Pronunciation of Drain
/d_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n/, /dɹˈe͡ɪn/, /dɹˈe‍ɪn/

Antonyms for drain:

raise, saddled, de claims, spout, douse, over flow, extend, ex-tends, shoot off one mouth, Speechified, diffusing, bulges out, build, pervade, dis tending, hold forth, refresh, revive, pumped up, invigorate, bulged out, ex tended, in fix, in fixes, dis-patch, instilling, dis-tributes, bulge out, shoot off one's mouth, over flowed, deluge, ex tends, vitalize, enlarge, swamp, shoot one mouth, bulging out, Speechifying, trans-fusing, dis-tended, jampack, energize, in-vested, rammed in, rejuvenate, increase, dis-patches, brim over, fortify, flood, in fixing, brimmed over, pumps up, in-fix, water, packs like sardines, dis patched, pour, dis charging, puff up, dis patch, overspreads, restore, in stilling, trans-fuse, re-plenishes, over-flown, in-vesting, in fusing, over-spread, develop, diffuses, dis-tends, in-vest, shoots ones mouth, souse, re-plenish, in vests, dis tends, shoot mouth, in-fuse, puffs up, shoots off one's mouth, held forth, over-flowed, dis patches, unwind, de claiming, holding forth, bathe, shot one mouth, in graining, brims over, shot off one's mouth, ex-tended, shooting off ones mouth, expand, re-plenishing, in stilled, vaporing, shoots off one mouth, in-grain, dis-patching, shoot off ones mouth, rest, speechify, dis charges, shoots off ones mouth, de claimed, dis tributes, enforce, strengthen, dis patching, in vest, topping off, re plenishes, keep, in-grained, dis tend, dis-charged, brimming over, in-grains, create, de claim, packing like sardines, ex tending, replace, dis charge, de-claiming, hoard, soak, in-fusing, transfuse, shooting off one mouth, shot one's mouth, rise, Shoaling, wet, over-flowing, shoots one's mouth, dis-charge, ex-tend, augment, Shoaled, activate, rebuild, trans fuses, over flows, spieled, puffing up, relax, dis tended, over-flow, over flown, pumping up, fill, re plenishing, trans fused, shooting off one's mouth, shoots mouth, over-spreads, renew, de-claims, trans-fused, jam pack, preserve, de-claim, tops off, in grain, dis-tend, wash, glut, in-fixes, in-stilling, pack like sardines, ex-tending, over-spreading, shoot one's mouth, in fixed, over-flows, shoots one mouth, overspread, repair, in fuses, over spread, topped off, dis-tending, re plenished, Freighting, over spreads, in-fused, pump up, over flowing, ramming in, in fused, shoot off mouth, save, overflow, dis-charging, shoot ones mouth, Saddling, ex tend, bolster, dis-patched, rams in, top off, re plenish, shooting one mouth, holds forth, in-stilled, spieling, stoppered, reinforce, Stoppering, de-claimed, in-graining, dis charged, grow, trans fusing, dis tribute, re-plenished, packed like sardines, imbue, diffused, dis-tribute, Freighted, shooting ones mouth, overspreading, dis-charges, shoots off mouth, trans-fuses, in-vests, shot off ones mouth, trans fuse, shot mouth, in vested.

Usage examples for drain:

Idioms for drain:

  • laugh like a drain
  • drain sth off sth;
  • drain sth out of sth;
  • drain sth from sm or sth;
  • drain sm or sth of sth;

Quotes for drain:

Rhymes for drain:

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