Pronunciation of Dis-Claims
/dˈɪsklˈe͡ɪmz/, /dˈɪsklˈe‍ɪmz/, /d_ˈɪ_s_k_l_ˈeɪ_m_z/

Synonyms for dis-claims:

brush aside/brush off (verb)

boycott, cut, deny, disclaim, dismiss, disregard, get rid of, ostracize, override, rebuff, scorn, send away, slight, snub, sweep aside, cold-shoulder, have no time for.

brush off (verb)

brush aside.

contradict (verb)

belie, buck, challenge, confront, controvert, counter, counteract, cross, dare, differ, disprove, dispute, impugn, negative, oppose, take on, fly in the face of, call in question, thumbs down, have bone to pick, refuse to accept.

deny (verb)

ban, begrudge, call on, curb, disbelieve, discredit, doubt, eschew, exclude, forbid, forgo, forsake, hold back, keep back, nullify, rebut, refute, restrain, sacrifice, taboo, turn down, turn thumbs down, veto, withhold, not buy, take exception to, enjoin from, say no to.

disallow (verb)

cancel, censor, debar, embargo, nix, pass on, proscribe, shut out, zing, put down, kill.

disavow (verb)

drop out, renege, welsh, worm out of, go back on word, renig, weasel out of.

disclaim (verb)

abandon, abjure, abnegate, belittle, contradict, contravene, criticize, decline, deprecate, disallow, disavow, discard, disown, disparage, forswear, gainsay, minimize, negate, recant, refuse, reject, renounce, repudiate, retract, revoke, spurn, traverse, Disacknowledge, Disaffirm, divorce oneself from, turn back on, wash hands of.

disown (verb)

cast off, refuse to recognize.

forsake (verb)

abdicate, desert, drift away, give up, jettison, jilt, leave, quit, relinquish, resign, surrender, yield, show the door, kiss goodbye, throw over, walk out on, run out on, have done with, set aside, leave flat, leave high and dry, take the oath, wash one's hands of, change one's tune.

forswear (verb)

drop, recall, swear off, take back, withdraw.

gainsay (verb)

combat, disagree, fight, resist, withstand.

recant (verb)

abrogate, annul, apostatize, back down, back off, back out, backtrack, countermand, repeal, rescind, unsay, void, call back, dial back, eat one's words, go back on one's word, weasel out.

refute (verb)

break, burn, burn down, cancel out, confute, contend, convict, crush, debate, demolish, dispose of, evert, explode, expose, invalidate, overthrow, parry, quash, show up, silence, squelch, tear down, top, shoot down, disconfirm, give the lie to, reply to, argue against, take a stand against, shoot full of holes, blow sky high, give thumbs down to.

renounce (verb)

arrogate, defect, dump, leave off, opt out, rat, sell out, tergiversate, turn, waive, Demit, throw off, take the pledge, abstain from, apostacize, tergiverse, toss over.

repudiate (verb)

banish, break with, cast, default, demur, disapprove, dishonor, disinherit, flush, oust, reprobate, reverse, cut off, be against.

retract (verb)

back, call off, draw in, eliminate, fall back, go back on, pull back, recede, retreat, retrograde, rule out, sheathe, suspend, Retrocede, take in, pull in, back out of, reel in, forget it, change one's mind, have change of heart, nig.

revoke (verb)

abolish, backpedal, dismantle, erase, expunge, lift, obliterate, remove, rub out, scrub, vacate, wipe out, declare null and void, counterorder.

waive (verb)

allow, cede, defer, delay, dispense with, grant, hand over, hold off, hold up, neglect, postpone, prorogue, remit, reserve, shelve, stay, table, turn over, put off, refrain from.

withdraw (verb)

bar, dissolve, repress, retire, stamp out, suppress.

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