Pronunciation of Educated
/ˈɛd͡ʒuːkˌe͡ɪtɪd/, /ˈɛd‍ʒuːkˌe‍ɪtɪd/, /ˈɛ_dʒ_uː_k_ˌeɪ_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for educated

unpolished, in-competent, un ablest, unrefined, untried, in erudite, prentice, blind to, more unbriefed, raw, new, primitive, out it, barbarous, un-trieder, unintellectual, unqualified, un-taught, un-intellectual, un-sophisticated, brutish, ineffectual, in-sensible, most catachrestic, un disciplined, inexpert, green, unskilled, un-refined, crude, un-developed, un trieder, Unconversant, in-expert, more daydreaming, more unintellectual, un handier, inexperienced, un-talented, unschooled, most untutored, uncultured, rude, unskillful, un tutored, most misinformed, inhuman, un cultivated, uneducated, out of it, more unfledged, un-conscious, un grammatical, in adequate, know-nothing, more amateur, Inerudite, un refined, most unfledged, dark, un-ablest, kiddest, un-seasoned, knownothing, unknowledgeable, in-humane, know nothing, birdbrained, un fledged, more knownothing, most unread, caught napping, un-cultivated, un lettered, Ungifted, wicked, unconscious, more rookie, un knowing, unbriefed, un-civil, un informed, un abler, most tenderfoot, un-equipped, un taught, more know-nothing, un-acquainted, most untalented, un-qualified, Solecistic, un suspecting, shallower, incompetent, un-enlightened, un educated, un accustomed, un seasoned, un-handy, un-fledged, un equipped, un-handier, un civilized, un-conversant, would-be, not told, un knowledgeable, un practiced, unmindful, awkward, most ignoramus, wolfish, un-read, more unread, un worldly, empty headed, more misinformed, unprepared, most unintellectual, un learned, jackleg, semiliterate, most unconversant, nescient, inproficient, un cultured, un-tried, more apprenticed, in dark, un-briefed, unlearned, more catachrestic, un schooled, most apprenticed, most prentice, most solecistic, ham-handed, ham-fisted, in nocent, in-experienced, more unknowledgeable, in-nocent, un-informed, un civil, in expert, un handy, most cretinous, Sophomoric, mis informed, uninformed, unhandiest, un-knowing, un-learned, most brutish, most inproficient, misinformed, un-worldlier, un trained, most daydreaming, not up to, un-lettered, un-knowledgeable, un tamed, more know nothing, unscholarly, un worldliest, incapable, most know nothing, un instructed, in experienced, undereducated, un talented, most know-nothing, un-worldly, more prentice, emptyheaded, inhumane, shallow, un conscious, un witting, un sophisticated, most unlettered, in humane, un worldlier, inept, ineffective, unstudied, un tried, lowbrow, un-worldliest, more untalented, weak, un read, un-grammatical, untalented, untrained, in-proficient, un handiest, in sensible, un enlightened, more lowbrow, un couth, unhandier, unfitted, un-accustomed, stupid, uninstructed, inefficient, amateurish, more unequipped, un-mindful, more inerudite, unfamiliar with, cretinous, unlettered, most unequipped, unfit, Kidder, un acquainted, un-schooled, uncivilized, rough, un-tutored, unseasoned, most lowbrow, unsophisticated, out lunch, most inerudite, artless, un-couth, unfledged, in-attentive, un-trained, un skilled, un-abler, most inhuman, untaught, illiterate, un-witting, un qualified, un triedest, untutored, wet behind ears, in-human, un-used, barbarian, un initiated, untested, catachrestic, more solecistic, more tenderfoot, unprofessional, un-cultured, most wolfish, amateur, more untutored, Unhandy, un conversant, apprenticed, un-instructed, un-triedest, un mindful, in human, most knownothing, beginning, more ignoramus, un-initiated, unable, most unknowledgeable, spring chicken, monstrous, un intellectual, un-skilled, unequipped, more brutish, heavy-handed, un-civilized, ignorant, un-tamed, most rookie, uncultivated, in-erudite, in-adequate, un briefed, un-educated, most amateur, not informed, more wolfish, ill-bred, mis-informed, un-suspecting, more unconversant, clumsy, unaware, mindless, in competent.