Pronunciation of Dis-Patched
/dˈɪspˈat͡ʃt/, /dˈɪspˈat‍ʃt/, /d_ˈɪ_s_p_ˈa_tʃ_t/

Antonyms for dis-patched

embrace, quiet, decelerate, release, order, meet, destroy, disconnect, restrain, forget, limit, employ, question, combine, abandon, join, unrefined, break off, delay, prohibit, bear, receive, protect, spit out, disbelieve, stay, not finish, establish, grow, depress, be quiet, institute, hold, unsettle, dull, suppress, validate, inspirit, dismiss, start, begin, saved, store, approve, kept, misguide, wait, slight, refrain, accept, dawdle, pick, end, uncultivated, drain, uphold, keep secret, guard, avoid, liberate, gather, misunderstand, face, restrained, increase, fire, put in, unfulfilled, heat, dissuade, empty, pass, expel, allow, disappointed, neglect, linger, lull, invent, stagnate, loiter, dislike, loose, idle, retard, construct, hoard, void, maintain, back down, confine, assist, pull, free, plant, unseal, turn on, held back, keep, go slow, save, hinder, close, create, welcome, wonder, imprison, obey, lose, hide, lay off, doubt, ignore, discharge, hire, persist, insert, oppose, connect, heal, crude, repair, kill, retrogress, rest, stored, admit, incomplete, conceal, sew, fix, diminish, aid, check, deter, disapprove, secure, recede, take, fight, finish, appoint, repress, cease, let go, use, remain, give, warm, ratify, take in, invest, light, yield, stand, revoke, halt, tarry, capture, initiate, sanction, surrender, disregard, permit, dodge, backfire, improve, unsophisticated, calm, procrastinate, exhaust, impede, hate, regurgitate, abstain, unsatisfied, hold back, reject, give birth, refuse, legalize, unite, build, desist, bore, fail, engage, displease, retain, loaf, detain, encourage, restrict, weaken, hurt, lag, cancel, prevent, mend, continue, keep quiet, turn, cut, restore, commence, decrease, walk, shun, promote, unhappy, block, depart, catch, preserve, introduce, depressed, withhold, disenchant, deplete, deaden, fill, dishearten, withdraw, mislead, retreat, Unauthorize, retract, slow, open, forfeit, add, collect, stop, unfinished, help, held, hesitate, deny, keep from, spend, discourage, forge, obstruct, disallow, leave, pursue, miss, nibble, take back, get, give up, overlook, choose.