Pronunciation of Dis-Card
/dˈɪskˈɑːd/, /dˈɪskˈɑːd/, /d_ˈɪ_s_k_ˈɑː_d/

Antonyms for dis-card

attract, esteem, assert, credit, succeed, ok, remain, harmony, come, face, concern, legalize, promote, prove, indulge, spoil, trust, allowance, take up, harmonize, accumulate, peace, hide, aid, uphold, welcome, accept, take in, hoard, go, revert, hire, add, advance, dam, receive, concur, grant, nurture, arrange, establish, achieve, enter, incorporate, remember, sow, disarrange, begin, inclusion, approve, accompany, go along, collect, defend, fight, forward, finish, compliment, love, build, delegate, lot, acknowledge, join, engage, attest, conceal, plant, guard, put on, favor, imprison, adopt, claim, confirm, continue, take care of, embrace, own, lower, store, accede, respect, pursue, detain, disperse, secure, complete, imbalance, increase, place, gather, bear, keep, ratify, combine, assign, disturb, keep to, consent, fix, disorder, pick up, take, endorse, weaken, validate, commend, create, concede, start, look at, believe, withhold, arrive, permit, maintain, catch, condone, encourage, meet, accomplish, fill, load, employ, ruin, disorganize, go direct, watch, refrain, blame, construct, take on, persevere, condemn, laud, clothe, get, emphasize, stay, admit, tip, praise, acceptance, flatter, cherish, regard, agreement, expedite, enforce, addition, scatter, institute, give birth, attend, linger, preserve, inject, admire, appoint, protect, implode, build up, unite, owe, be direct, include, affirm, separate, hold, help, make peace, wait, insert, win, notice, allow, avow, whole, choose, retain, support, heed, assist, note, pay attention, leave, DO, submit, worsen, save, initiate, agree, put in, confess, cover, corroborate, like, sanction.