Pronunciation of Dislodge
/dɪslˈɒd͡ʒ/, /dɪslˈɒd‍ʒ/, /d_ɪ_s_l_ˈɒ_dʒ/

Antonyms for dislodge

re main, shoehorns, be-stow, re members, re-sides, Ferrets, de-terminates, steadied, inter-mixing, squeezes in, intaglios, hostelling, pro viding, rigidifying, mezzotinting, de-posited, Housed, re side, Riveted, in-sinuates, dragged in, re posed, domiciliates, de-posits, de legate, trans-fusing, putting ones finger on, be long, Crosshatching, put in head, touch down, mezzotinted, in sinuating, Intercalated, Lithographing, wedge, de posit, insert, de terminated, in-fuse, touched down, inter lopes, de-terminated, dis-tributes, in-spired, de posited, put one's finger on, inter loped, lithograph, in filtrate, Embedding, in-filtrating, de-positing, sub sided, be stowing, in-vests, inter-mix, in-vest, re sided, inter-lope, place, froze to, in scribes, re sides, be-stowing, dis tributes, squeezing in, de scend, Roomed, in vested, dragging in, forces in, trans fused, pro-vides, quarter, put finger on, ferret, in sinuates, setting in context, Ferreting, cross-hatches, sub-merging, shoved in, stays put, putting in the hands of, puts hands of, in graining, nested, in-fixes, cross-hatched, trans-fuse, beds down, ringed in, engrafts, in stalled, puts one finger on, de-terminating, putting head, graved, in filtrated, imbeds, implant, came to rest, de-scended, works in, be-longed, in lays, staid put, vest, end owed, in vest, infix, work in, de-cree, forcing in, putting in hands of, mezzotint, be longing, shoehorning, in fusing, in-laying, cross hatch, in fused, in-filtrates, in-stall, end-owing, Domiciled, re pose, in-sinuating, in laying, de cree, hostelled, rigidifies, start ball rolling, lugged in, come to rest, inter-pose, working in, instill, in-scribe, rang in, sub side, in-fused, de clines, in stalling, drags in, wrought in, in laid, shoehorn, sub-merge, worked in, bedding down, de creed, in-spires, forced in, stay put, determinating, stays over, trans fusing, Domiciliating, de-scending, inter posing, Cantoned, intro duces, puts in the hands of, in grain, fix, de-clines, ring in, in-stalled, came rest, re-sting, in-scribes, be-stowed, in sert, in fixes, in fuses, plant, touching down, come rest, staying put, domiciliate, order, cross hatched, putting finger on, in-spiring, Initialing, enchases, end-owed, in spires, be-longs, putting the hands of, inter-loping, Cantoning, Enchased, inter-mixed, in spired, sub-merged, entrench, lugging in, inter mixing, Imbedding, diaper, in scribe, cross hatching, in-grained, lug in, putting in head, in spire, puts the hands of, freezes to, de-cline, Domiciling, in-vested, in-laid, de-legates, be-long, in-graining, puts in hands of, shoves in, grub up, root, be-longing, Domiciliated, diapered, be longed, litho-graphing, inter mix, in-fusing, putting hands of, crosshatched, Enchasing, diffused, de cline, in fixed, pop in, de-terminate, de scended, de-scends, sets context, sub merges, imbed, de terminating, cross hatches, in-stilling, sub sides, squeezed in, cross-hatch, in vests, settle, Rooming, inter mixes, shoehorned, de-crees, set down, de crees, nailing down, crosshatch, rivetted, Bunking, re sting, ringing in, intro-duces, sets in context, embed, inter posed, crosshatches, be stowed, de-scend, put in hands of, in-stalling, inter mixed, glued, Enroot, trans-fused, Billeting, in-grains, grubbing up, initialled, settling down, inter pose, dis-tribute, de posits, pro-viding, lays foundation, trans-fuses, drag in, re-siding, put in the hands of, in fix, bedded down, determinated, pops in, re-sided, de-creed, Billeted, grubbed up, in-scribing, sow, re-main, sets down, intro-duce, re member, put one finger on, intaglioed, sub merging, in filtrating, initialling, diapers, coming rest, settled down, de terminate, puts head, lodge, intercalates, figured out, sub-sides, staying over, inter lope, cross-hatching, set in context, pro vide, starting ball rolling, mezzotints, setting down, intro duce, comes to rest, Roosted, shoving in, put head, freezing to, in-lay, re-member, pro vided, in-filtrate, de-posit, engrafted, in-spire, putting one finger on, force in, inter-mixes, stayed put, pro-vided, diffusing, laid foundation, put, bed down, inter-posing, figure out, lay foundation, Enchase, puts in head, stay over, rivetting, re mained, inter-posed, in-fix, be stow, trans fuses, trans fuse, de legates, intaglio, engrave, pro-vide, re-posed, hosteling, in-sert, set context, de scends, Bunked, intercalate, de positing, stayed over, determinates, de scending, re-members, depose, take in, shove in, Diapering, engrafting, Roosting, re membered, be-stows, Gluing, litho graphing, starts ball rolling, comes rest, be longs, diffuses, Lithographed, in sinuated, lithographs, settles down, sub-merges, instilling, re siding, rigidified, in-sinuate, re-mains, put the hands of, in sinuate, Imbedded, re-side, put hands of, in-lays, Emplace, de-legate, popped in, pro vides, puts one's finger on, dispose, dis tribute, staid over, steadying, intaglioing, be stows, nesting, in spiring, in lay, engraft, re-pose, re maining, figures out, coming to rest, in stilled, in fixing, Graving, end owing, establish, in-grain, in-vesting, stick, in stilling, setting context, squeeze in, litho graphed, de terminates, situate, re mains, in-stilled.