Pronunciation of Dis-Integrate
/dˈɪsˈɪntɪɡɹˌe͡ɪt/, /dˈɪsˈɪntɪɡɹˌe‍ɪt/, /d_ˈɪ_s_ˈɪ_n_t_ɪ_ɡ_ɹ_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for dis-integrate

expand, secure, withhold, assemble, close, compliment, organize, fail, save, strengthen, float, gather, lose, build, ignore, beautify, freeze, adorn, solidify, magnify, put together, intensify, liberate, obey, benefit, waver, cleanse, allow, upset, esteem, advance, protect, marry, enlarge, construct, cause, say yes, begin, cure, enhance, elevate, moralize, improve, join, achieve, cool, energize, help, fasten, soothe, disturb, link, accept, flourish, heal, praise, activate, favor, extend, stop, color, ascend, succeed, perfect, get better, bear, reach, straighten, raise, ornament, free, welcome, pain, coagulate, accomplish, agree, frustrate, neglect, aid, go up, refresh, clear, permit, take in, develop, respect, worsen, hold, unite, couple, provoke, accumulate, anger, loosen, agitate, heighten, disappoint, start, comfort, set up, combine, irritate, progress, clarify, make well, increase, ruin, clean, recall, appear, win, collect, brighten, secret, tap, stay, arrive, rise, let go, arrange, fight, assist, divide, meld, attach, mend, sew, garner, wait, maintain, decorate, keep quiet, germinate, schedule, bless, excite, incite, revive, give birth, aggravate, ripen, be indifferent, synthesize, separate, purify, approve, invigorate, grow, condense, honor, fix, bloom, complete, repair, prosper, total, commence, trouble, preserve, connect, keep, arouse, make happy, create, upgrade, hide, stabilize, worry, rebuild, prolong, inflate, be born, laud, right, hoard, brave.

Synonyms for dis-integrate

analyze (verb)

anatomize, decompound, determine, disintegrate, dissect, dissolve, hydrolyze, parse, part, resolve, Electrolyze, lay bare, cut up, x-ray.

break (verb)

annihilate, batter, burst, bust, crash, crush, damage, demolish, eradicate, finish off, fracture, fragment, rend, shiver, smash, snap, split, tear, torpedo, total, trash, bust up, crack, make hash of, make mincemeat of, pull to pieces.

burst (verb)

barge, blow, break, detonate, discharge, erupt, explode, fly open, perforate, pierce, pop, puncture, run, rupture, rush, spout, tear apart, prick, gush forth, rend asunder.

collapse (verb)

bend, cave in, conk out, crumple, deflate, droop, drop, exhaust, fail, faint, fall down, flag, flake out, fold, founder, give, give in, give out, give way, go, go to pieces, keel over, languish, subside, succumb, tire, topple, weaken, weary, wilt, yield, belly up, crack up.

come unglued (verb)

fall apart, malfunction, come unstuck, come apart at the seams, come unwrapped, fall to bits.

crash (verb)

crunch, dash, pile up, sideswipe, smash up, bang into, wrack up.

crumble (verb)

collapse, crumb, deteriorate, granulate, grind, perish, powder, tumble, Triturate.

damage (verb)

abuse, bleach, blight, burn, contaminate, corrode, corrupt, cripple, deface, defile, dirty, discolor, disfigure, fade, gnaw, harm, hurt, impair, incapacitate, infect, injure, lacerate, maim, maltreat, mangle, mar, mutilate, pollute, ravage, ruin, rust, scathe, scorch, scratch, stab, stain, tarnish, undermine, vitiate, wear away, wound, wreck, wrong, bang up, tamper with, wreak havoc on.

decay (verb)

atrophy, curdle, depreciate, dwindle, get worse, go bad, lessen, mildew, mold, mortify, sap, shrivel, sicken, slump, suppurate, wane, Putresce, go to the dogs, waste away, be impaired, become contaminated, dry-rot, go to seed, hit rock bottom, hit the skids, pejorate, reach depths.

decline (verb)

abate, backslide, cheapen, decrease, diminish, ebb, fall, fall off, lapse, lower, pine, recede, relapse, retrograde, return, revert, sag, settle, shrink, slide, go to pot, go downhill, lose value.

decompose (verb)

distill, fester.

degenerate (verb)

deprave, regress, retrogress, slip, come apart at seams, die on vine.

deteriorate (verb)

adulterate, alloy, debase, debilitate, degrade, lose it, pervert, skid, be worse for wear, become worse, lose quality.

disintegrate (verb)

atomize, break apart, break down, come apart, crumble, decay, decline, decompose, degenerate, descend, detach, dilapidate, disband, disconnect, dismantle, disorganize, disperse, disunite, divide, fade away, molder, pulverize, putrefy, rot, separate, sever, shatter, sink, splinter, spoil, taint, take apart, turn, wash away, wash out, wither, worsen, Deliquesce, Disimprove, break up, fall to pieces, turn to dust.

dispel (verb)

allay, banish, cancel, chase away, deploy, dismiss, dissipate, distribute, eject, eliminate, expel, oust, repel, rout, scatter, scramble, split up, beat off, break it up.

eat (verb)

bite, condense, disappear, drain, liquefy, melt, nibble, spill, squander, vanish, run through.

erode (verb)

abrade, consume, destroy, eat, grind down, scour, waste, wear down.

fragment (verb)


granulate (verb)

comminute, crystallize, grate, pound, make coarse, make grainy.

grind (verb)

attenuate, beat, bray, chop up, file, kibble, mill, pestle, rasp, reduce, roll out, scrape, Levigate.

melt (verb)

cook, diffuse, evanesce, evaporate, flow, flux, fuse, heat, merge, pass away, render, smelt, soften, thaw, warm.

perish (verb)

buy the farm, cease, check out, croak, decease, demise, depart, end, expire, go under, kick the bucket, pass, pass on, bite the dust, be lost, be destroyed, be killed, give up the ghost, lose life, od.

putrefy (verb)


rend (verb)

cleave, disrupt, disturb, pull, rip, slit, sunder, wrest.

rive (verb)


rot (verb)

debauch, demoralize, warp.

sink (verb)


slake (verb)

compose, cool, gratify, loose, quench, refresh, relaxed, relieve, satisfy, slack.

smash (verb)

bang, belt, blast, clobber, collide, scrunch, slam, slug, squash, squish, wallop, HIT, break to smithereens.

soften (verb)

alleviate, appease, assuage, cushion, ease, enfeeble, knead, lighten, mash, mellow, mitigate, moderate, modify, moisten, mollify, palliate, qualify, quell, relax, relent, still, subdue, temper, tenderize, tone down, turn down, become tender.

splinter (verb)


spoil (verb)

addle, go off, become tainted, become useless.

taint (verb)

besmirch, blacken, blemish, blot, blur, brand, cloud, cut, discredit, disgrace, dishonor, doctor, foul, muddy, poison, shame, smear, soil, spike, stigmatize, sully, tar, water, water down, cast a slur, crud up, give a bad name.

turn (verb)

acidify, dull, ferment, sour, become rancid.

wither (verb)

constrict, contract, desiccate, dry, dry up, wizen, become stale.

worsen (verb)

aggravate, depress, exacerbate.