Eat Dirt

Pronunciation of Eat Dirt
/ˈiːt dˈɜːt/, /ˈiːt dˈɜːt/, /ˈiː_t d_ˈɜː_t/

Synonyms for eat dirt:

cringe (verb)

blench, cower, crawl, crouch, dodge, draw back, duck, grovel, kneel, quail, quiver, shrink, shy, start, stoop, tremble, wince.

eat crow (verb)

eat one's words, eat shit, swallow one's pride, tuck one's tail.

fall (verb)

back down, bend, capitulate, die, drop, give in, give up, give way, go down, go under, lie down, obey, perish, resign, slump, submit, succumb, yield, defer to, be lost, be casualty, be destroyed, be killed, be taken, fall to pieces, pass into enemy hands.

grovel (verb)

beg, beseech, blandish, bootlick, brown-nose, butter up, court, creep, cringe, fawn, flatter, humor, implore, kowtow, pamper, prostrate, revere, snivel, truckle, wheedle, yes, fall all over, cater to, apple-polish, eat humble pie, make much of, make up to, play up to, humble oneself, beg for mercy, suck up to, eat crow, kiss one's feet, soft-soap, bow and scrape.



Rhymes for eat dirt:

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