Pronunciation of Dis-Honor
/dˈɪsˈɒnə/, /dˈɪsˈɒnə/, /d_ˈɪ_s_ˈɒ_n_ə/

Antonyms for dis-honor

guard, combine, create, rise, esteem, virtue, commendation, bleach, aid, obedience, hallow, confidence, earn, procure, elevate, exaltation, increase, extol, dignify, meanness, achieve, prosper, lighten, blessing, good, tell truth, approbation, accept, believe, hold, triumph, beauty, commend, purify, admire, promote, laud, bear, whiten, better, enhance, obscurity, cleanse, impress, mollify, dispute, boost, emphasize, finish, compliment, neglect, accomplish, satisfaction, righteousness, complete, build, appease, honor, praise, adorn, piety, comfort, strength, morality, elevation, embellish, building, turn off, creation, trust, start, love, mend, give, dignity, improve, favor, sanctify, desire, unite, surrender, exalt, heal, decoration, perfection, flourish, ornament, civility, capture, gain, promotion, strengthen, grant, chasten, merit, pride, regard, purification, commence, obey, win, agree, protect, differ, succeed, fail, sterilize, glorify, affection, go along, embellishment, happiness, build up, clease, adulation, contest, begin, clarity, repair, adornment, dissent, respect, DO, yield, behavior, help, soothe, resistance, clear, consent, please, keep, glorification, construction, clarify, acknowledge, reach, disagree, flattery, preserve, politeness, manners, treat well, quarrel, disenchant, innocence, observance, irresponsibility, assist, like, put together, enlarge, endorsement, raise, advantage, meet, flatter, allow, approve, upgrade, construct, boon, clean, face, applaud, reverence, correction, bless, pay, sanction, credit, invigorate, courtesy, save, continue, certainty, lose, develop, value, belief, benefit, make happy, release, blank, be proud, fix, encourage, beautify, ignore, success, sympathize, deliver, admiration, kindness, goodness, cure, right, improvement, humility, grow, welcome, enforce, obtain, retain, enable, faith, cleanliness, good deed, decorate, cherish, delight, admit, pleasure, extend, expand, approval.