb)

edge, facilitate, handle, inch, induce, insert, join, maneuver, relax, right, slack, slacken, slide, slip, squeeze, steer, Untighten, set right.

extricate (verb)

bail out, clear, deliver, difference, differentiate, disburden, disembarrass, extract, pull out, rescue, get off the hook, get out from under, save one's neck, wriggle out of.

figure (verb)

comprehend, conclude, decipher, determine, discover, fathom, follow, get, master, opine, reason, rule, see, settle, suppose, think, think out, catch on to, make heads or tails of.

free (verb)

decontaminate, discharge, excuse, exempt, ransom, redeem, relieve, Unlade, Unshackle, put off, cast off.

ravel (verb)

smooth out, unweave, make plain, weave out.

rescue (verb)

conserve, get out, hold over, keep, manumit, preserve, protect, recapture, recover, regain, retain, retrieve, safeguard, salvage, spring, unleash, get out of hock, give a break, pull out of the fire, save life of.

separate (verb)

break off, come apart, come away, disjoint, distribute, split up, Uncombine, come between.

simplify (verb)

abridge, boil down, chasten, clean up, cut down, lay out, order, reduce, shorten, spell out, streamline, put in a nutshell, break it down, clean it up, cut the frills, draw a picture, get down to basics, get to the meat, hit the high spots, let daylight in, let sunlight in, make perfectly clear, put one straight.

solve (verb)

decide, divine, enlighten, figure out, find out, fix, have, illuminate, iron out, lick, pan out, puzzle, unlock, work, deal with, DO, HIT, hit upon, get right, put two and two together, get to the bottom, make a dent.

unbind (verb)


undo (verb)

unbutton, unloosen, unwrap, Unclose, Unshut, Unstop.

unfold (verb)

display, extend, fan, fan out, flatten, outspread, spread, stretch out, unbend, uncurl, Outstretch, shake out, reel out, uncrease.

unravel (verb)

faze, straighten out, unlace.

untangle (verb)

put in order.

untie (verb)


unwind (verb)

ravel, unreel.

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