Pronunciation of Disintegrate
/d_ˌɪ_s_ˈɪ_n_t_ɪ_ɡ_ɹ_ˌeɪ_t/, /dˌɪsˈɪntɪɡɹˌe͡ɪt/, /dˌɪsˈɪntɪɡɹˌe‍ɪt/

Antonyms for disintegrate:

getting one act together, quarterbacking, re-conciliated, meliorate, atuned, dis tributes, sizing, catalogued, Incarnating, gat one's act together, pull together, Ticketed, in corporate, concretizes, Emblematized, reconciliated, got act together, buttoned down, Cataloguing, pro portioned, size up, re conciliate, got one's act together, reconciliate, dis-pose, concretize, mature, re-conciliate, Co-ordinates, atune, button down, tabbing, tabbed, gets it together, buttons down, dis-posed, got ones act together, break down, gather, ripen, reconciliates, brake down, teams up, concretizing, Regimenting, improve, rise, gets ones act together, gat ones act together, connect, ameliorate, ex-pressing, take measure, embodies, Proportioning, fix, put down for, Proportioned, typecasts, put together, grow, gotten one's act together, pro portioning, hypostatizing, hypostatized, ranking out, bringing together, unite, get ones act together, sized, in-corporates, emblematizes, integrate, putting down as, ranks out, take one measure, dis-tribute, refresh, reifies, collect, Docketing, bring together, gets one act together, typecasting, restore, atuning, renew, combine, flourish, ex pressing, attach, shapes up, co-ordinate, re-conciliates, Docketed, broke down, develop, in corporates, putting down for, takes measure, shape up, age, pulls together, gets act together, got one act together, gat it together, took measure, getting ones act together, mend, in-corporate, pulling together, ex-press, pro-portioned, couple, getting one's act together, buttoning down, gotten ones act together, coordinate, dis-tributes, takes ones measure, team up, classify, gotten one act together, gotten act together, get one act together, taking measure, got it together, get it together, pulled together, took one measure, co ordinate, teaming up, sizes up, strengthen, get one's act together, get act together, breaks down, Emblematizing, breaking down, dis pose, shaped up, atunes, link, co ordinates, incarnates, increase, typecast, quarterbacks, ex pressed, take ones measure, re conciliated, teamed up, pro-portion, took one's measure, getting it together, ranked out, Emblematize, gets one's act together, brings together, reified, dis posed, brought together, re-conciliating, quarterback, compose, gat one act together, re conciliating, dis tribute, pro portion, concretized, dis-posing, hypostatizes, sized up, taking ones measure, meld, Incarnated, rank out, put down as, re conciliates, build, dis posing, pro-portions, cleanse, reconciliating, gat act together, reify, takes one measure, join, getting act together, taking one's measure, pro portions, embody, pro-portioning, takes one's measure, gotten it together, better, quarterbacked, ex press, shaping up, Ticketing, purify.

Usage examples for disintegrate:

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