Pronunciation of Dis-Charging
/dˈɪst͡ʃˈɑːd͡ʒɪŋ/, /dˈɪst‍ʃˈɑːd‍ʒɪŋ/, /d_ˈɪ_s_tʃ_ˈɑː_dʒ_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for dis-charging:

lack, fix, check, integrate, yield, leave alone, charge, disarrange, accuse, open, disappoint, pardon, fasten, rebuild, get, disobey, couple, bind, occupy, discontinue, concentrate, be quiet, delegate, cease, protect, penalize, enslave, give up, continue, encourage, accept, lose, initiate, denunciation, enact, neglect, punish, pull, secrete, release, deter, retention, withhold, dull, legalize, clutter, refrain, admit, compel, flow, attach, use, disappointment, limit, join, deprive, unmix, denounce, marry, hurt, disturb, aid, tell, disallow, go on, harm, dissuade, give, pick up, damn, anger, conviction, forget, commencement, unseal, direct, damage, establish, dry, laze, block, object, increase, capture, empty, discourage, prove, guard, load, cancel, confine, irritate, pour, rebel, detain, wait, dissatisfy, repress, forego, put in, validate, come in, start, finish, explain, mix up, refuse, dismantle, link, Hiring, bore, keep on, engage, abstain, permit, construct, overflow, failure, employment, repair, welcome, miss, disregard, imbalance, implode, combine, ignore, restrict, deny, free, insert, preserve, doom, appoint, dehydrate, spend, imprison, hitch, shirk, fall behind, censure, frustrate, unfulfillment, agree, be willing, clean up, gather, allow, idle, approve, derange, oppose, avoid, schedule, come, owe, undo, save, create, sow, question, emphasize, arrange, remain, keep, protest, DO, run into, ruin, uphold, hook, displease, hold, underwhelm, put together, overlook, reveal, pour in, upset, let go, pile up, disagree, leave, decline, end, move, withstand, stay, obligate, employ, collect, build, destroy, restore, plant, seize, stand, hold back, garner, accretion, dispute, defer, drop, impeach, sanction, veto, arrive, fill, resolve, obey, conceal, disjoin, coagulate, ascend, give birth, enforce, reject, delay, void, assemble, clean, Cannot, deplete, let in, halt, suppress, exhaust, inhale, bear, hesitate, choose, secure, convict, depart, push, separate, unite, pass, argue, take, differ, surrender, disorganize, injure, receive, set up, restart, drain, button, trouble, abandon, revalidate, trickle, connect, pain, steady, eating, lay bare, discontent, add, serve, wonder, dissent, enter, breathe in, hide, include, solidify, opening, aggravate, take back, dishonor, rebuff, Receiving, ask, assign, rise, hinder, revive, help, store, confuse, catch, mismanage, carry on, resist, liberate, worry, dam, put off, chastise, offer, restrain, HIT, institute, put on, frustration, not finish, hire, exonerate, tighten, appear, live, forfeit, swallow, disprove, mutiny, support, want, ostracize, earn, invalidate, blame, maintain, divide, uncover, place, mend, find guilty, unsettle, absorb, tip, prevent, prohibit, stop, assist, incite, incriminate, disorder, dodge, slow, disapprove, take in, beginning, incorporate, sentence, burden, incarcerate, condemn, retain, counter, withdraw, commence, begin, accumulate, invest, fail, need, introduce, disconnect, dissatisfaction, walk, ratify.

Synonyms for dis-charging:

pouring (adjective)

draining, flooding, flowing, gushing, raining, rainy, running, rushing, spouting, spurting, Showering, spilling.

acquittal (noun)

absolution, amnesty, clearance, deliverance, discharge, dismissal, exculpation, exemption, exoneration, freeing, liberation, releasing, reprieve, vindication, Acquitting, Discharging, Dismissing, letting off, relief from.

excretion (noun)

defecation, ejection, elimination, evacuation, expelling, expulsion, exudation, leaving, perspiration, secretion, sweating, voiding, Ejecting, urination.

freeing (noun)

clearing, delivery, extrication, loosening, manumission, restoration, salvation, saving, untying, Disentangling, Loosing, Pardoning, Rescuing, Unbinding, unlocking, setting free, unchaining, unfettering, granting freedom.

fulfillment (noun)

achievement, attainment, carrying out, consummation, contentedness, contentment, crowning, end, gratification, implementation, kick, perfection, realization, Effecting, just the ticket, carrying through, kicks observance, you got it.

materialization (noun)

culmination, fruition.

shooting (noun)

blasting, firing, gunfire, Gunning, pulling the trigger.

absolve (verb)

bleach, exculpate, forgive, free, launder, lifeboat, sanitize, set free, spring, vindicate, whitewash, wink at, write off, blink at, go easy on, let off easy, let off the hook, let up on, wipe it off, wipe the slate clean.

achieve (verb)

acquire, actualize, attain, bring about, bring off, cap, carry out, carry through, close, complete, conclude, consummate, deliver, dispatch, earn, effect, effectuate, enact, finish, gain, get, manage, negotiate, obtain, perfect, procure, produce, rack up, reach, realize, resolve, score, seal, settle, sign, solve, win, work out, wind up, see through, follow through, bring to pass, get done, earn wings.

acquit (verb)

wipe off, Disculpate.

annul (verb)

abate, abolish, annihilate, call off, countermand, declare, delete, efface, erase, expunge, invalidate, negate, neutralize, nullify, obliterate, recall, repeal, rescind, retract, reverse, revoke, scrub, undo, vitiate, wipe out, blot out, kill, get off the hook, render null and void.

ax (verb)

cleaver, hatchet, poll, tomahawk.

ax/axe (verb)

boot, cut back, dispense with, eliminate, get rid of, sack, throw out, give a pink slip, give the boot.

banish (verb)

ban, cast out, deport, dislodge, dispel, drive away, eradicate, evict, exclude, excommunicate, exile, expatriate, isolate, ostracize, outlaw, proscribe, relegate, rusticate, sequester, shake off, shut out, transport, Expulse, extradict.

belch (verb)

disgorge, eruct, hiccup, irrupt, repeat, ventilate, Eructate.

boot (verb)

chase, chuck, cut, drive, dropkick, eighty-six, extrude, heave, knock, punt, shove.

bounce (verb)

throw, give the heave ho.

bring off (verb)

carry off, succeed, pull off, bring home the bacon.

burst (verb)

barge, blow, break, detonate, disintegrate, fly open, fracture, fragment, perforate, pierce, pop, puncture, run, rupture, rush, shatter, shiver, splinter, split, spout, tear apart, crack, prick, gush forth, rend asunder.

cancel (verb)

abort, counteract, counterbalance, countercheck, counterpoise, frustrate, ignore, offset, overthrow, recant, redeem, redress, refute, repudiate, rule out, suppress, make up for, put an end to, compensate for, set aside, balance out, declare invalid, render inert.

carry out (verb)

finalize, implement.

cash (verb)

acknowledge, change, draw, pay, break a bill, make change.

cashier (verb)

drum out, cast off.

clear (verb)

clarify, explain, defog, find innocent.

complete (verb)

crown, determine, develop, elaborate, equip, fill, furnish, get through, halt, make good, refine, round off, round out, supplement, ultimate, wrap up, make up, call it a day, go through with, sew up, go whole hog, bring to fruition, bring to maturity, do thoroughly, go the limit, put to bed.

comply (verb)

accede, accord, acquiesce, cave in, come around, conform to, defer, ditto, fit in, fold, give in, give out, give up, keep, knuckle under, mind, obey, put out, respect, straighten up, submit, yield, shape up, agree to, go along with, play ball, adhere to, consent to, play the game, don't make waves, don't rock the boat, go with the flow, knuckle to, roll over and play dead, stay in line, throw in towel, toss it in, yes one, cry uncle.

deliver (verb)

ransom, rescue, save.

detonate (verb)

bang, blow up, burst, fulminate, mushroom, touch off, kablooey, push the button, va-voom.

discharge (verb)

abrogate, absolve, accomplish, achieve, acquit, annul, ax, blast, boot out, bounce, break out, bump, bust, can, cancel, carry away, cashier, clear, disburden, discard, disencumber, dismiss, dispense, displace, dissolve, eject, emancipate, emit, empty, erupt, excrete, excuse, execute, exempt, exonerate, expel, explode, exude, fire, fulfill, give off, gush, honor, kick out, lay off, leak, let go, let out, liberate, liquidate, lock out, loose, loosen, manumit, meet, nix, observe, ooze, oust, pardon, pay up, perform, quash, quit, release, relieve, remove, replace, satisfy, send, shoot, spare, spew, square up, supersede, supplant, terminate, unbind, unburden, unchain, unload, unpack, vacate, void, vomit, Disembogue, Unlade, Unshackle, Unship, take off, take away, set off, let off, show the door, DO, send forth, off-load, shoot off, disimprison, ejaculate, render void, remove cargo, allow to go, freeze out, give one notice, let one go, privilege from, run out of town, unstow, ride out on rail.

disgorge (verb)

be sick, regurgitate, retch, throw up, upchuck, lose one's lunch.

dismiss (verb)

defrock, depone, depose, disqualify, drop, furlough, impeach, pension, put away, retire, send packing, shelve, suspend, turn away, unfrock, unseat, wash out, Disemploy, Disfrock, give the gate, deselect, give notice to, give the ax, give the heave-ho, give walking papers, give warning, pink-slip.

dispatch (verb)

devour, dispose of, eat up, expedite, polish off, lay low, scarf down.

dispense (verb)

apply, command, direct, enforce, except, handle, maneuver, manipulate, swing, undertake, wield.

disperse (verb)

banish, besprinkle, broadcast, circulate, deal, diffuse, disappear, disband, disburse, disseminate, dissipate, divvy, dole out, intersperse, measure out, partition, propagate, radiate, rout, scatter, scramble, separate, shed, sow, split up, spray, spread, strew, vanish, break up, send off, cast forth, take off in all directions.

displace (verb)

dethrone, take over, unmake, usurp, Discrown, Disenthrone, Disthrone, Uncrown, cut out, take the place of, step into shoes of.

dissolve (verb)

adjourn, collapse, decimate, demolish, destroy, destruct, disorganize, disunite, divorce, do away with, postpone, ruin, sever, wrack, wreck, resolve into.

do (verb)

act, arrange, cause, cook, create, fix, look after, make, move, operate, organize, prepare, take on, transact, work, engage in, get ready, make ready, see to, go for it, be responsible for, do one's thing, get with it, take care of business.

dump (verb)

cast, clear out, deep-six, ditch, drain, evacuate, fling, jettison, junk, leave, scrap, throw overboard, tip, throw down, deposit, let fall, fling down.

effuse (verb)

spread out.

ejaculate (verb)

climax, come, spurt, have an orgasm.

eject (verb)

debar, disbar, dispossess, drive off, dump, force out, reject, spit out, squeeze out, unloose, turn out, kiss goodbye, heave out, show the gate to.

eliminate (verb)

bump off, count out, defeat, disregard, drive out, exterminate, leave out, omit, phase out, rub out, slay, stamp out, take out, waive, waste, knock out, murder, shut the door on.

emanate (verb)

arise, birth, derive, egress, emerge, exhale, exit, flow, initiate, issue, originate, proceed, rise, stem.

emancipate (verb)

affranchise, enfranchise, Unfetter, disenthral.

empty (verb)

consume, decant, deplete, drink, ebb, escape, exhaust, flow out, gut, pour out, purge, run out, rush out, tap, use up, make void.

enforce (verb)

administer, administrate, coerce, commandeer, compel, constrain, crack down, demand, dictate, dragoon, egg on, emphasize, exact, exert, expect, extort, fortify, goad, hound, impel, impose, incite, invoke, lash, lean on, necessitate, oblige, press, prosecute, reinforce, require, sanction, spur, strain, stress, strong-arm, support, urge, whip, wrest, insist on, put into effect, force upon, put screws to.

eruct (verb)


erupt (verb)

appear, belch, boil, extravasate, go off, hurl, jet, pour forth, vent, flare up, throw off, spit.

evacuate (verb)

abandon, bail out, decamp, depart, desert, forsake, hightail, move out, pull out, relinquish, withdraw, pack up, run for the hills, skidaddle.

exculpate (verb)

condone, justify, rationalize, remit, wipe slate clean.

excuse (verb)

alibi, appease, cover, defend, extenuate, indulge, mitigate, overlook, pass over, pretext, shrive, shrug off, tolerate, bear with, apologize for, make allowances for, dispense from, give absolution, grant amnesty, plead ignorance, exempt from, take rap for.

execute (verb)

come through, govern, make it, percolate, play, put over, put through, render, sail through, deal with, HIT, take care of, do the job, do the trick, get there, hack it, do to a t.

exempt (verb)

pass by, grant immunity, wipe the slate.

exhale (verb)

breathe, emanate, evaporate, respire, steam, vaporize.

exonerate (verb)

let off hook.

expel (verb)

bar, blackball, give the hook, throw out on ear.

explode (verb)

backfire, blaze, convulse, flame up, thunder, blow to kingdom come.

exude (verb)

bleed, exhibit, give forth, manifest, pass, secrete, seep, show, sweat, trickle, weep.

fill (verb)

answer, assign, distribute, elect, engage, hold, name, occupy, officiate, take up.

finish (verb)

cease, clinch, culminate, mop up, scratch, shut down, shutter, stop, top off, wrap, round up, have done with, Make short work of, bag it, bring to a close, get out of the way, hang it up, put finishing touches on.

fire (verb)

launch, pink slip, pitch, shell, toss, give the sack, give bum's rush, give marching orders, give pink slip, hand walking papers, pull trigger.

flow (verb)

abound, brim, cascade, continue, course, deluge, dribble, exudate, flood, glide, gurgle, inundate, overflow, pour, progress, pullulate, result, ripple, roll, slide, sluice, spill, splash, sputter, squirt, stream, sweep, swell, swirl, teem, tumble, smooth along, well forth.

free (verb)

bail, decontaminate, demobilize, disembarrass, disengage, disentangle, extricate, let loose, parole, rid, unleash, untie, Disenthrall, Uncage, Unfix, put off, turn loose, cut loose, put on the street.

fulfill (verb)

conform, please, suffice, suit, fill the bill, comply with, be just the ticket, hit the bull's-eye, make the grade.

go off (verb)

befall, happen, occur, take place.

kick out (verb)

out, toss out.

launch (verb)

barrage, bombard, bung, catapult, lance, project, propel, set in motion, sling, set afloat.

lay off (verb)

pay off, retire early.

leak (verb)

come out, disclose, divulge, drip, drool, get out, give away, pass on, reveal, slip, tell, transpire, spill the beans, let slip, make public.

liberate (verb)

detach, unhook, bail one out, free up, get out from under, save one's neck.

liquidate (verb)

cash, cash in, convert, exchange, reimburse, repay, sell off, sell up, square, cash out.

loose/loosen (verb)

alleviate, disconnect, disjoin, ease, ease off, relax, slacken, unbar, unbolt, unbuckle, unbutton, unclasp, unfasten, unhitch, unlace, unlash, unlock, unpin, unscrew, unstrap, Unlatch, Unstick, Untighten, become unfastened, unsnap, work free, work loose.

loosen (verb)


meet (verb)

approach, come up to, comply, cope with, equal, fit, gratify, match, measure up, rival, tie, touch.

obey (verb)

abide by, accept, act upon, agree, assent, concur, embrace, follow, give way, heed, hold fast, respond, serve, surrender, take orders, toe the line, live by, bow to, get in line, be ruled by, be loyal to, do as one says, do one's bidding, do one's duty, do what is expected, do what one is told, play second fiddle.

ooze (verb)

filter, leach, perspire, swelter, well.

oust (verb)

bereave, bundle off, deprive, disinherit, divest, lose, rob, topple, pack off, give the 1-2-3.

overflow (verb)

bubble over, drown, engulf, fall over, overrun, overtop, run over, shower, slop, slosh, soak, spill over, submerge, surge, swamp, water, wave, well over, wet, whelm, Overbrim.

pardon (verb)

suspend charges, bury the hatchet.

pass (verb)


pay (verb)

adjust, bequeath, bestow, chip in, compensate, confer, cough up, defray, dig up, extend, foot, grant, hand over, kick in, offer, plunk down, prepay, present, proffer, recompense, recoup, refund, remunerate, requite, reward, stake, put up, bear the cost, bear the expense, make payment, foot the bill.

perform (verb)

behave, function, perk, react, take, tick, deliver the goods, do justice to, be engaged in, carry to completion, do to a turn, go that route, run with the ball.

pink-slip (verb)

give someone his or her walking papers, give someone the ax, give someone the gate, give someone the pink slip, show someone the door.

pour (verb)

cataract, crowd, drench, rain, rill, sheet, swarm, throng, let flow.

precipitate (verb)

accelerate, advance, bring on, further, hasten, let fly, push forward, quicken, speed up, trigger.

prosecute (verb)

carry on, conduct, persist, practice, pursue, wage, work at, follow up.

quash (verb)

black out, bottle up, cork up, hush up, overrule, squelch, veto, watergate, declare null and void, put the lid on, crack down on, clamp down on, put damper on.

recall (verb)

abjure, dismantle, forswear, lift, take back, unsay, Palinode, call back, call in.

redeem (verb)

balance, buy off, countervail, get back, outweigh, purchase, recapture, reclaim, regain, rehabilitate, reinstate, repossess, repurchase, restore, retrieve, win back, Replevin, Replevy, take in, buy back, trade in, make amends, hold to, keep the faith.

release (verb)

commute, open up, cast loose, set at large, set loose, let off steam.

relieve (verb)

privilege, pull, yank, force to resign.

remove (verb)

abstract, amputate, cart off, clear away, dig out, disturb, doff, extract, raise, rip out, ship, skim, strike out, take down, transfer, uproot, tear out.

run (verb)

fall, flux, fuse, go, leap, liquefy, melt, sail, scud, spin, thaw, whirl, whiz, Deliquesce, go soft, turn to liquid.

satisfy (verb)

atone, clear up, indemnify, make reparation.

serve (verb)

attend, go through, hearken, labor, subserve, toil, be employed by.

settle (verb)

adjudicate, appoint, call the shots, choose, cinch, clean up, concert, confirm, decide, dispose, establish, figure, judge, mediate, nail down, order, reconcile, regulate, rule, verify, come to an agreement, come to a conclusion, make a decision, make certain, set to rights, come to a decision, form judgment, put into order.

spare (verb)

forbear, pity, relent, refrain from, be lenient, be merciful, get out of hock, give a break, give quarter to, pull out of the fire, save bacon, save from, save neck, relieve from.

spatter (verb)

bespatter, bestrew, dash, daub, dirty, disperse, dot, douse, mottle, smudge, soil, spangle, speck, speckle, splutter, spot, stipple, swash, polka-dot.

spill (verb)

overfill, overturn, splatter, sprinkle, upset.

spit (verb)

expectorate, hawk, hiss, sibilate, sizz, slobber, spatter, spritz.

square (verb)

bribe, buy, clear off, corrupt, have, rig, tamper with, make even.

suppurate (verb)

decay, maturate, putrefy, Putresce.

terminate (verb)

bound, confine, define, desist, discontinue, expire, extinguish, lapse, limit, prorogue, recess, restrict, tether, cut off, Prorogate, wind down, bring to an end, come to an end.

throw (verb)

bandy, buck, bunt, butt, cant, fell, flick, fling off, flip, floor, force, lapidate, lob, overwhelm, peg, pellet, pelt, pepper, precipitate, push, put, shy, start, stone, thrust, unhorse, volley, waft.

transact (verb)

button up, jell, sell, TCB, button down, work out a deal.

unload (verb)

discommode, lighten, slough, break bulk, take a load off.

vacate (verb)

go away, part with, renounce, move out of.

vent (verb)

air, assert, give, state, utter, verbalize, voice, come out with, take out on, provide escape.

void (verb)

abnegate, bleep, sterilize, trim, blue pencil.

yield (verb)

accrue, admit, afford, allow, beam, bear, blossom, bring forth, bring in, generate, hold out, net, provide, return, supply, tender, sell for.

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