Drops Anchor

Pronunciation of Drops Anchor
/dɹˈɒps ˈankə/, /dɹˈɒps ˈankə/, /d_ɹ_ˈɒ_p_s ˈa_n_k_ə/

Synonyms for drops anchor:

arrive (verb)

access, alight, appear, attain, barge in, bob up, buzz, clock in, disembark, dismount, drop anchor, drop in, enter, fall in, get to, land, make it, pop in, pop up, reach, report, show, show up, sign in, take place, turn up, visit, roll in, pull in, HIT, blow in, hit town, breeze in, bust in, fall by, make the scene, punch the clock, sky in, wind up at, check in.

dock (verb)

anchor, berth, hook up, join, link up, moor, put in, rendezvous, unite, tie up.

halt (verb)

adjourn, arrest, balk, bar, block, break off, cease, check, close down, cool it, curb, cut short, desist, deter, draw up, end, frustrate, hamper, hold back, impede, intermit, interrupt, obstruct, pause, punctuate, rest, stall, stand still, stay, stem, stop, suspend, terminate, wait, pull up, call it a day, bring to an end, come to an end, blow the whistle on, bring to standstill, cease fire, hold at bay, put a cork in.

land (verb)

bring in, come down, come in, debark, ditch, dock, flatten out, get down, ground, level off, pilot, set down, settle, steer, take down, thump, touch down, put down, sit down, light on, splash down, come ashore, come to berth, descend upon, make land, set on deck.

marry (verb)

ally, associate, bond, catch, combine, conjoin, conjugate, contract, couple, espouse, get married, knit, link, match, mate, merge, one, pledge, promise, relate, settle down, tie, unify, wed, yoke, get hitched, tie the knot, become one, lead to altar, plight one's troth, take vows, walk down aisle.

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