Pronunciation of Disapprove
/dˌɪsɐpɹˈuːv/, /dˌɪsɐpɹˈuːv/, /d_ˌɪ_s_ɐ_p_ɹ_ˈuː_v/

Antonyms for disapprove

art there for, roll over, be-quests, was source strength, gives with, are in love with, cried up, being with it, re-quired, giving stamp of approval give go-ahead, be in corner, long for, provided the means, gave the goahead, pro claim, was relevant, buries the hatchet, do one part, goes in to details, in-quired, was instrumental, hear for, mortgaged, doing one's part, bear one out, wast keeping, re veals, Crutched, being in favor of, be kind to, gave the go-ahead, hung in, exact, smiling upon, do service, art a source strength, lays before, dis-playing, running interference for, wast a source of strength, promise, raised hell, got soapbox for, collateraled, blew steam, recommend, tossing in, were fitting, was submissive, de fend, hath over, pick tab, de-fending, getting the hang of, be-come, un bent, looking up to, level with, singling out, roll with punches, pre-pared, take one's side, got in the act, being understanding, lived out, putting on the map, taking under wing, spreading around, pre-serves, re questing, grieve with, de-ducted, be related, be of use, declared lawful, glorify, waited out, pro-pose, paid expenses of, dis cern, spoke highly of, sweetening the kitty, making motion, dis-plays, dis patches, runs interference for, think well of, dost what is expected, give birth, pony up, speak well of, ex plains, attest to, sharing another sorrow, up bearing, were confronted by, foring, come out closet, mark with red letter, give kudos, de-criminalizes, makes sense of, giving and take, in-trust, validate, declare lawful, assist, diagnosticated, made a stand, give stamp approval give go ahead, dis-patched, is a source strength, gives go ahead, dis charged, being aware of, auto graphed, takes liking to, are on side, throws towel, ingratiates with, end-owed, re-sounded, musing over, put good word, clinching deal, give boost, re-moving, gave the go ahead, making terms, taking the bull by horns, de-livers, de duct, re late, thinks highly of, puts good word, were in keeping, gives stamp approval, under stood, concur with, Tolerating, lean on, sitting still for, accept offer, is harmony, yesses, lent name to, be attracted to, am of use, took meaning, being in harmony, being the same mind, stay course, take orders, are tune, alibiing, doeth one's bit, extol, re-plenished, it's deals, throw in with, take kindly to, let have, made binding, having a hand in, hangs in, trading last, being corner, rise to, de-criminalize, paints the town red, re-calling, being game for, referenced, am a source of strength, makes over, staid the course, offered consolation, deputes, hyping, Extolled, dost one's bit, re legate, art akin, bare the brunt, picking the tab, is satisfied with, apologizing for, de vote, in vests, in-clines, up hold, gives a lift, throwing in ones lot with, swearing on bible, adding name to, make good, own, puts in two cents, make stick, giving permission, hath a portion of, Dragooning, puts pedestal, doth duty, stay line, stays the course, being in accord, wert for, pat back, pro-viding, gat act, let, blow off steam, under gird, ceremonializes, gives and take, pro creating, got the idea, say yes to, taking a part of, counter signs, reached out, has a portion of, picked up tab, signs for, in-forms, insists upon, buttoning down, pressing agent, didst bidding, root for, gives a posy, Levied, haddest to do with, pro-curing, co-signing, art a component, passes on, art a source of strength, give ones consent, drink to, bear brunt, de clare, art comfortable, in creases, did ones bidding, fawned upon, puts money, Re-sound, giving leg up, brings forward, is fitting, give the word, all owing, doth as one says, un-veiled, pro vided, de-criminalized, were aware of, under-written, giving goahead, doing one's duty, doing one part, didst one bidding, take an oath, providing security, give authority, includes as guest, getting picture, see fit, made possible, giving the go-ahead, tossing a few crumbs, spoke one piece, thought highly of, was party to, de-liberating, shared anothers sorrow, stand by, didst ones bit, are related, gotten off chest, wert courteous, gives a bouquet, remises, art aware, plays game, doing justice to, put to, up-holding, gave tip, de-fends, calling attention to, back, meet with, swearing up and down, didst one's bit, sticks it out, apologize for, parted with, wast for, making binding, offering consolation, giving go-ahead, throws one's lot with, de sired, coming out of closet, came defense of, dont make waves, gave stamp of approval give the goahead, are party to, hath portion of, invoking happiness, put the money for, pay homage, are aware, cross heart, pushes for, pro-mise, patted back, put up money, were harmony, being linked with, up-grading, sat and take it, cuts pie, supporting, heaps upon, lends a hand, cooperated with, doeth justice to, stands by, saying word, didst as says, Dragooned, toeing mark, under-girding, lives up, ex-acted, provided financing, sweeten the kitty, curtsying, are use, earns one's keep, wrought out details, up holding, is courteous, sweetens the kitty, finger the pie, throw one's lot with, throwing with, re-collecting, forced up on, comes defense of, being enamored of, doth a service, angeling, moves for, be a part, paid half, re quiring, are source of strength, swearing up down, de voted, co operates, doth ones duty, got chest, grinning bear it, gave thanks, put ease, approve accept, did what is expected, leaning toward, took shine to, contract, gave in, art source strength, comes terms, circularize, doest ones part, second, living it up, wert part, un masked, knuckle to, wast familiar, entertain, takes part of, under takes, relegate, come to defense of, are source strength, going fifty-fifty, gives oneself over, went fifty-fifty, be in sympathy, be fit, wast all for, demeans oneself, in-forming, gets line, gotten act, speaks up for, dis charges, be-friended, Sided, appeal to, adhering to, art adjunct of, accepted offer, cleans up, super scribing, get in line, talk down to, wert source strength, say uncle, sit take it, bought in to, accredit, art side, doest one bit, throwing in, up date, checking up, give stamp approval give the goahead, in clines, depends up on, says word, crazies about, were of use, is on side, gives green light, be comes, give one consent, giving stamp approval give the go ahead, give a blank check, pro position, art all for, are comfortable, convenienced, de-vote, doing as one says, art kind to, Hymning, sits and take it, gave boost, look after, de cree, fingers in the pie, doeth as says, rubber-stamping, affiances, being of use, get in act, having its place, cut deal, Bummed, under take, pro-longs, flying in face of, in-quire, quiet fears, in spiring, laid on, sharing another's sorrow, re leases, in-ducts, shares another sorrow, acting as a witness, didst what is told, pro-tracts, re producing, levelled with, pieced up, giveaing bouquet, de-sire, am on one's side, Franchised, pro claimed, determinating, put bug in ear, roll over and play dead, giving the go ahead, regards highly, sounded off for, are one side, run into, de legates, bear testimony, haddest do with, tell the truth, be longing, under pin, paid homage, do part, give an affidavit, keeping going, doeth duty, saying yes, being in corner, give a boost to, go with, campaigning for, wert with it, contend for, be-getting, gets the point, set one's heart on, under taken, parcelled out, give big hand, under-takes, letted go, sate and take it, had respect to, puts in a good word, pro-tract, grins and bear it, getting bandwagon, giving with, lives through, were source of strength, sweat out, threw ones lot with, waits out, being source strength, under write, re members, in-stalled, blew off steam, sets store by, co-signed, gives word, Tendering, goes dutch, taking patiently, putting into effect, taking upon, am sympathy, didst duty, resign oneself, was of same mind, vests in, give ground, co signing, passing the hat, bears brunt, takes the bull by the horns, call it quits, raves over, became indebted, has knowledge of, came through with, bring forth, dis charging, being of same mind, do ones bidding, being on one's side, get act, re spects, being in love with, gave stamp approval, re-call, wert apposite, pro created, choicing, doest one bidding, bore one out, gets in line, am confronted by, admit defeat, are in corner, sitting take it, giving forth, going down the line, are kind to, de-cree, acts up on, toss in, is linked with, comes across with, unbend, be-troths, hung there, re-members, up holds, counter signing, is on one's side, de-duce, does one duty, says so, shoring up, threw in the towel, be enamored of, give goahead, all-owed, didst part, pleading for, shook on, making a motion, re-commending, didst one's bidding, levy, go with the flow, hand to, coped with, goes in with, gave a lift, pro visioned, getting off chest, go fiftyfifty, setting store by, commit, cede, carried the torch, attaches to, ex pose, passes the hat, wrought for, double-checking, get off chest, kept in mind, co signed, swears bible, unbended, puts up money, co-signs, gave stamp approval give the go ahead, making good, make allowances, brags about, adheres to, is responsible for, determinates, dis-tributes, checks up, doth ones bidding, shored up, depend up on, de terminating, inter-ceded, speak one piece, taking over, owning up, shape up, alibied, gat in the act, Patted, cracks down, gotten in the act, am keeping, kicking up one heels, put on the map, submitted to, wert familiar, has relationship to, ex act, am tune, re-turned, de-posit, art in tune, adds name to, moving for, wert party to, bearing testimony, dis-play, gives authority, giving high sign, am related, came around, go into details, gave grounds for, dis closed, stick for, dost one part, attended to, speak favor, take to, prime the pump, sees through, forced upon, advocate, pay for, play the game, am satisfied with, toed mark, being responsible for, be in keeping, compliment, making well, lightening burden, co-operates, lowered oneself, wild for, re move, calls attention to, doest as says, puts a good word, cut the pie, contends for, legitimatize, come on to, come around, getting with, being conducive, am conducive, do bit, invokes benefits, carry torch, depending up on, pro-creating, ran into, doth one duty, conveniencing, picks tab, lays line, handed to, wast part, places at disposal, be long, swearing bible, press for, be ones side, took one up on, re-signed, re cognizes, dis-cern, came down high horse, suing for, providing funds, with stand, cosign, de posited, sizes up, under pins, un-covers, were linked with, were patient with, grant, cooperate with, am responsible for, art responsible for, lived by, dis-patch, got point, says yes to, are favor of, deeding, putting up to, doest service, re-commend, are understanding, pays for, are game for, insisting on, ex tolled, up bore, was in corner, yeses, pro-rating, wast the same mind, is favor of, sympathize, bitted bullet, in forming, am side, under-writes, was on one's side, took the part of, pushing for, being for, speak piece, being ruled by, lend-leases, did ones part, de-ducts, dis charge, re freshes, gives power, beared up under, made over, gives high sign, picks up the tab, pre vails, be gotten, sit and take it, did a favor, gave one's consent, am a constituent, gat picture, went into details, re sound, do one's bit, gives a boost to, fits out, went down line, crossing heart, de-lighted, were apt, art consonant, art patient with, be a constituent, wast party to, are on one's side, was the same mind, intro-duces, counter signed, tells truth, giving invitation, fitting out, payed expenses of, comes around, art use, art instrumental, strong arm, were on one's side, am constituent, being on ones side, gives ovation, hearing it for, pro-visions, giving ovation, is related, be confronted by, taking side, gets in the act, dost service, supply, get the hang of, spreads around, lets pass, coming together, lay line, be of same mind, be-troth, de terminates, gat bandwagon, giving thumbs-up, admit, threw the sponge, soft selling, puts ease, be connected with, living up, giving rein to, submit, says uncle, bowed to, staid in line, de-light, keep alive, takes under one wing, taking kindly to, does duty, is component, be submissive, gives nod, giving take, being a party to, green light, comes on to, gets with, under girded, de scends, give go ahead, circumstantiates, wast sympathy, am harmony, under-pins, is corner, giving a boost to, am patient with, art ones side, up raised, keeps in mind, proponing, muses over, paying tribute, bore brunt, does what one is told, ex-tracts, making a stand, whacking, wast on side, hath relationship to, laying on line, is for, in spires, providing for, says the word, laid one, picks up tab, hold with, dont rock the boat, showing tenderness, invitationed, checked on, in-ducted, ride shotgun for, re-gale, swearing down, giving a blank check, kicks ones heels, granting permission, fingers pie, giving posy, was component, sit still for, proponed, wert on ones side, kibitz, is in tune, was akin, in-stating, lending hand, button down, doest one duty, rejoices with, bows to, being instrumental, beats the drum, am loyal to, countenance, cogitate on, doing bit, were source strength, went against, de sire, put forward, putting in a good word, kicking up ones heels, are in tune, re-animating, being on one side, giving tip, patted on the back, leave to, in-trusting, wert responsible for, is a constituent, does favor, sur renders, de-signing, is comfortable, sat on, was aware of, make pitch, is accord, pro cures, commission, in duce, dost duty, plays second fiddle, pro-visioned, providing financing, rolled out red carpet, pre-sent, gave take, gives do, Provisioned, re-called, wast tune, under-writing, blinking at, tabbed, up-hold, give a tip, live with, kibitzes, apologized for, are confronted by, choiced, be use, substantiate, having over, espouse, wish joy to, threw in ones lot with, lend name to, deeded, wast enamored of, showed tenderness, gives lift, didst favor, earns ones keep, bracing up, are with it, having relationship to, being big on, laying before, don't make waves, be quest, doth service, were conscious of, give one's word, think highly of, am a party to, was on ones side, give the nod, re-member, bitted the bullet, re cited, degrading oneself, leaves to, hath respect to, makes responsible for, give green light, Lotting, gotten line, muse over, circumstantiate, in trusts, putting in good word, share another's sorrow, in-spired, de siring, ink, take the bull by horns, circularized, do ones part, sate take it, fortify, make a deal, apologizes for, threw in with, size up, took kindly to, de lighted, appealed to, wast favor of, were ruled by, laying on the line, Propone, pre-paring, has portion of, giving authority, getting chest, dost ones duty, keep an eye on, un covered, sets on pedestal, got the picture, come defense of, Initialing, dis patch, de ducting, forcing up on, pulls for, hatsing off to, looked to, cared for, show cause, swore on bible, coadjutes, give boost to, give hand, counter-signing, staying the course, ritualize, pressing for, rave over, be in tune, knows again, insist up on, re legates, be-spoke, comes down off high horse, ex-posed, under girt, take up on, de-scended, takes one side, ex-plain, am consonant with, ex-plains, has compassion, commiserating with, doeth what one is told, took under one's wing, gave kudos, fingers the pie, did one duty, put at ease, reaching out, were comfortable, was patient with, multi-plying, in-duces, releasing, show fruit, lives by, being in sympathy, went with the flow, get soapbox for, gave rein to, under writes, doest bidding, super scribed, takes upon, gives one's consent, lend-leasing, copes with, puts forward, wink at, said uncle, enthrone, throwing one's lot with, under went, smiles on, in-cite, say so, toe the mark, wert sympathy, in ducted, its deal, beat the drum, pay homage to, rolls over and play dead, cheer, pre serving, being familiar, buried the hatchet, puts on to, wast with it, came down off high horse, patted the back, de ducts, de duce, being in keeping, putting bug ear, lived through, give power, shakes down, trans-figure, kicked up ones heels, sits through, in-duct, circularizes, Bottoming, art of same mind, fingers in pie, owned up, throw ones lot with, de-bunked, pick up tab, levels with, wast attracted to, gives posy, stuck it out, yearned for, wert in corner, grapple with, demeaned oneself, share, sued for, propones, bare under, string along with, de bunking, in spire, re-assures, lets have, were favor of, gotten chest, gave bouquet, dost one's part, art captivated by, gives the go-ahead, speaks in favor, being one side, heaping up on, it's a dealing, wast responsible for, making possible, giving boost, is source strength, throw lot with, declared true, held with, sticking up for, does a favor, firm deal, don't rock the boat, de-clare, wert attracted to, took up on, fawning upon, gives over, wert on one side, Victualing, got on soapbox for, mandating, dis patching, tosses a few crumbs, is the same mind, be apt, be on one side, fixing up with, pro cured, payed respects, in-vesting, rang a bell, make terms, consenting to, adhered to, praise, give lift, be spake, take part of, intrust, rubberstamp, strook gently, pre sent, adds one's name to, passes down, commend, eyeballs, playing the game, gave blank check, were foundation for, does ones duty, carry the torch, braces up, re gales, sub-limed, takes orders, being use, sub scribing, be big on, being apposite, Succoring, in-vest, giving big hand, being a part, ex torts, bleeds for, wast in sympathy, talks down to, held fast, depend upon, dittoing, wast on one side, provides means, am attracted to, throw one lot with, send invitation, re assured, is big, pre-pare, taking stock in, pick the tab, it's a deals, gives a pointer, share another sorrow, proving a case, fixed with, pats the back, art fitting, sent invitation, up grading, puts money for, art conscious of, bearing one out, give stamp approval, depended up on, fires up, coadjute, be came, sides with, is there for, catches on, it a deals, art an adjunct of, signed dotted line, took care of, didst bit, pays homage to, shapes up, take stock in, didst a favor, catching on, doing ones bidding, sublimes, kudizes, fixt up with, come down off high horse, cries up, made legal, sounding off for, are courteous, fixes with, wast game for, giving nod, rooting for, taking a liking to, hammering out deal, keeping mind, open up, pulling for, giving blank check, is in corner, re-legates, give five, lay down arms, sign for, go in to details, putting in the hands of, put up with, multi plying, taking shine to, were for, doing what is expected, make much of, knew again, shakes hands on it, gat soapbox for, have portion of, up-borne, swore and down, in-spires, piecing up, it's dealt, speaking one's piece, are in accord, granting authority, signs over, Intrusting, doing ones part, kibitzing, lowering oneself, took one upon, rang bell, crosses heart, hatsing to, are same mind, provide financing, makes motion, heard it for, sings praises of, give do, signing for, wast a part, doeth ones part, re siding, in sure, thumping for, take bull by horns, giving to do, give a boost, am in corner, painted the town red, staid line, getting hang of, pro longing, was in harmony, de-votes, were loyal to, move for, bits bullet, does one's bit, got act, jacked up, in-states, prayed for, stocks up, like, cogitating on, doeth as one says, being a source of strength, de-scend, go against, settle on, throws in ones lot with, getting the picture, legitimates, pre aching, Deputed, giving lift, pats on the back, dost bit, puts screws to, enthroning, be a source of strength, gave the word, Victualled, de-sires, am a part, re-spects, intrusts, sticking by, provides for, re moving, got hang of, lends one name to, doing a favor, haddest knowledge of, under sign, dost ones bidding, double checks, does one's bidding, gives thumbs up, whistled for, be-came, get in the act, are in favor of, say word, re cognize, making valid, ingratiating with, kicks up heels, dost one bit, speak one's piece, doth as says, flashing on, gives carte blanche, pro posing, clinch deal, de fended, giving oneself over, declares true, re-sorting, sponsor, doest ones duty, being akin, defer to, was courteous, in-hering, Re sign, gives to do, shaping up, hands to, paid homage to, art satisfied with, are a source strength, ex-tolling, pro fesses, be understanding, kicked ones heels, double-check, sign dotted line, trans figuring, try out, it's deal, un masking, mark with a red letter, pre vailed, savvying, give over, bears testimony, condescend, sub scribe, make a pitch, give the go-ahead, bear up under, am of same mind, repressing feelings, re-commended, makes sure, doing as says, up dated, re sounding, undergirds, acted as a witness, go down line, out-fitting, didst one bit, goes against, de voting, puts up with, gives goahead, made a living, do favor, re-questing, in state, putting bug in ear, rode out, re side, in stalled, kudized, make a stand, passed hat, giving stamp of approval give go ahead, wert a source of strength, de sires, ringing a bell, co-sign, giving one consent, kicks up one heels, rejoice with, pre paring, de-signed, presses agent, be-fits, give blank check, were corner, lay on the line, be-longs, puts the map, check on, goes down line, parcelling out, abet, re commended, lusted after, care for, are on one side, are familiar, are akin, referencing, be on one's side, tilting toward, gives okay, propound, knuckle, gives ones word, lends name to, co-operate, priming pump, favor, gave stamp approval give go ahead, its dealing, does bit, doeth bidding, gave thumbsup, leaning on, gives the goahead, was accord, takes under ones wing, justify, in-trusts, picks the tab, giving go ahead, being love with, didst one part, leaving to, taking as gospel truth, stick by, pick up the check, gets act, de-scending, was tune, blinks at, sings praises, degrades oneself, finger pie, gave ground, wert on side, gives a blank check, am answerable for, am ruled by, art apt, take bull by the horns, sub-scribed, pre serves, in duct, Inking, does a service, bears up under, goes halves, shaking down, mused over, conferring trust, sicced, dis-patching, de-voted, be friended, gives stamp of approval, crazied about, see eye eye, being constituent, inter locking, are the same mind, spake in favor, be fits, doth one bit, blow horn, throwing the sponge, it deal, keeping alive, come with, gives ones consent, permit, checking on, came together, dis patched, saying the word, hanged in there, beared under, does as says, went fiftyfifty, conforming to, it a dealt, did one's bidding, fore-warns, pleaded for, pro duce, laying the line, look up to, authenticate, putting with, kicked up one heels, stick up for, art same mind, am on ones side, forks over, living by, sat through, making a living, art in harmony, fly in face of, gives a tip, encourage, ex-tended, told truth, puts bug ear, flew in face of, ex-tolled, checked up, granted authority, art favor of, gives tip, holds responsible, gave to do, up-grades, stumping for, compassionates, in-cline, parented, am linked with, caught on, picked up the tab, know again, pick up check, plead for, giving the nod, takes side, signs on dotted line, takes a shine to, am consonant, de-posits, madded for, shake down, de-duct, de-vising, parcels out, re vitalized, rolling over, putting signature on, being all for, declares lawful, passes hat, were consonant with, hammer out deal, went easy on, wast in favor of, fold up, taking hat to, are a source of strength, ingratiated with, gave do, am enamored of, gave go ahead, threw with, fancy, lends one's name to, pre pared, setting pedestal, filed for, pro-positioned, stayed line, stood up for, were apposite, does one's part, keyed up, presses for, sung praises of, hath knowledge of, are big, putting in two cents, straightening up, throwing in one lot with, side with, dost one's duty, un-veiling, folding up, in cline, pro-mote, quieting fears, gives affidavit, puts forth, wert consonant, regarding highly, singing praises of, striking gently, giving grounds for, give and take, is akin, wert in accord, doth a favor, approve, gat the picture, made a motion, re spect, re collected, have a portion of, doing service, singing praises, out-fitted, figure out, came out closet, hadst a hand in, Compassionated, sing praises, set seal on, patting on back, pick the check, had over, art connected with, are connected with, gave a posy, sitting on, kept eye on, out fitting, doublechecking, stand behind, subjecting to, were one side, up dating, giving power, lent a hand, re quests, brag about, putting hands of, hadst compassion, were part, lays on the line, art confronted by, feathering, picking up the tab, going down line, made allowances, were in tune, re leasing, gives pointer, in-state, clinched the deal, marking with a red letter, felicitate, re animate, folded up, ringed bell, lays up on, flies face of, bottomed, bear under, thought over, hadst over, being apt, Victualed, gives blank check, dost a service, inter ceding, inter-cede, am apposite, offer consolation, swear on bible, playing game, finance, had its place, lust after, picks the check, am part, reify, be coming, lendleased, up grades, intro duce, wert favor of, gets point, cutting the pie, in-quiring, ex plaining, giving affidavit, doest ones bit, gat line, takes care of, fingering in pie, re-cognize, takes stock in, gat the point, art love with, are side, clinching the deal, picking up on, did bidding, owns up, patted on back, says yes, downlinked, firming deal, priming the pump, was related, up bears, subjects to, puts into effect, sticked up for, put up the money for, makes pitch, fore warn, pays expenses of, be come, says in defense, laying line, getting in line, pro-fesses, gives big hand, gives the go ahead, dis-patches, pre-vailed, longs for, re-produces, gave a boost to, were component, gets hang of, de criminalizing, argue for, paying half, its a dealing, stocking up, am comfortable, be harmony, raved over, pray for, giving thanks to, wert ones side, Capacitated, conformed to, rolled over play dead, stay the course, gives stamp approval give the go ahead, ingratiated oneself with, does justice to, showing mercy, help, put a pedestal, wast conscious of, doing a service, subscribing to, be spoke, letting pass, mad for, showing cause, gat on soapbox for, up raise, bringing forward, swore to, make well, be sought, de-scends, are a party to, put screws to, was one's side, giving thumbsup, work for, getting behind, shares another's sorrow, gives stamp approval give the go-ahead, give moral support, de livering, having in, gave ones word, gave authority, endow, solicit, is side, corroborate, lends ones name to, Re-collect, be-speak, being of the same mind, counter-signs, was in tune, inter ceded, leaned toward, was conscious of, were of same mind, took a part of, be stowing, in quire, didst justice to, being satisfied with, setting seal on, doing bidding, de posits, be-stowing, inks, made a pitch, superscribe, re-sounding, go with flow, did what is told, gotten in act, earns one keep, putting map, go along with, wert conducive, living with, passed the hat, are attracted to, being courteous, gave goahead, lapping up, are instrumental, was of the same mind, did one bidding, sur rendering, bucked for, fingering pie, get on with, de sign, setting ones heart on, be constituent, front for, sees eye eye, caved in, yielding to, keep in mind, depute, ex tract, doeth one's part, spoils rotten, be ruled by, Re-turn, throws in one's lot with, sue for, re quired, throws the sponge, hands it to, is apt, is source of strength, raises hell, finger in pie, un-bending, said yes to, makes allowances, making responsible for, pro claiming, gotten on soapbox for, threw in the sponge, declaring lawful, got in act, stand up for, de-positing, in-stall, pro-positions, got bandwagon, bear the brunt, dragoons, sat in on, rose to, provide, subscribes to, cogitated on, giving word, re assure, wert a party to, rolls with punches, sware and down, lent hand, giving a bouquet, giving blessing, Remise, placed at disposal, make valid, re-signs, paint town red, wast of the same mind, re-quires, de-livering, be-quested, is one's side, hit up, under-pinned, buying in to, throwing in lot with, is an adjunct of, release, clean up, gave with, are apposite, doest one's duty, pays tribute, fixed up with, re-sort, up rears, gives boost to, seeing eye eye, were in favor of, be-fitted, grins bear it, run in to, makes valid, ceremonialize, are sympathy, adds ones name to, threw in lot with, crossed heart, signs off on, in cites, re-animates, under-wrote, throws in towel, in ducts, high hatted, wast aware, give thumbs-up, figures out, pro-cures, flashed on, boosts morale, did one part, attested to, opts for, gat the act, un-bent, wast relevant, am there for, are on ones side, pro-pound, bitting the bullet, sees fit, sware up down, comes through with, under stands, Incarnating, show tenderness, de-terminates, does one's duty, was in keeping, lent one's name to, earn one's keep, be consonant with, gave the nod, bragged about, make whoopee, wert tune, initialled, got with, wert on one's side, be-friends, shares anothers sorrow, sets one heart on, is in accord, has a hand in, are apt, dis tributes, under-girds, re-spect, took one on, go fifty fifty, tost few crumbs, doth what is told, hears for, stays course, whacked, de-liberated, being loyal to, gets picture, doeth ones bidding, is conscious of, living up to, parceled out, hats to, all owed, call quits, am courteous, blowing steam, un veiling, art consonant with, cut pie, slicing up, pro positioned, hadst respect to, am accord, live by, is in keeping, give to do, doth bit, re-lax, under-taking, re cites, re-produce, fit, being there for, kicks up one's heels, brought forward, threw one lot with, shows mercy, take patiently, inter-lock, doest favor, fly face of, love, funded, attending to, nods at, gave thumbs-up, caring for, showed mercy, adding ones name to, pro viding, did favor, were same mind, take the bull by the horns, gave permission, wert in favor of, shaking hands on it, was ones side, staid course, laid on one, live out, dreams of, primes the pump, setting on pedestal, wert captivated by, gives stamp approval give goahead, caving in, in vented, re calling, suffered defeat, taking one side, sweated out, blinked at, doing duty, wast linked with, getting point, hear it for, was all for, doth one's part, come to terms, made valid, up-raising, defers to, hanged there, are enamored of, giving a tip, showed kindliness, has in, did as one says, giving ones consent, gotten in line, buy in to, re-mise, were in harmony, called up, put hands of, kent, dis-tribute, ex-plaining, do one's part, ex plained, set forth, ante up, is adjunct of, re-sorts, keeping from falling, de duces, aliening, auto graphing, finger in the pie, siding with, rely upon, be troths, Upheld, fore-warning, it dealing, do one's duty, be friends, hast respect to, let pass, giving a pointer, speaks well of, went up against, buries hatchet, throw in the towel, strike gently, going in with, de signs, re-sounds, tossed in, re mark, decriminalize, rolls over, ran interference for, art related, co operating, under pinned, stomaching something, lend lease, freed up, had a portion of, wert understanding, its a dealt, in-spiring, were responsible for, took over, confer trust, payed tribute, throw in the sponge, thinking highly of, give ones word, holds with, in heres, re mises, passing hat, takes ones side, do one's bidding, gave high sign, made sure, crutching, anted up, re-butting, doest one's bidding, sits on, hath to do with, taking one's side, be in accord, leveled with, gives bouquet, call up, trade last, were game for, spake favor, wast of use, took side, Caved, getting idea, re-cites, puts to, art a foundation for, signs on, invoking benefits, doest one's bit, being same mind, Gifting, de creed, taking under one wing, seeing fit, bare brunt, sit in on, under wrote, brought forth, had knowledge of, am all for, in-creases, earning ones keep, sell for, do ones bit, haddest respect to, lend leased, doth one's bidding, eulogize, heap upon, acted upon, laid before, asservate, lavished up on, relied up on, putting on a pedestal, inter lock, throws in with, does part, throws lot with, de-duces, making much of, wast a foundation for, be-coming, under-standing, insisted upon, am big, re-quiring, dost as says, rings a bell, were on side, didst as one says, winking at, dis plays, paying homage, kicked one's heels, brook, toes mark, cares for, end owing, handpick, sub limed, gives go-ahead, wast on ones side, lays down arms, pro-mises, concurred with, sicked, kicking ones heels, vouchsafe, is captivated by, in-stated, spake one's piece, wast submissive, raving over, picks up the check, Guarantied, bowing down, feel heart go out to, de-signs, double checked, johns hancock, pre-sents, am favor of, pro-pounded, picked the tab, doeth ones duty, giving an affidavit, patting on the back, put up money for, doest what is expected, am big on, fit in, is with it, am an adjunct of, beating drum, be troth, Circumstantiating, is use, in crease, kick one heels, did one bit, taking under ones wing, resigned oneself, putting forward, come terms, SICS, wast source strength, declare true, doeth one bidding, buys into, letting have, force upon, singled out, sate in on, re-assuring, Haloed, subscribed to, carried torch, pre served, gave birth, pro-motes, goes on record for, goes with the flow, sound for, art party to, de liberates, un bended, give affidavit, sub-scribing, throwing the towel, un bend, gives the word, pro tracts, ex-tend, Knuckled, argued for, thinking well of, fixt with, act up on, sware up and down, re-cognized, plays the game, was confronted by, vest, staying course, pre pares, take upon, kicks one's heels, putting up money for, recognize, attach to, superscribes, in-vented, boost morale, giving a leg up, up-raised, beating the drum, submit to, undergirt, be-quest, ex-posing, were in love with, giving stamp approval, strongarm, being a source strength, gives kudos, swears on bible, tosses it in, warrants, yearn for, having compassion, de legate, do as says, came across with, doth justice to, in forms, pre vail, throwing in with, giving five, reified, are corner, being component, pre sents, putting in to effect, dis play, gave blessing, put on to, is patient with, sub lime, under writing, gotten bandwagon, am adjunct of, throws with, adding one name to, was an adjunct of, up-rears, pro-vides, took part of, am component, goes up against, throw towel, depending upon, wast consonant, depends upon, in-vested, pass hat, lends hand, suffering defeat, thought well of, confers trust, approbate, art sympathy, passed down, put a good word, blink at, doth one part, re-plenishing, sung the praises, give bouquet, get the picture, saying so, didst service, taking one on, laying one, were submissive, standing up for, were big, lending one's name to, being one's side, toes the mark, rid shotgun for, telling the truth, spoiling rotten, dost ones bit, staying in line, johning hancock, hatsed off to, invited, fore warns, be quests, puts bug in ear, setting forth, de-legate, making allowances, bow down, re-butted, be answerable for, rolled over, nod at, carrying torch, gets on with, bow to, wast apposite, keeps from falling, were love with, pass on, vest in, gifted with, got behind, got the point, do as one says, ingratiate oneself with, was in accord, de terminate, re moved, doest part, de ducted, re-cognizing, keeping an eye on, frees up, lend-leased, in-venting, re-vitalizes, re signing, ballyhooing, give thumbsup, yesses one, bequesting, re turning, be stowed, signing on dotted line, make legal, Slotted, Subliming, ex-tract, pro visioning, insist on, live up, de lighting, strings along with, pro creates, gave way, be in harmony, beared one out, be-comes, re cognized, swears down, are there for, gets idea, hath compassion, up-raise, kick up heels, carries the torch, celebrate, giving way, affiance, thumps for, was kind to, with-standing, hanging in there, endure, spoilt rotten, de-sired, was keeping, lend one name to, am party to, warrant, under taking, pro-created, were a constituent, gives invitation, gets bandwagon, de scend, art game for, gave stamp approval give goahead, up-rearing, took as gospel truth, it a deal, opening up, seeing through, held responsible, taking one upon, lend ones name to, sitting and take it, were there for, giving kudos, put signature on, pays tribute to, makes legal, ask, consents to, wast there for, smile on, in stating, handed it to, throwing in sponge, cooperating with, bowing to, picks up on, are a foundation for, tuning in, include as guest, wert loyal to, be getting, sound off for, didst ones duty, calling it quits, sing praises of, stump for, wert relevant, is on one side, does ones bit, said amen to, gives stamp approval give go-ahead, is party to, threw towel, knuckles, re commend, give permission, conferred trust, lived with, crazying about, were the same mind, spoke in favor, wert of use, relying up on, are consonant with, ex-plained, antes up, mainstaying, re plenish, took to, wert connected with, toughed out, bore testimony, places disposal, stays line, undergirding, picking check, in form, throws ones lot with, stomached something, raise hell, under-stands, bring light, pro visions, singing the praises, invoked benefits, lending ones name to, am source strength, played the game, de-posited, iced, giving a lift, be friending, taking under one's wing, kick ones heels, ex-tends, own up, lean toward, ex tended, gives permission, spoke up for, roll out red carpet, prime pump, up-graded, re adies, place disposal, spitball, gat in act, have a hand in, leant on, is in love with, check up, were kind to, giving stamp approval give the go-ahead, playing ball with, opened up, juiced, gat the idea, getting soapbox for, take oath, firms deal, pronounce holy, putting the hands of, didst what is expected, throw the towel, go down the line, push for, haddest relationship to, stumps for, yield to, gives an affidavit, come through with, sounds for, bearing the brunt, gave a bouquet, puts up money for, comfort, be source strength, gave moral support, pro-pounds, giving ones word, grieves with, de-legates, in trusted, ingratiates oneself with, with stood, pick upon, authored, thumped for, are one's side, gives five, lay one, dreaming of, in here, in vest, in-quires, got on bandwagon, hatsed to, primed the pump, covering for, picking up tab, give leg up, gave boost to, makes a deal, fingered in pie, re-vitalizing, out fits, is submissive, letting loose, go record for, played ball with, wished joy to, are conducive, sweetened the kitty, takes under one's wing, took bull by the horns, acting up on, pays homage, puts john hancock on, picking tab, rolling with punches, looks to, hath its place, took orders, stayed course, pre-serving, staying line, beared testimony, gave stamp of approval give goahead, toe line, goes in for, lending name to, double checking, giving ground, goes into details, is kind to, hast to do with, wert one's side, put money, counter sign, gave stamp of approval give go ahead, made clean breast of, keeps alive, gotten on with, was use, afford, cop plea, making a deal, submitting to, under-gone, rely up on, came on to, being keeping, hatses to, paying for, roose, swears to, de crees, wast understanding, were ones side, be a foundation for, coming terms, threw the towel, makes possible, yes one, art understanding, bare testimony, said word, under-write, pro-claiming, doing part, took hat to, wert confronted by, lap up, comes together, took stock in, wast apt, invoke happiness, put up to, speaking for, sues for, wast connected with, gave stamp of approval, re-vitalized, wast on one's side, contending for, were in accord, subscribe to, throwing in one's lot with, do a favor, be with it, spoiled rotten, dis-charged, put in a good word, art one's side, dost one bidding, is big on, come to, sticked by, lived it up, Caving, made well, ceremonialized, does one bit, took one side, keep mind, art in sympathy, toss a few crumbs, lay on, be on ones side, give stamp of approval give the go ahead, are in harmony, stands up for, showing kindliness, firing up, take one up on, holding responsible, pre-ached, hang there, was game for, Initialed, boosting morale, laying on one, re-calls, stays in line, being foundation for, give leave, wast akin, putting up the money for, gives blessing, calling up, pro-vided, lives out, swears and down, give, letted have, swore down, wert a constituent, be-stowed, attesting to, rolling out red carpet, heaped upon, wast captivated by, thinks over, rubberstamping, rooses, provided means, stringing along with, welcome, pro-creates, gat with, pacting, super-scribes, lavishes upon, re turns, wait out, relies upon, is relevant, re produced, knuckles to, wast courteous, ponies up, put map, out fitted, doeth part, pro-rate, dis close, taking bull by horns, hangs there, Incarnated, set pedestal, swearing and down, reach out, getting line, giving leave, making holy, gives stamp of approval give the go-ahead, puts up to, dis-charges, laying upon, puts signature on, pro-pones, holds fast, in-spirited, didst one's duty, gets off chest, doest ones bidding, lay upon, give the go ahead, buttons down, wast comfortable, have relationship to, cleaned up, puts in hands of, lowers oneself, came terms, get picture, sub-liming, re-moves, doest justice to, it deals, give invitation, was on side, signing up, up-bore, made a deal, sits still for, haddest over, looks after, making living, fits in, gold starring, multi-plied, cover for, exalt, takes up on, rubberstamps, de-lighting, key up, toss few crumbs, de-criminalizing, were aware, was adjunct of, get the act, concurring with, have its place, taking the part of, make known, Valuing, ingratiating oneself with, wert aware, kudizing, with-stand, spoil rotten, up grade, leaned on, comes to defense of, puts on the map, was consonant with, keeps eye on, is instrumental, accord, caves in, wast conducive, sells for, bucking for, underwrite, get point, put money for, blows off steam, admitting defeat, putting ease, gift with, lend, doeth one's duty, saying amen to, cottons to, settles on, gave leg up, making law, give a hand, is of use, up-date, flying face of, shakes on, aliened, counter-signed, makes law, fore warned, go up against, living through, am one's side, did ones bit, did part, pull for, were all for, provided funds, un-bend, live up to, shaking hands it, relying upon, pre ached, up-reared, smiled upon, under-went, wast corner, certify, keeping eye on, giving stamp of approval give the go-ahead, doing one's bit, be speaks, make responsible for, gave thumbs up, art corner, cracked down, re-producing, put in two cents, picks upon, art accord, sets forth, co-unselling, wert a component, earned ones keep, taking oath, re-cited, re-marking, signed on dotted line, spake piece, cleaning up, allow, cooperates with, are relevant, being attracted to, pro-longed, are submissive, paid tribute, under pinning, art loyal to, pro-positioning, rid out, sees eye to eye, art foundation for, was connected with, straightened up, make stand, gives grounds for, doest as one says, getting the idea, doest what is told, flash on, primes pump, de-ducting, taking one up on, makes much of, got the hang of, pass the hat, license, had hand in, dreamt of, pro-create, coming down high horse, comes to terms, sublimed, bore up under, turns over to, sware down, stock up, leant toward, picked check, sub liming, wert there for, took the bull by the horns, throws in lot with, speaking ones piece, does ones bidding, felt heart go out to, putting good word, puts in good word, lend hand, give stamp approval give the go ahead, commiserated with, double-checked, admitted defeat, clinches deal, upbore, contended for, re-fresh, yearns for, burying hatchet, free up, slices up, makes a motion, fit out, ex tending, heaps up on, pre-scribes, wast same mind, come out of closet, puts a pedestal, handing to, re quire, pro pounded, having portion of, getting on bandwagon, gave one's word, give stamp of approval give go ahead, grin and bear it, forcing upon, wert consonant with, swear up and down, sitting in on, de bunk, settled on, under signing, has its place, in stated, wert satisfied with, re commends, throwing in the sponge, is connected with, lays on line, in vested, gets soapbox for, is ones side, regard highly, spake up for, de fending, shows kindliness, be familiar, stood behind, hast over, makes stick, art attracted to, signed for, has hand in, pieces up, feathered, ride out, de light, signing on, with standing, be a party to, hast compassion, was favor of, firmed deal, gets in act, hiked up, cuts the pie, hast hand in, be keeping, were on ones side, sur-renders, pulled for, wast instrumental, sets heart on, hung in there, were a component, kept an eye on, be instrumental, lavished upon, art for, pro curing, buying into, was big, go in for, says amen to, throw in, kicks up ones heels, aid, brings forth, be consonant, sized up, hang in there, handed, getting in act, threw in sponge, give stamp of approval, give stamp of approval give the goahead, acting upon, kibitzed, run interference for, sang praises, are in sympathy, being conscious of, pro-duces, sit through, trans figured, holding with, take under one's wing, grappled with, attached to, coming defense of, wert big on, accede, made pitch, had do with, re-quests, stayed in line, assenting to, gives ground, throws in the sponge, earning one keep, giving one's consent, smiling on, was sympathy, Mortgaging, did one's duty, re-collected, lavishing upon, were courteous, gave oneself over, upbearing, gotten hang of, takes one upon, called it quits, was for, hath in, goes down the line, gives thanks, took bull by horns, strung along with, didst one's part, is a foundation for, setting one's heart on, come together, gotten the act, de bunks, buy into, braced up, bequested, ran in to, get idea, up raising, give ovation, seeing eye to eye, give forth, pre-scribe, re plenishes, going in for, pre pare, argues for, be stow, under-pinning, have hand in, give carte blanche, emphathize, picked up check, give one word, spoke well of, cry up, are a constituent, bear up on, left to, consent, yielded to, be favor of, is consonant, kicking up one's heels, gave ones consent, wert enamored of, speaking one piece, kicked up heels, taking to, have compassion, is a party to, up graded, be fitted, up-holds, resigns oneself, wert one side, gave stamp approval give the goahead, makes known, am a component, trans-figured, saying uncle, paid for, took oath, files for, de terminated, are consonant, be foundation for, pats on back, adds one name to, un masks, giving a boost, de livers, un cover, firmed a deal, raises dough, pro fess, picked up the check, pro pones, made deal, in spirited, subjected to, went with flow, de scended, rolling over play dead, art constituent, art tune, having to do with, pushed for, re signed, throw in sponge, give rein to, under standing, vouch, sign papers, in quired, pressed agent, lend one's name to, fix up with, kicking one heels, took under ones wing, being harmony, shake on, was in sympathy, riding out, re-lease, art apposite, speaking up for, gave a leg up, am submissive, sticked for, fingered in the pie, whistles for, pro moting, de-terminate, wert kind to, makes holy, gave leave, is in favor of, be same mind, hast a portion of, pro duces, doublecheck, levelling with, act upon, wert big, co operate, slice up, play second fiddle, be akin, contribute, gotten the idea, painting the town red, spitballing, re sorting, coming across with, stretch out, pro pone, did one's bit, takes hat to, collateraling, takes under wing, lays the line, ex acting, doest bit, does one part, re cognizing, Guarantying, auto-graphing, wast in accord, under took, determinated, did as says, come across with, giving stamp of approval, do justice to, going with flow, re-animate, stuck up for, wishes joy to, tossed a few crumbs, sustain, campaigned for, be longs, put bug ear, rubber stamped, sign up, pro-cured, provide funds, wert a foundation for, givea bouquet, pro mise, talking down to, diagnosticating, be sympathy, am use, said in defense, un bending, is loyal to, boosted morale, submits to, pronounced holy, ring a bell, bare one out, be-fitting, cottoning to, are constituent, gold starred, wert a part, insisting up on, put in hands of, signs dotted line, pre scribe, provides financing, wast in harmony, sweetening kitty, cave in, clap, was on one side, is confronted by, signed up, have over, up-bears, doth part, am source of strength, flashes on, being connected with, was aware, acts upon, provide for, throw in one's lot with, bowed down, am love with, gave an affidavit, go bat for, putting money for, ex-tending, be in favor of, comes out closet, invite, single out, in spirits, did one's part, hard selling, doing favor, payed homage, fawn up on, ratify, in-spiriting, say defense, putting money, repressed feelings, extend, hatses off to, do one bit, share anothers sorrow, sate still for, make over, throwing one lot with, doeth one bit, gave consent, gotten with, takes a liking to, doing what one is told, sweating out, assent, eyeballing, is all for, attaching to, doing ones duty, be stows, tolerate, put in good word, saying yes to, kicks one heels, in trust, were familiar, Legitimating, pro positions, are fitting, sliced up, forked over, sending invitation, ex plain, ex tend, made law, Coadjuting, didst ones part, lent one name to, shark, art component, placing at disposal, demeaning oneself, goosing, appeals to, are responsible for, be all for, quotaed, invoked happiness, re membered, wert in harmony, coming on to, fingered the pie, sat take it, puts the money for, ritualized, re-freshes, rolls out red carpet, sub scribes, were constituent, burying the hatchet, doth one bidding, in vents, spoke favor, dis-played, gets the picture, ponying up, filing for, assent to, got off chest, make possible, signatured, dost what one is told, admits defeat, were enamored of, got on with, dream of, pro cure, commiserates with, being side, stick, putting john hancock on, bearing up under, pro vides, face, keying up, be patient with, am ones side, Allying, toe mark, wert keeping, fingering the pie, up held, be in love with, auto-graphed, taking care of, toeing the mark, wert conscious of, hitting up, Provisioning, concede, be-long, going up against, pro vide, take over, suffers defeat, un veiled, eyeball, did justice to, re signs, was consonant, be conscious of, hard sold, making deal, speaking highly of, gooses, earned one keep, lent ones name to, rallied round, forking over, cogitates on, set one heart on, art ruled by, de-siring, does ones part, Haloing, be a component, re-lated, Experiencing, does bidding, initialling, sticks for, wast one's side, de vising, gave okay, pronounces holy, re-turning, being big, gifts with, whistling for, wast in tune, was captivated by, pro-vide, re-commends, stands behind, putting the money for, took upon, campaigns for, dis-closed, haddest compassion, be party to, wert harmony, carrying the torch, puts map, in-here, pro-vision, didst ones bidding, intro duces, took a liking to, yield, speaks for, pro rating, re quires, take a shine to, doth ones bit, smiles up on, end-owing, be satisfied with, asservating, pay half, taking the bull by the horns, fingered pie, with stands, grieving with, gives birth, doest what one is told, re butting, art a party to, smile upon, legitimize, bleed for, speaking well of, undergo, putting forth, assign, be-gotten, becoming indebted, ex-act, sing the praises, provides the means, proving case, accepting offer, yielding, in venting, am connected with, signed off on, attests to, in-duce, wert answerable for, taking off hat to, make motion, gat on with, bring forward, paying respects, let loose, be linked with, opened doors, tosses few crumbs, being patient with, pro claims, doeth favor, covers for, wilded for, had in, gave word, grin bear it, earn keep, co signs, be courteous, de positing, suffer defeat, sang praises of, bringing forth, dragoon, in duces, gat in line, proves a case, putting to, Upbear, stretching out, was love with, are ones side, thumbsed up, kicking up heels, file for, concurs with, acts as witness, dis-closing, are for, de posit, super scribe, gave one consent, dost a favor, pro create, re plenished, re collects, doing one's bidding, upbears, was conducive, Tendered, going into details, going against, re-marks, being answerable for, sits take it, juicing, asservates, make a motion, art in keeping, de-vise, hits up, is sympathy, get line, accepts offer, inter cedes, being a component, smiled up on, am kind to, made living, fore-warn, gat point, am relevant, sware bible, did service, gave five, speaks highly of, picking up the check, parting with, re-move, piece up, doest duty, give stamp of approval give the go-ahead, cosigned, de vise, nod, dost ones part, beared brunt, goes fifty fifty, gave stamp of approval give the go ahead, gat the hang of, goes with flow, in stalling, invitationing, doeth one duty, was of use, nodding at, re sided, in-trusted, support, am a source strength, doest a favor, going halves, doublechecked, re-animated, up dates, unbent, played game, give oneself over, standing behind, hath hand in, art big, wast of same mind, is apposite, is foundation for, shook hands on it, re animated, making over, tossed it in, rolling over and play dead, anteed up, authorize, de-crees, set heart on, paid respects, up-raises, ex-tort, gave green light, earn ones keep, re sorted, are captivated by, hail, are a component, re vitalizing, pro pounds, emphathizes, doing one bidding, gave carte blanche, blowing off steam, hadst knowledge of, up-rear, acting as witness, bore under, went in to details, pro pose, art the same mind, am with it, gave posy, nevered say die, bucks for, doing one bit, de-bunking, is familiar, giving the green light, made whoopee, crack down, does what is expected, knuckled to, be an adjunct of, living out, pleads for, re-produced, de-bunks, assents to, stuck for, tabbing, acquiesce, riding shotgun for, re citing, up-bear, laying up on, being consonant with, bless, including as guest, gold stars, came to defense of, comply, takes the part of, give grounds for, standing by, re gards, un-mask, be spoken, parenting, was enamored of, feels heart go out to, pro longs, granting respite, under going, up bear, was answerable for, confirm, art in favor of, work out details, take a part of, wert fitting, speaks one piece, rallying round, are harmony, insisted up on, square off, going record for, sub-scribes, gave a tip, said so, gets behind, give posy, gives one word, re-legate, be corner, hats off to, live it up, re-gales, bears under, be responsible for, Lasted, de criminalize, in spirit, de lights, sang the praises of, lower oneself, is part, re calls, pre serve, gave a big hand, re commending, be quested, carries torch, included as guest, speaks favor, is one side, was there for, give stamp approval give goahead, under-signs, Circumstantiated, were in sympathy, re-side, nevering say die, re-turns, sur-rendering, is understanding, leveling with, put with, coming around, un-bended, giving the goahead, inter cede, campaign for, asservated, condone, rubber-stamped, tosses in, took the bull by horns, went record for, putting screws to, say the word, signing papers, are all for, pats back, under stand, did ones duty, Presenting, was in love with, sang the praises, gave big hand, dittoed, aggrandize, being accord, bragging about, giving one's word, be comfortable, setting one heart on, art in corner, are accord, un covering, go on record for, bleeding for, were keeping, art submissive, letting go, under-going, sticks up for, bled for, pro pounding, becomes indebted, bear upon, takes the bull by horns, insist upon, payed for, hitting on, dreamed of, rallies round, stomach something, were accord, doth favor, hears it for, de liberate, offered benediction, grapples with, taking an oath, stayed the course, am same mind, drinking to, be there for, ceremonializing, taking up on, are foundation for, gets on soapbox for, is game for, re-quire, pro-posing, lavishing up on, put the map, are in keeping, catering to, were one's side, in-spire, were with it, enter in to, lend leasing, art answerable for, giveaed bouquet, gave thanks to, painting town red, takes as gospel truth, singles out, lendlease, co-operating, am apt, put in the hands of, figured out, was a source of strength, go fifty-fifty, take a liking to, wast consonant with, was a part, grinning and bear it, haddest its place, smiling up on, wast accord, wert in keeping, Handing, laid on the line, painted town red, lay before, stood by, was corner, wert same mind, swore up down, gave go-ahead, is keeping, dividing with, re animating, bearing under, throw in lot with, provide the means, throw in one lot with, cope with, Franchising, doeth what is told, patting the back, get bandwagon, in-vents, in-cited, co-operated, ex tends, roll over play dead, under-stood, throw in ones lot with, am akin, thumbses up, hearing for, wast source of strength, de-bunk, comes down high horse, buttoned down, am corner, memorialize, squaring off, Re-mark, is in harmony, gave a boost, beats drum, trans-figures, are component, urge, Diagnosticate, bears the brunt, counter-sign, approves accept, ex-acting, Inked, pro-long, impart, talked down to, going on record for, sub-lime, art one side, place at disposal, cutting pie, gifting with, hadst its place, giving stamp of approval give the goahead, pro-longing, re gale, resigning oneself, squared off, buck for, conforms to, pre-vail, taking liking to, firming a deal, placing disposal, throws in the towel, de signed, ritualizing, live to, under girding, de liberating, pro tract, lavish up on, re-leases, puffing up, kicked one heels, be-fit, lending one name to, toughs out, was satisfied with, gets the hang of, shared another's sorrow, plays ball with, be aware of, hath a hand in, re member, rode shotgun for, art a part, heard for, payed tribute to, be source of strength, in-crease, bows down, lightened burden, giving do, doth what is expected, calls quits, de votes, calling quits, un-derwent, am on side, beared the brunt, wast patient with, faced it, sur-render, un-veil, act as witness, takes to, madding for, degrade oneself, am of the same mind, made motion, tunes in, inter-cedes, take ones side, tossing few crumbs, were side, wert submissive, humoring, signs papers, shared another sorrow, does one bidding, out-fit, dost what is told, be love with, re quested, makes a stand, Compassionating, rolled with punches, had to do with, accept, lendleases, be the same mind, threw in, tuned in, patting back, lighten burden, art courteous, giving green light, spur, dis-close, threw in one lot with, opting for, catch on, re-assured, live through, swore up and down, select, stomachs something, going dutch, de-voting, art relevant, takes one up on, were use, re butted, put on a pedestal, coming out closet, smiles upon, threw lot with, makes a pitch, in creasing, take hat to, set store by, re-gard, art in love with, speaking favor, Superscribed, it dealt, doing ones bit, putting on pedestal, sing the praises of, deferring to, coping with, intro-duce, tilts toward, is constituent, dis playing, do one bidding, obey, went in for, give the goahead, threw in one's lot with, hadst portion of, sticking for, under gone, thump for, being a foundation for, went down the line, pro-moting, are satisfied with, Tolerated, super scribes, take one on, take liking to, re vitalizes, plumps for, relies up on, in-stalling, made merry, whistle for, running into, proved a case, enforce, angeled, sanction, emphathized, shook hands it, was familiar, pass down, be adjunct of, empower, sign off on, de-liver, be-speaks, be captivated by, makes well, dis played, sware to, co operated, consort, pre-served, wast love with, dis closing, got the act, took one's side, un-masked, sets ones heart on, up-bearing, grooving, ex-pose, de-terminating, regarded highly, sweeten kitty, came out of closet, pre-scribing, taking part of, lays one, coming down off high horse, was apposite, pro mises, wast adjunct of, gives moral support, heap up on, be component, rooted for, speak ones piece, be-spake, bury hatchet, speak in favor, un veil, be aware, showing fruit, belong, didst a service, are big on, in-creased, hiking up, be-friend, reifies, getting on soapbox for, get the point, giving a hand, gives stamp of approval give go ahead, earn one keep, re-leased, embrace, super-scribe, be speaking, am familiar, having hand in, fingering in the pie, lay on line, was in favor of, sweetens kitty, wast one side, were answerable for, went on record for, toed the mark, met with, pro posed, being on side, in-vite, yearning for, beat drum, cosigning, being sympathy, emphathizing, pro-rated, up borne, doeth a favor, being source of strength, consent to, was source of strength, were a part, put two cents, dost favor, shows cause, hang in, pre scribing, part with, re turn, re plenishing, pre-aching, stumped for, pacted, called attention to, taking meaning, laud, high hats, gotten the point, doeth a service, put forth, tune in, wast in keeping, makes stand, got line, looked after, are ruled by, going fifty fifty, adding one's name to, in-ducting, act as a witness, be on side, picked up on, picking upon, depended upon, wast aware of, puffs up, spoke one's piece, sit on, being comfortable, be-longing, wast in love with, give thumbs up, sweetened kitty, pressed for, speaks one's piece, Sharks, declaring true, doublechecks, fronts for, is consonant with, de liver, agree, sings the praises of, got in line, said defense, cater to, double-checks, puts writing, swear to, went halves, re-veal, endorse, sub scribed, un-bends, grooved, Sharking, approving accept, buys in to, keep eye on, gives the nod, keys up, kicks heels, hammers out deal, gave over, paying expenses of, shake hands on it, hit on, un-veils, laid the line, being a constituent, gives boost, be relevant, re-sorted, makes deal, Capacitating, be game for, throws the towel, spake highly of, wast in corner, gives a boost, inter-locked, doth one's bit, see through, speaking in favor, art aware of, takes over, living to, gives rein to, heaped up on, be for, roosing, art in accord, subsidize, didst what one is told, victual, insisted on, rides shotgun for, traded last, makes clean breast of, consented to, are answerable for, be-sought, gat chest, took off hat to, calls it quits, wast an adjunct of, hadst hand in, wast foundation for, makes binding, forces up on, invest, gives take, smiled on, fronting for, be apposite, in-vent, doth bidding, approved accept, signing off on, is of the same mind, art source of strength, gives a hand, pre-scribed, takes shine to, sung praises, fork over, kick up ones heels, kicked heels, sided with, doeth ones bit, am aware, gives stamp of approval give go-ahead, didst one duty, running in to, wert source of strength, are keeping, spoke piece, making legal, up rearing, in vent, ex acts, take the part of, in quires, earning one's keep, yes, giving the word, de criminalized, making pitch, with-stands, de vised, give word, shook down, hangs in there, am one side, be one's side, under-signed, wast ruled by, putting up money, rides out, speaks piece, hold responsible, gets on bandwagon, kick up one's heels, be conducive, takes kindly to, throws one lot with, putting pedestal, puts in to effect, de bunked, went dutch, diagnosticates, pro positioning, bearing brunt, give a bouquet, swear up down, turn over to, gave the green light, tossed few crumbs, pro-fess, fire up, am in accord, be part, invokes happiness, signaturing, shake hands it, give stamp approval give the go-ahead, re collecting, give a big hand, re-cognizes, is a source of strength, lapped up, strikes gently, throwing in towel, doeth one's bidding, are aware of, shows tenderness, pro-pounding, insists on, hanged in, in-spirits, be longed, give okay, yessed one, gives stamp of approval give the goahead, gives leave, charter, took under wing, put the hands of, blows steam, tilted toward, take side, winks at, become indebted, haddest a portion of, being adjunct of, putting up with, be big, downlinking, re animates, is answerable for, un bends, offers consolation, play game, re vitalize, wert in sympathy, leans on, are a part, in hering, puts on pedestal, wert a source strength, singing the praises of, acted up on, make clean breast of, shores up, trans figure, pre vailing, give stamp of approval give go-ahead, hath do with, de-sign, sung the praises of, offering benediction, going easy on, proves case, making whoopee, were big on, pre-vails, playing second fiddle, re produces, gave a blank check, put writing, under-taken, puts up the money for, be-stows, bits the bullet, dost part, art part, kept mind, re sounds, get the idea, tossing it in, gave ovation, earns keep, drunk to, giving hand, in trusting, make deal, gave a hand, under girds, tilt toward, lusts after, opens up, ballyhooed, be friend, pro vision, comes out of closet, jack up, re marking, gives forth, provided for, am on one side, be questing, in-heres, Bumming, wert instrumental, was part, swore bible, being an adjunct of, is in sympathy, Remised, throwing sponge, capacitates, were sympathy, calls up, clinches the deal, was comfortable, be accord, gives thumbsup, hadst a portion of, dost as one says, adhere to, have in, kicking one's heels, give the green light, appealing to, sits in on, repress feelings, took under one wing, get behind, ingratiate with, be-speaking, nevers say die, were satisfied with, up rear, gave nod, undergirded, pro long, putting on to, gave stamp of approval give the go-ahead, stringed along with, throw with, grant permission, swear down, takes one on, quiets fears, ex tolling, grinned bear it, bears one out, adopt, had relationship to, wert constituent, give go-ahead, be one side, said yes, re collect, thumbsing up, co unselling, raised dough, be fitting, vesting in, set ones heart on, signed on, de-livered, fawns upon, was responsible for, feeling heart go out to, relied upon, gives stamp approval give go ahead, re-sides, wast ones side, in cite, promote, Lauding, authoring, rubber-stamps, acts as a witness, doest a service, look to, bitting bullet, rising to, being related, picks up check, earned keep, making stand, under-sign, wert in tune, made holy, anteing up, it's dealing, being captivated by, is a component, un-masks, passed on, de liberated, attend to, don't rock boat, be loyal to, looking after, incarnates, force up on, de clares, double check, co sign, wast a component, offer benediction, under written, threw one's lot with, is love with, giving stamp approval give go ahead, in spired, sitting through, do ones duty, raising hell, doing one duty, give with, giving moral support, being ones side, wast satisfied with, passing on, sate through, gives a leg up, drank to, provided security, called quits, make sure, am the same mind, turning over to, gets the act, folds up, rolls over play dead, advertise, doest one part, made much of, putting in hands of, came to terms, meting out, attends to, buried hatchet, goes record for, plumped for, offers benediction, show mercy, hast knowledge of, putting in writing, spake ones piece, am understanding, de signing, were a foundation for, assented to, rolled over and play dead, being tune, was linked with, was with it, take one side, made known, de-liberates, wast harmony, grant authority, in quiring, telling truth, was ruled by, wert apt, being submissive, is conducive, giving a posy, quieted fears, wert an adjunct of, were tune, shore up, de-liberate, de-fended, being relevant, cracking down, puts the hands of, re-sided, re sides, re-leasing, take care of, freeing up, giving boost to, were an adjunct of, represses feelings, grinned and bear it, fixing with, in-spirit, under signs, gave affidavit, concur, kick one's heels, give nod, provides security, give pointer, be-spoken, de criminalizes, getting the act, had portion of, wert game for, wert aware of, doth ones part, un derwent, were on one side, haddest hand in, be-questing, be-longed, cosigns, gat hang of, prove case, primed pump, give up, stuck by, dis-charge, ex-torts, never say die, sign on dotted line, fitting in, handing it to, turned over to, pick up on, haddest a hand in, out-fits, putting on map, had compassion, wast kind to, wast big on, hadst do with, throw in towel, kick up one heels, dis-charging, pled for, gave pointer, hand it to, art big on, goosed, commiserate with, throwing towel, gat on bandwagon, gave forth, made stick, coadjuted, told the truth, works out details, wast component, throws in one lot with, dost one duty, up-dates, un-covering, loaned shark, threw in towel, re-siding, lending a hand, putting writing, pro-claims, art a constituent, sets one's heart on, are linked with, suffer, mainstayed, grieved with, make law, wast loyal to, am a foundation for, was big on, up-held, lived up, enthrones, went in with, re-assure, throw sponge, give a posy, were adjunct of, was understanding, being part, meted out, dis-closes, laying on, were attracted to, wert comfortable, re marked, facing it, are adjunct of, threw sponge, degraded oneself, circularizing, re-veals, laps up, pay expenses of, puts in the hands of, having respect to, gets chest, opted for, were instrumental, fored, Deputing, was attracted to, wert love with, doth what one is told, in-sure, are an adjunct of, being party to, flew face of, hits on, make holy, putting a good word, deferred to, parceling out, did bit, were conducive, sicking, was a party to, keeping in mind, holding fast, give out, wast big, gotten picture, dis closes, am captivated by, took a shine to, puts with, be-stow, dis tribute, spake for, call attention to, being confronted by, be a source strength, gotten soapbox for, giving carte blanche, sub limes, doest one's part, wert of the same mind, curtsied, out fit, re-plenishes, firms a deal, coming to terms, cotton to, un-cover, paying tribute to, had a hand in, savvied, sticks by, un covers, fronted for, wert related, does service, haddest in, go easy on, lets go, make sense of, looked up to, taking ones side, dost bidding, make living, re marks, enable, say amen to, was one side, go in with, give tip, being consonant, de-vised, opens doors, art keeping, stretched out, did duty, signs up, end owed, do what is told, settling on, speaks ones piece, lavish upon, checks on, saw fit, produce, Affiancing, wert ruled by, keeps going, un mask, rings bell, establish, setting heart on, yeses one, be tune, were a source of strength, de-creed, does as one says, de-lights, get on bandwagon, give way, Intrusted, going with the flow, wast constituent, deal with, take, wishing joy to, did what one is told, throwing lot with, super-scribing, wast a party to, give a pointer, blow steam, were captivated by, getting in the act, give one's consent, gotten behind, is tune, all-owing, sharing anothers sorrow, made terms, covered for, working for, make merry, earned one's keep, keep going, indulge, took patiently, am conscious of, faces it, wert in love with, meets with, sate on, un veils, re-marked, sur rendered, swearing to, opening doors, siccing, gave a pointer, getting the point, pro-cure, keeps mind, giving stamp approval give goahead, tenders, gave lift, rubberstamped, hawking, taking a shine to, throws sponge, granted permission, Patting, provide security, ringed a bell, are conscious of, coming through with, be side, de-fend, coming to defense of, in-vests, de-terminated, earning keep, makes good, were understanding, go halves, okay, re-adies, yessing, bore the brunt, bought into, kenning, do bidding, it a dealing, is enamored of, insists up on, doing what is told, were akin, dont rock boat, art with it, is aware of, puts at ease, in vite, makes living, picking the check, nodded at, gives consent, are part, say yes, rejoicing with, saying in defense, making known, Hawked, yields to, lightens burden, has respect to, wert all for, gives the green light, putting two cents, sat still for, de fends, catered to, thinks well of, are patient with, spoke for, puts hands of, clinch the deal, clinched deal, took ones side, grants permission, re lax, lives with, marked with a red letter, gotten point, soft sold, gat behind, wast use, reaches out, takes meaning, come down high horse, be-friending, partying, re lease, takes one's side, take shine to, hast a hand in, gave stamp of approval give go-ahead, de livered, puts two cents, ex tort, paid tribute to, being kind to, bare up under, trans-figuring, tough out, am aware of, lives it up, Legitimated, tolerates, have knowledge of, have do with, be of the same mind, speak highly of, being in tune, gave power, giving stamp approval give the goahead, demean oneself, played second fiddle, making clean breast of, crying up, wert accord, is on ones side, divides with, provides funds, swear and down, making a pitch, swears up and down, caters to, putting a pedestal, de-clares, art linked with, being favor of, roosed, knowing again, un-masking, were related, gave stamp approval give the go-ahead, kudize, tost a few crumbs, art conducive, defend, gotten the hang of, rally round, inter-ceding, was constituent, its a deals, furnish, FORS, face it, in spiriting, runs in to, wast answerable for, trans ported, being aware, doth one's duty, spake well of, inter-locks, capacitate, doeth service, made stand, being fitting, throwing ones lot with, takes an oath, conform to, puff up, beat drum for, pat the back, sounded for, getting act, sic, yessed, did a service, was harmony, laid down arms, wilds for, shaking on, give a leg up, ex posed, advise, johned hancock, de scending, raise dough, lend leases, divided with, giving bouquet, art harmony, sur-rendered, parcel out, show kindliness, do a service, brace up, gold star, acted as witness, cottoned to, picked the check.