Dis Plays

Pronunciation of Dis Plays
/dˈɪs plˈe͡ɪz/, /dˈɪs plˈe‍ɪz/, /d_ˈɪ_s p_l_ˈeɪ_z/

Antonyms for dis plays:

veil, vagueness, direction, dissuade, ignorance, direct, remove, keep, fold up, shy away, disagree, disorder, darkness, complicate, blindness, close up, displace, reality, disregard, harmony, suppress, collect, ordinariness, conclude, discredit, rear, delight, neglect, cloud, twist, honor, hiding, join, shut, freshen, disarrange, beauty, disprove, open, reject, not show, agree, guard, keep quiet, withdraw, close, take, disturb, inefficiency, departure, complication, subdue, avoid, rebuild, uprightness, hoard, invalidate, discourage, secrete, uncover, free, simplicity, hide, oppose, refuse, compress, expectation, undrape, confuse, unite, stop, fight, one, lower, roll up, agreement, act, happiness, be truthful, calmness, hold up, disclaim, failure, lessen, disappear, conclusion, safety, reveal, maintain, unwrap, back, distort, ineffectualness, righteousness, shrink, withhold, grin, obscurity, hinder, depart, composure, protection, let go, mix up, refresh, secret, cower, finish, please, fail, ugliness, keep secret, destroy, exit, conceal, abandon, honesty, mar, plainness, mend, result, eradicate, rise, unimportance, leave alone, insignificance, forthrightness, truthfulness, withstand, sincerity, deceive, deprecate, lay bare, character, play, disorganize, trustworthiness, desert, write, not use, prevent, uglify, hurt, disavow, certainty, openness, stagnate, take back, concurrence, wrap, obscure, shield, quiet, end, personality, comply, repudiate, unclothe, take off, disarrangement, block, refute, decrease, save, ignore, poorness, protect, cheer, overlook, truth, misunderstand, renounce, normality, surety, calm, disapprove, bottle up, abstain, surrender, combine, respect, stunt, continue, covering, release, lose, buy, disappearance, leave, fix, check, consume, shorten, modesty, wind, listen, contract, smile, disrobe, keep silent, contradict, leaving, silence, fasten, marry, disorganization, humility, cease, dodge, bury, mystify, deny, concealment, go, cover, dullness, abridge, fairness, absence, frankness, harmonize, ease, be quiet, sew, peace, wonder, resist, exclude, be modest, languish, refrain, fold, gather, veto, be vague, miss, reservation, erase, ruin, leave plain, question, hold, halt, individual, behind, rest.

Synonyms for dis plays:

advertisement (noun)

announcement, blurb, broadcast, circular, commercial, communication, declaration, endorsement, flyer, literature, notice, notification, placard, poster, proclamation, promotion, promulgation, propaganda, publication, publicity, squib, throwaway, want ad, classified ad, ad.

appearance (noun)

actualization, advent, appearing, arrival, coming, debut, emergence, entrance, introduction, materialization, presence, representation, rise, unveiling, showing up, turning up.

arrangement (noun)

alignment, classification, combination, composition, design, disposition, distribution, form, grouping, lineup, method, ordering, organization, pattern, pecking order, ranging, rank, sequence, setup, structure, system.

array (noun)

batch, body, bunch, bundle, clump, cluster, formation, host, lot, multitude, order, set, supply, throng.

art exhibit (noun)

art display.

bearing (noun)

address, air, aspect, attitude, behavior, carriage, comportment, demeanor, deportment, look, manner, mien, poise, port, pose, stand.

cathode ray tube (noun)

computer display.

display (noun)

act, affectation, arrangement, array, blaze, dash, demonstration, example, exhibit, exhibition, expo, exposition, exposure, fanfare, flourish, frippery, front, layout, manifestation, ostentation, ostentatiousness, pageant, panorama, parade, pedantry, pomp, presentation, pretension, pretentiousness, revelation, sample, scheme, shine, showboat, splash, splendor, splurge, spread, unfolding, vanity, Bravura, for show, arrayal, frame-up, grandstand play.

exhibit (noun)

fair, illustration, performance.

exhibition (noun)

advertisement, airing, carnival, offering, sight, spectacle, fireworks, a scene, an act.

explanation (noun)

account, annotation, answer, breakdown, brief, cause, comment, commentary, confession, definition, description, details, elucidation, excuse, explication, expression, gloss, history, information, interpretation, justification, meaning, mitigation, motive, narration, note, recital, rendition, report, resolution, sense, showing, significance, specification, statement, story, summary, tale, talking, telling, vindication, writing.

exposition (noun)

bazaar, circus, marketplace, mart, production, county fair.

exposure (noun)

acknowledgment, baring, betrayal, defenselessness, denudation, denunciation, disclosure, divulgence, giveaway, hazard, jeopardy, liability, nakedness, openness, peril, risk, susceptibility, unmasking, vulnerability, Divulging, Vulnerableness, Susceptivity, laying open, susceptiveness.

extravaganza (noun)

caricature, parody, spectacular, Divertissement, flight of fancy.

face (noun)

appearance, cast, clock, countenance, dial, disguise, facet, finish, frontage, frontal, frontispiece, frown, glower, grimace, guise, kisser, light, makeup, map, mask, mug, obverse, paint, physiognomy, pout, profile, scowl, seeming, semblance, silhouette, simulacrum, smirk, surface, top, visage, features, lineaments.

fair (noun)

celebration, centennial, festival, fete, gala, market, observance, occasion.

false front (noun)

public image, mere façade.

fanfare (noun)

alarum, hullabaloo, panoply, trump, trumpet call.

flash (noun)

burst, outburst, sign, swank.

floor sample (noun)

demonstration model, display merchandise.

front (noun)

bearing, blind, coloring, exterior, face, fake, figure, phony, pretext, veil, window dressing, put-on, cover-up, façade.

fuss (noun)

ado, agitation, altercation, argument, bickering, bother, broil, bustle, commotion, complaint, confusion, controversy, difficulty, dispute, excitement, fight, flap, flurry, fret, furor, hassle, objection, palaver, perturbation, quarrel, row, ruckus, scene, squabble, stew, stink, stir, storm, to-do, turmoil, unrest, upset, worry, wingding, falling-out, kick-up.

glister (noun)


glitter (noun)

beam, brightness, coruscation, gaudiness, glamour, glare, gleam, glint, glisten, glister, glitz, luster, pageantry, radiance, scintillation, sheen, shimmer, showiness, tinsel, twinkle, zap.

grouping (noun)

categorization, deployment, disposal, placement, rangi.

hypocrisy (noun)

bigotry, cant, casuistry, deceit, deception, dishonesty, dissembling, dissimulation, duplicity, falsity, fraud, glibness, imposture, insincerity, irreverence, lie, lip service, mockery, pietism, quackery, sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, speciousness, unctuousness, Pharisaism, bad faith, phoniness, Pharisaicalness, false profession, double-dealing.

manifestation (noun)

explanation, indication, phenomenon, symptom, token.

ostentation (noun)

boasting, brag, braggadocio, bragging, bravado, flamboyance, fuss, garishness, magnificence, pomposity, pompousness, pretending, swagger, swaggering, vainglory, Flaunting, Parading, Vaunting, showoff, false front, showing off, window-dressing.

pageant (noun)

charade, extravaganza, motorcade, procession, ritual, tableau, make-believe.

performance (noun)

ballet, burlesque, business, ceremony, concert, custom, dance, drama, gig, matinee, opera, portrayal, rehearsal, review, revue, rigmarole, rite, special, stunt, stage show.

pharisaism (noun)

tartuffery, two-facedness.

presentation (noun)

bestowal, conferral, delivery, donation, giving, investiture, knockdown, launch, launching, overture, proposal, reception, remembrance, sales pitch, staging, submission, Delivering, dog and pony show, coming out.

pretense (noun)

acting, artifice, evasion, fabrication, fakery, falsification, feigning, gag, invention, misrepresentation, misstatement, posing, posturing, routine, ruse, sham, shuffling, simulation, stall, subterfuge, trickery, veneer, wile, schtick, faking, dumb act.

resplendence (noun)

brilliancy, resplendency.

revelation (noun)

adumbration, apocalypse, break, broadcasting, clue, cue, discovery, divination, divulgement, earful, epiphany, foreshadowing, inspiration, news, oracle, prophecy, scoop, tip, uncovering, vision, Unearthing, the latest, blow by blow, lightning bolt, eye-opener.

scene (noun)

arena, backdrop, background, flat, flats, landscape, locale, locality, location, outlook, place, scenery, seascape, setting, site, theater, view, blackout, mise en scène.

show (noun)

effect, illusion, impression, likeness, occurrence, pretense, profession, program.

showpiece (noun)

masterpiece, work of art.

sight (noun)

vista, point of interest.

spectacle (noun)

comedy, curiosity, event, marvel, movie, wonder.

splash (noun)

patch, sensation, touch.

splendor (noun)

brilliance, dazzle, effulgence, grandeur, majesty, refulgence, renown, resplendence, richness, solemnity, stateliness, sumptuousness, gorgeousness.

state (noun)

cachet, consequence, glory, prestige, standing, stature, status, style.

terminal (noun)

crt, input device, monitor, screen, VDT, video display, cathode ray tube.

vanity (noun)

airs, arrogance, ego trip, narcissism, pride, self-love, self-worship, smugness, Self-admiration, Conceitedness, big-headedness.

video display terminal (noun)

VDU, graphics terminal, video display unit, video terminal.

view (noun)

analysis, audit, check, contemplation, eyeball, gander, inspection, lamp, scan, scrutiny, squint, survey, viewing, Perlustration, look-see, slant.

advertise (verb)

acquaint, advance, advise, announce, apprise, ballyhoo, bill, blazon, boost, build up, circularize, communicate, declare, display, divulge, drum, endorse, hard sell, herald, hype, inform, notify, pitch, plug, press agent, proclaim, puff, push, show, soft sell, sponsor, spot, tout, get on soapbox for, make a pitch, put on the map, beat the drum for.

air (verb)

circulate, disseminate, publicize, put, speak, state, tell, utter, ventilate, voice, make public.

argue (verb)

appeal, assert, attest, claim, contend, controvert, defend, denote, elucidate, establish, explain, hold, imply, indicate, justify, maintain, persuade, plead, reason, suggest, talk into, testify, vindicate, warrant, witness, prevail upon.

array (verb)

align, group, organize, range, systematize, Methodize, line up.

attest (verb)

adjure, argue, authenticate, aver, bear out, bear witness, certify, confirm, corroborate, countersign, prove, ratify, seal, substantiate, support, sustain, swear, uphold, verify, asservate, give evidence.

become (verb)

accord, adorn, agree, augment, belong to, embellish, enrich, fit, flatter, garnish, go with, grace, harmonize, heighten, match, ornament, suit, set off, go together, be appropriate, make handsome.

blazon (verb)

blare, deck, inscribe.

brandish (verb)

disport, gesture, raise, shake, swing, threaten, warn, wield, come on strong, throw weight around.

carry (verb)

bear, conduct, convey, give, offer, pass on, relay, release, send, transfer, transport.

declassify (verb)

make available.

deploy (verb)

dispose, fan out, position, set up, use, utilize, form front, put out patrol, take battle stations.

disclose (verb)

acknowledge, admit, avow, blab, come out of the closet, confess, discover, give away, leak, mouth, own, relate, snitch, spill, squeal, spill the beans, let slip, bring to light.

display (verb)

advertise, arrange, bare, betray, boast, brandish, demonstrate, disclose, emblazon, evidence, evince, expand, expose, extend, feature, flash, flaunt, glaze, grandstand, illustrate, impart, lay out, manifest, model, open, perform, present, promote, promulgate, publish, represent, reveal, set out, showcase, sport, stretch out, trot out, uncover, unfold, unfurl, unmask, unroll, unveil, vamp, show off, lay bare, make known, open out, make clear, bring to view, spread out.

drape (verb)

cloak, clothe, cover, dangle, don, dress, droop, drop, enclose, envelop, enwrap, fold, hang, line, roll, sprawl, suspend, swathe, wrap, Enswathe, let fall, lean over, spread-eagle.

evidence (verb)

bespeak, betoken, connote, designate, mark, signify, Ostend, testify to.

evince (verb)


exemplify (verb)

cite, clarify, clear up, depict, embody, enlighten, epitomize, illuminate, instance, mirror, personify, quote, spell out, symbolize, typify, Emblematize.

exhibit (verb)

express, roll out, show and tell, make plain, let it all hang out, parade wares, strut stuff, wave around.

expose (verb)

debunk, denude, dig up, let out, smoke out, streak, unclothe, unearth, Unshroud, tip off, lay open, crack, let cat out of bag, open to view, put on view.

flaunt (verb)

break out, gasconade, hotdog, vaunt, spring on, put on an act, fan it, flash about, make a scene, smack with, whip out.

flourish (verb)

flutter, sweep, swish, twirl, wag.

give (verb)

administer, bestow, confer, dispense, hold out, issue, minister, produce, provide, render, return, set forth, tender, yield, put on.

lay out (verb)

chart, diagram, outline.

look (verb)

look like, resemble, sound, strike as.

manifest (verb)

exteriorize, externalize, incarnate, materialize, objectify, personalize, strut, vent, Personize.

market (verb)

barter, exchange, merchandise, retail, vend, wholesale, offer for sale.

offer (verb)

afford, allow, award, bid, come forward, donate, grant, move, ply, press, proffer, propound, put forward, sacrifice, submit, volunteer, put up, put forth, lay at one's feet, be at service, place at disposal, put on the market, put up for sale.

open (verb)

broach, come apart, disrupt, fissure, free, gap, gape, jimmy, kick in, lacerate, lance, penetrate, perforate, pierce, pop, puncture, rupture, separate, sever, slit, slot, split, tap, unbar, unblock, unbolt, uncork, undo, unfasten, unlock, unseal, untie, unwrap, yawn, yawp, Unclose, Unlatch, Unshut, Unstop, break in, hole, bust in, throw wide.

parade (verb)

prance, march in review.

perform (verb)

act out, be on, discourse, dramatize, emote, enact, execute, go on, ham, impersonate, personate, play, playact, stage, ham it up, appear as, bring down the house, do a number, do a turn, tread the boards.

posture (verb)

affect, attitudinize, masquerade, pass off, put on airs, pass for, put up a front, do a bit, do for effect, fake it, make a show.

present (verb)

adduce, allege, expound, fix up, get together, infer, intimate, lay, mount, proposition, recount, do the honors, DO, give an introduction.

produce (verb)

bring forward.

read (verb)

affirm, declaim, deliver, paraphrase, pronounce, recite, record, register, restate, say.

register (verb)

point out, read, reflect, point to, be shown.

render (verb)

administrate, carry out, delineate, govern, image, interpret, limn, picture, portray.

represent (verb)

body forth, describe, draft, evoke, hint, narrate, realize, reproduce, sketch, track, run down, run through.

show (verb)

appear, arrive, attend, come, determine, emerge, get, get in, instruct, loom, make out, point, project, reach, sell, show up, teach, turn up, wave, blow in, deal in, be visible, make the scene, put in appearance, show one's face.

show off (verb)

hand a line, make a spectacle of.

trot out (verb)

bring up, drag up, rehearse, reiterate, repeat, come out with.

uncover (verb)

open up, strike, strip, subject, stumble on, hit upon, tip one's hand.

unfold (verb)

decipher, disentangle, explicate, fan, figure out, flatten, loosen, outspread, resolve, solve, straighten, unbend, uncoil, uncurl, unravel, untwist, unwind, Outstretch, dope out, shake out, reel out, uncrease.

unfurl (verb)


unmask (verb)

bring out into the open, let cat out of the bag.

unveil (verb)

come out, spring, unbosom.

vaunt (verb)

crow, prate.

wear (verb)

attire, carry, fit out, get into, get on, harness, have on, turn out, slip on, suit up, draw on, be dressed in, clothe oneself, dress in.

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