Pronunciation of Dis-Quiet
/dˈɪskwˈa͡ɪ͡ət/, /dˈɪskwˈa‍ɪ‍ət/, /d_ˈɪ_s_k_w_ˈaɪə_t/

Antonyms for dis-quiet

build up, tranquility, belief, certainty, oversight, fitness, enlighten, laziness, hide, calmness, incentive, make happy, gladness, disregard, peace, composure, tranquilize, place, honor, frigidity, heal, success, dissuade, appease, Imperception, kindness, advantage, unconcern, joyfulness, surrender, soothe, definiteness, encourage, disinterest, omission, let go, support, peacefulness, security, explain, elevation, assuage, balance, limpness, retard, guard, depress, hopefulness, indifference, go along, joy, educate, leave, exhilaration, triumph, stimulate, assist, Collectedness, yield, steadfastness, inspirit, neglect, embolden, stillness, faith, assure, leave alone, stay, give, lull, lose, heedlessness, looseness, calm, stop, well-being, contentedness, cure, reliance, straighten, blessing, expectation, pull, cheer, build, misunderstanding, encouragement, clarity, clear up, fix, content, discourage, commend, quietude, relief, reality, repose, ease, help, satisfaction, approval, alleviate, restfulness, order, arrange, silence, well being, moderation, trust, organize, system, nonchalance, delay, relieve, confidence, inattention, not bother, inactivity, knowledge, unimportance, ability, relaxation, compose, comfort, release, mollify, ignore, like, reassurance, smooth, hearten, be still, building, settle, clarify, boon, pacify, incite, protect, make well, sureness, please, contentment, respect, good health, be happy, exhilarate, ecstasy, slack, discouragement, delight, happiness, aid, ascent, negligence, wait, solution, mend, slow, harmony, dependence, expect, agree, yielding, strength, answer, procrastinate, enthusiasm, dally, compliment, assurance, stability, easiness, be content, explicate, assistance, health, liking, satisfy, unite, agreement, sanction, win, urge, truth, be careful, thoughtlessness, ignorance, praise, soundness, allow, boost, obedience, steady, organization, reassure, constancy, creation, not worry, remain, love, placate, victory, quiet, carelessness, benefit, disrespect, fail, rest, attainment, gladden, healthiness, pleasure, hold, beauty.