Pronunciation of Disfavored
/dɪsfˈe͡ɪvəd/, /dɪsfˈe‍ɪvəd/, /d_ɪ_s_f_ˈeɪ_v_ə_d/

Antonyms for Disfavored

confuse, over refined, treasurable, spur on, increase, encourage, over nice, in-valuable, worth kings ransom, commend, desirable, pet, more treasurable, trust, facilitate, most overnice, most prizable, grin, honor, worth one's weight gold, be loved, recherche, permit, hearten, most best-liked, la di da, construct, precieux, most well-liked, re-commended, worth king's ransom, more advantaged, most recherche, countenance, more idolized, worth king ransom, alembicated, calm, delightful, laud, over-refined, stagier, best liked, more best liked, tell truth, overrefined, approve, in-estimable, mix up, wellliked, favored, raise, most prized, most beloved, condone, most darling, build up, in estimable, worth weight gold, credit, most adored, welcome, go along, most advantaged, most idolized, more prizable, singled out, love, forward, more precieux, high priced, like, more preferred, worth weight in gold, liked, fair haired, be happy, esteem, admire, let go, worth ones weight gold, popular, advance, inspire, re commended, worth eyeteeth, most treasured, end-earing, more treasured, inspirit, flatter, most bestliked, more alembicated, create, more best-liked, most cherished, more prized, well liked, adore, clean, precious, worth a king's ransom, purify, more wellliked, re fined, more sweetheart, endorse, fairhaired, most best liked, well-liked, more cherished, bestliked, over-nice, wanted, more well-liked, highpriced, worth ones weight in gold, respect, more well liked, cherish, believe, accept, face, most sweetheart, in valuable, exalt, aid, build, worth one weight in gold, support, be-loved, sanction, help, most treasurable, more adored, meet, most alembicated, praise, advantaged, stagy, compliment, assist, more darling, agree, most wellliked, stagiest, best-liked, ratify, end earing, back, comfort, more bestliked, fashionable, upgrade, most well liked, promote, elevate, more recherche, worth one's weight in gold, worth a kings ransom, allow, smile, worth one weight gold, more overrefined.