Easing Off

Pronunciation of Easing Off
/ˈiːzɪŋ ˈɒf/, /ˈiːzɪŋ ˈɒf/, /ˈiː_z_ɪ_ŋ ˈɒ_f/

Synonyms for easing off:

catch one's breath (verb)

recuperate, stop for a breath.

die (verb)

abate, bate, break down, crumble, decay, decline, degenerate, deteriorate, dilapidate, diminish, disappear, droop, ease off, ebb, end, expire, fade, fade away, fade out, fail, fall, fizzle out, go bad, halt, lapse, moderate, molder, pass, peter out, rankle, recede, retrograde, rot, run low, run out, sink, slacken, stop, subside, vanish, wane, weaken, wear away, wilt, run down, let up, go downhill, melt away, lose power.

ebb (verb)

decrease, die down, die out, drop, dwindle, fall away, fall back, flag, languish, lessen, melt, relent, retire, retreat, shrink, withdraw, Retrocede, go out, flow back.

let up (verb)

cease, ease, ease up, release, slow down.

loose/loosen (verb)

alleviate, deliver, detach, discharge, disconnect, disengage, disjoin, emancipate, extricate, free, let go, let out, liberate, manumit, mitigate, relax, separate, unbar, unbolt, unbuckle, unbutton, unchain, unclasp, undo, unfasten, unhitch, unhook, unlace, unlash, unleash, unlock, unloose, unpin, unscrew, unstrap, untie, Disenthrall, Unfix, Unlatch, Unstick, Untighten, break up, become unfastened, unsnap, work free, work loose.

moderate (verb)

allay, appease, assuage, calm, chasten, check, constrain, cool, curb, modify, modulate, mollify, pacify, play down, qualify, quiet, reduce, regulate, relieve, repress, slow, soften, subdue, tame, temper, tone down, meet halfway, cool out, soft-pedal.

relax (verb)

calm down, cool off, lax, laze, lie down, loose, loosen, loosen up, lower, recline, remit, repose, rest, simmer down, sit back, slack, take a breather, take it easy, take ten, tranquilize, unbend, unlax, unwind, knock off, compose oneself, sit around, stop work, breathe easy, collect oneself, feel at home, hang loose, let oneself go, lose speed, make oneself at home, settle back, take a break, take one's time, take time out, put one's feet up.

relent (verb)

acquiesce, capitulate, cave in, come around, comply, cool it, die away, fold, forbear, give in, give up, give way, lighten up, mellow out, quit, yield, show mercy, go along with, be merciful, change one's mind, ease up on, give quarter, give some slack, go easy on, have mercy, have pity, lay back, let it happen, say uncle, cry uncle.

rest (verb)

breathe, doze, dream, drowse, idle, lean, let down, loaf, loll, lounge, nap, nod, slack off, slumber, snooze, spell, stretch out, take five, sit down, wind down, take a nap, lie by, be at ease, be comfortable, lie still, put feet up, refresh oneself, take life easy.

slack/slacken (verb)

dodge, featherbed, goldbrick, neglect, shirk, taper, tire, drop off, lie down on job, goof off.

slow (verb)

bog down, brake, choke, curtail, cut back, cut down, decelerate, detain, handicap, hinder, hold back, hold up, impede, lag, loiter, mire, postpone, procrastinate, reef, rein in, stall, stunt, Back-water, retard, retardate, anchor it, set back, embog, hit the brakes, keep waiting, let down flaps, lose steam, reduce speed.

subside (verb)

collapse, de-escalate, descend, level off, lull, quieten, settle.

unwind (verb)

quiet down.

wane (verb)

atrophy, dim, fall short, taper off, wither, waste away, draw to a close.

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