Pronunciation of Dis-Tended
/dˈɪstˈɛndɪd/, /dˈɪstˈɛndɪd/, /d_ˈɪ_s_t_ˈɛ_n_d_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for dis-tended

flat, soft, exclude, descend, deprive, miss, deplete, unswollen, retrogress, retreat, cave in, answer, divide, shrivel, end, decline, tiny, dissatisfy, condemn, Unstop, curtail, ignore, aid, slow, miniaturize, diet, debase, shrink, abbreviated, slim, unblock, deflated, discourage, hurt, recede, fall, laze, compress, humiliate, release, energize, hinder, lessen, constrict, secret, miniature, decrease, unimportant, idle, limited, slender, simple, subtract, small, push, attenuate, conceal, abbreviate, degrade, self-effacing, unburden, abridge, little, use up, undernourish, void, narrow, prevent, reduced, repress, minimize, lose, reserved, insignificant, straight, deflate, depress, use, shorten, fast, trivial, cooperate, abstain, lean, poor, plain, keep, quiet, open, exhaust, comply, repulse, relax, halt, rest, block, stop, soothe, shame, skinny, hide, thin, condense, disgrace, demolish, simplify, soften, give in, slight, humble, dissuade, waste, cramped, help, cut, tighten, compressed, cease, take back, undermine, weaken, raze, placate, restrict, castigate, diminish, comfort, repel, belittle, reduce, empty, impoverished, modest, fix, fail, unproductive, tight, drop, reply, refresh, drain, withhold, worsen, regress, let air out, slump, shrunken, abridged, mend, let out, contract, concentrate, go along, be calm, close, sink, cramp, destroy, let go, criticize, play down, take, contracted, calm, lower, spend, go down, on-course, restricted, decelerate, tangle.