Pronunciation of Ease
/ˈiːz/, /ˈiːz/, /ˈiː_z/

Usage examples for ease:

Idioms for ease:

Quotes for ease:

Rhymes for ease:

  • reis, please, breese, sprees, vees, tees, these, teas, sees, fees, wheeze, glees, fleas, threes, beas, tease, skis, neese, sneeze, peas, trees, cheese, mease, leas, frees, freeze, sies, keas, flees, pleas, deis, meis, lees, keyes, rees, frieze, neas, saez, hees, reas, pease, keys, preis, bes, gies, mees, sleaze, seas, nees, knees, breeze, deas, geez, neis, crees, feese, jeez, she's, z's, kees, seize, friese, squeeze, bees, cees, liese, dees;
  • trainees, scorsese, aziz, disease, unease, displease, chinese, louise, maltese, trapeze, burmese, andries, appease, rupees, reprise, ortiz, decrees, pawnees, belize, draftees, jaycees, degrees, trustees, agrees, foresees, cadiz, lessees, cds, chemise;
  • japanese, expertise, appointees, conferees, amputees, taiwanese, escapees, guarantees, enlistees, guaranties, sinhalese, designees, sudanese, detainees, nepalese, overseas, inductees, retirees, annamese, licensees, devotees, returnees, timorese, javanese, enrollees, franchisees, journalese, referees, nominees, balinese, cantonese, ccs, honorees, siamese, internees, absentees, disagrees;
  • indochinese, stds, interviewees, abts;

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