Dis Missing

Pronunciation of Dis Missing
/dˈɪs mˈɪsɪŋ/, /dˈɪs mˈɪsɪŋ/, /d_ˈɪ_s m_ˈɪ_s_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for dis missing:

dirty, add, mount, build, aid, upgrade, face, pour, hide, fill, punish, go ahead, accomplish, plant, restrain, load, put in, emphasize, prohibit, burden, finish, establish, create, crown, build up, harmonize, see, gather, impede, obey, conviction, attend, sentence, want, free, carry on, suppress, acceptance, pull, hire, go, improve, tap, choose, employment, hurt, go on, admit, discourage, confine, endorsement, appear, accept, overrate, retain, detain, award, succeed, protect, arrange, enthrone, store, watch, agree, trust, inject, forget, encourage, strengthen, introduce, coagulate, halt, disorder, help, hurry, enforce, put together, take, incarcerate, weaken, institute, collect, support, lease, honor, legalize, appoint, assign, maximize, lose, resolve, authorize, accuse, admire, blame, approve, commend, rent, unmix, incorporate, save, slow, schedule, put in power, charge, heed, grant, enact, consent, flatter, imprison, boost, Vouching, recognize, give birth, ratification, increase, draw, let go, keep, censure, hinder, ok, mend, stay, expedite, claim, acknowledge, exonerate, benefit, assemble, endorse, bind, unite, incriminate, integrate, allowance, forward, hold back, confirmation, extract, damn, ratify, permission, hoard, meet, remember, take up, rise, recall, promote, DO, Cannot, denunciation, erase, approval, condemn, delegate, join, sow, say yes, retard, uphold, concentrate, bear, compliment, take on, love, board, hearten, complete, release, rate, pursue, start, reward, enslave, convict, receive, scatter, exaggerate, solidify, regard, remain, nurture, assist, believe, raise, sanction, upset, hug, surrender, harm, doom, let in, put on, worry, validate, garner, indulge, pain, include, accumulate, push, like, take in, corroborate, elevate, go along, guard, dam, affirm, carry out, enter, take care of, exalt, make peace, combine, retention, ascend, repair, fix, insert, notice, look at, downpour, compel, concern, agreement, allow, limit, engage, keep on, construct, initiate, inspirit, commence, place, go up, injure, arrive, use, pay attention, absorb, embrace, respect, advance, leave, maintain, marry, employ, restore, laud, take care, praise, cherish, esteem, note, permit, hasten, owe, secure, attract, begin, open, restart, welcome, avowal, pass, set up, preserve, affirmation, fasten, assume, continue, overestimate, Hiring, trouble, achieve, corroboration, hold.

Synonyms for dis missing:

acquittal (noun)

absolution, amnesty, clearance, deliverance, dismissal, exculpation, exemption, exoneration, freeing, liberation, pardon, releasing, reprieve, vindication, Acquitting, Discharging, Dismissing, letting off, relief from.

denial (noun)

adjuration, contradiction, declination, disapproval, disavowal, disclaimer, disproof, dissent, forswearing, nay, negation, negative, nix, nonacceptance, noncommittal, prohibition, protestation, rebuff, rebuttal, refutation, rejection, renouncement, renunciation, repudiation, retraction, turndown, veto, Abstaining, Disallowance, Gainsaying, Refraining, Refusing, Refutal, Rejecting, Repudiating, cold shoulder, Controversion, no way, brush-off, renegement, statement abnegation.

traversal (noun)

abnegation, statement, Disaffirmance, Disaffirmation.

banish (verb)

ban, dislodge, dismiss, drive away, eliminate, eradicate, evict, exclude, excommunicate, exile, expatriate, get rid of, isolate, ostracize, proscribe, remove, rusticate, sequester, shake off, transport, Expulse, extradict.

boot (verb)

cut, drive, dropkick, eighty-six, extrude, heave, knock, punt, shove, throw out.

bounce (verb)

throw, give one notice, give the heave ho.

brush aside/brush off (verb)

boycott, contradict, deny, disclaim, disown, override, send away, slight, snub, sweep aside, cold-shoulder, have no time for.

cashier (verb)

break, drum out, give a pink slip.

decline (verb)

abjure, abstain, avoid, balk, bypass, demur, desist, disapprove, forbear, forgo, gainsay, pass on, refrain, refuse, renounce, reprobate, shy, turn down, turn thumbs down, beg to be excused, don't buy, not accept, not hear of, not think of, send regrets.

demote (verb)

bench, bust, degrade, demean, demerit, hold back, kick downstairs, lower, reduce, Disrate, Declass, set back.

deport (verb)

extradite, ship out.

depose (verb)

demote, dethrone, downgrade, overthrow, subvert, unmake, upset, Discrown, Uncrown, remove from office, freeze out, give heave-ho, run out of town, throw out on ear, ride out on rail.

disallow (verb)

cancel, censor, debar, disavow, embargo, forbid, keep back, taboo, withhold, zing, Disacknowledge, put down, kill.

disapprove (verb)

blame, censure, chastise, criticize, decry, denounce, deplore, deprecate, detract, disallow, discountenance, disesteem, disfavor, dislike, dispraise, expostulate, frown on, oppose, pan, remonstrate, reprehend, reprove, slam, Discommend, object to, look down on, damn, find fault with, take exception to, find unacceptable, look askance at, take dim view of.

discharge (verb)

absolve, acquit, emancipate, exonerate, liberate, loose, loosen, manumit, unbind, unchain, Unshackle, disimprison, allow to go.

dismiss (verb)

abolish, ax, banish, boot, boot out, bounce, bump, bundle, can, cashier, cast out, chase, chuck, clear, contemn, decline, defrock, depone, deport, depose, deride, despise, detach, disband, discard, discharge, disdain, dispatch, dispel, dispense with, disperse, displace, dispose of, disqualify, disregard, dissolve, divorce, drive out, drop, eject, expel, fire, flout, force out, furlough, gibe, gird, impeach, jeer, kick out, laugh away, lay aside, lay off, let go, let out, lock out, mock, oust, outlaw, pension, pooh-pooh, push aside, push back, put away, rally, recall, reject, release, relegate, relinquish, repel, repudiate, repulse, retire, rid, ridicule, sack, scoff, scorn, scout, send packing, shed, shelve, shut out, spurn, supersede, suspend, sweep away, taunt, terminate, turn away, twit, unfrock, unseat, wash out, Disemploy, Disfrock, turn out, give the gate, brush off, send off, cast off, deselect, do without, kiss off, show out, slough off, have done with, set aside, give notice to, give the ax, give the heave-ho, give walking papers, give warning, pink-slip.

disparage (verb)

abuse, belittle, chill, defame, deject, demoralize, denigrate, depreciate, derogate, dis, discourage, discredit, dishearten, dispirit, malign, minimize, rap, roast, scorch, slander, smear, sour grapes, tear down, traduce, underestimate, underrate, undervalue, vilify, run down, write off, cry down, dump on, downcry, put hooks in.

dispatch (verb)

accelerate, address, consign, express, forward, hasten, issue, quicken, railroad, remit, route, ship, speed, transmit, walk through, hand-carry, run with, run with ball.

dispel (verb)

allay, chase away, crumble, deploy, disintegrate, dissipate, distribute, resolve, rout, scatter, scramble, split up, break up, bust up, beat off, break it up.

disperse (verb)

besprinkle, broadcast, circulate, deal, diffuse, disappear, disburse, disseminate, divvy, dole out, intersperse, measure out, partition, propagate, radiate, separate, sow, spray, spread, strew, vanish, cast forth, take off in all directions.

displace (verb)

replace, succeed, supplant, take over, usurp, Disenthrone, Disthrone, cut out, take the place of, step into shoes of.

dissolve (verb)

abrogate, adjourn, annihilate, collapse, decimate, demolish, destroy, destruct, disorganize, disunite, do away with, end, invalidate, postpone, quash, repeal, ruin, sever, shatter, shoot, vacate, void, wrack, wreck, wind up, put an end to, render void, resolve into.

drop (verb)

abort, adios, break with, call off, cease, desert, discontinue, ditch, forfeit, forsake, give up, interrupt, jilt, kick, leave, lose, part with, quit, resign, sacrifice, scratch, scrub, shake, stop, wipe out, dust off, part from, throw over, be alienated from, forget about, waste one.

eject (verb)

disbar, disgorge, dispossess, drive off, dump, emit, eruct, erupt, irrupt, spew, spit out, spout, squeeze out, throw overboard, unloose, vomit, kiss goodbye, ejaculate, give the boot, heave out, show the gate to.

eliminate (verb)

bump off, count out, defeat, erase, exterminate, ignore, leave out, liquidate, omit, phase out, put out, rub out, rule out, slay, stamp out, take out, waive, waste, knock out, blot out, murder, shut the door on.

evict (verb)

out, show the door, heave-ho, toss out on ear.

excommunicate (verb)

anathematize, curse, Unchurch.

exculpate (verb)

condone, excuse, explain, free, justify, rationalize, vindicate, Disculpate, let off, wipe slate clean.

exonerate (verb)

disburden, except, exculpate, exempt, relieve, sanitize, whitewash, let off hook.

exorcise (verb)

purge, purify.

expel (verb)

bar, blackball, give the hook.

extrude (verb)

press, project, squeeze, thrust.

free (verb)

bail, bail out, deliver, demobilize, disengage, enfranchise, extricate, let loose, parole, ransom, redeem, rescue, save, set free, spring, undo, unleash, untie, Disenthrall, Uncage, Unfetter, Unfix, turn loose, cut loose, let off the hook, put on the street.

kick out (verb)

toss out.

lay off (verb)

pay off, retire early.

neglect (verb)

affront, brush aside, condemn, defer, detest, discount, elide, evade, gloss over, keep one's distance, laugh off, live with, miss, overleap, overlook, overpass, pass by, pass over, pass up, pretermit, procrastinate, scant, shirk, shrug off, skimp, skip, slur, trifle, tune out, have nothing to do with, be remiss, pay no attention to, make light of, not care for, be careless, look the other way, lose sight of, be derelict, be irresponsible, be negligent, keep at arm's length, let pass, let slide, not trouble oneself, pay no mind, think little of.

omit (verb)

cast aside, delete, edit, fail, neglect, preclude, prohibit, snip, trim, knock off, blink at, miss out, leave undone, x-out.

pass over (verb)

forget, pass, not dwell on, take no notice of.

pigeonhole (verb)

assort, class, classify, delay, file, group, hold, hold off, hold up, label, peg, rank, sideline, sort, tab, table, put off, put aside, put down as, put on ice, put on hold, put on the bank burner, type cast.

punish (verb)

attend to, batter, beat, blacklist, castigate, chasten, correct, cuff, discipline, do in, execute, fine, flog, harm, hurt, immure, incarcerate, injure, knock about, lash, lecture, maltreat, misuse, oppress, paddle, rough up, scourge, sentence, spank, switch, train, whip, beat up, crack down on, throw the book at, give a going over, give the works, rap knuckles, slap wrist, teach a lesson.

purge (verb)

clarify, cleanse, disabuse, excrete, expiate, expunge, forgive, prevent, rout out, unload, wash, Depurate, shake out, sweep out, wipe off map.

put down (verb)

crush, deflate, disparage, extinguish, humiliate, mortify, quell, repress, shame, silence, squash, suppress, opprobriate.

rebuff (verb)

check, chide, cross, fend off, rebuke, resist, stave off, tell off, ward off, keep at a distance, keep at bay, lash out at, put in one's place.

recall (verb)

annul, countermand, dismantle, forswear, lift, nullify, recant, rescind, retract, reverse, revoke, take back, unsay, withdraw, Palinode, call back, call in.

reject (verb)

burn, disbelieve, jettison, scrap, second, shun, slough, throw away, shoot down, not buy, give thumbs down to.

relegate (verb)


relieve (verb)

disembarrass, disencumber, dispense, privilege, pull, spare, unburden, yank, force to resign.

remove (verb)

abstract, amputate, carry away, carry off, cart off, clear away, dig out, disturb, doff, efface, evacuate, extract, junk, pull out, raise, rip out, skim, strike out, take down, transfer, uproot, tear out.

repel (verb)

beat back, buck, confront, cool, dispute, drive back, duel, fight, force back, keep off, parry, rebut, traverse, withstand, stand up against, put to flight, knock down, force off, give cold shoulder to.

repudiate (verb)

abandon, apostatize, cast, default, defect, dishonor, disinherit, flush, rat, tergiversate, turn, cut off, fly in the face of, be against, tergiverse, wash one's hands of.

revoke (verb)

backpedal, negate, obliterate, back out of, declare null and void, counterorder.

rule out (verb)

avert, bate, deter, forestall, obviate, Forfend, not consider.

sack (verb)

give marching orders.

scrap (verb)

put out to pasture, consign to scrap heap.

shelve (verb)

freeze, hold over, mothball, pigeonhole, prolong, prorogue, slow up, stay, hang up, tie up, put on back burner.

spurn (verb)

air, sneer, give the cold shoulder, hold in contempt, steer clear, turn nose up at, sneeze at.

terminate (verb)

achieve, bound, close, complete, conclude, confine, define, determine, expire, halt, lapse, limit, perfect, recess, restrict, result, run out, tether, ultimate, wrap, wrap up, Prorogate, wind down, bring to an end, come to an end.

throw away (verb)

shuck, slip, throw off, rid oneself of, free oneself of.

turn down (verb)

say no.

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