Pronunciation of Effective
/ɪfˈɛktɪv/, /ɪfˈɛktɪv/, /ɪ_f_ˈɛ_k_t_ɪ_v/

Antonyms for effective

in vicious circle, feeble, immaterial, un-ablest, in-cautious, worthless, un interesting, in credible, save breath, uncool, un-fitted, most purportless, to no effect, anti-climactic, shooting blanks, more defeasible, unadapted, most despoiled, out the window, more slackspined, in substantial, unproductive, in-proficient, un-occupied, in-efficient, lamest, un-necessary, unable, duddest, more profitless, spinning one's wheels, un-sure, in-conceivable, in adequate, not equal to, un suited, more uncareful, bootless, in decisive, unskilled, inactive, most thwarted, most invertebrate, possible, made-up, more resultless, illusory, fabricated, sapless, dis qualified, more unhelpful, conceived, most unadapted, un-functional, in-adequate, un fitted, un occupied, suppositional, nonoperational, un-qualified, conjectural, more invertebrate, in-fecund, legendary, more unequipped, in capable, unfounded, most disenfranchised, un cool, in-experienced, more strengthless, unhandiest, insufficient, more chicken, abstract, on treadmill, more good-for-nothing, in-sufficient, weak, fainter, more emasculate, anti climactic, reputed, un equipped, re-mote, bushleague, un successful, pretend, hollow, around in circles, meaningless, scrapper, un abler, non functional, most unprolific, powerless, wimper, most forceless, un furnished, in-expressive, in cautious, not cut out for, non germane, un luckiest, de void, most good-for-nothing, most unfitted, no dice, more good for nothing, un satisfactory, in-operative, most enfeebled, sub-standard, in vertebrate, de solate, Dudder, most improficient, in fertile, un-available, inadequate, to no avail, de-feasible, of no use, in eligible, un-believable, nonfunctional, spinning one wheels, slackspined, more foiled, wishy washy, most unfed, un-successful, most unequipped, no avail, dis-enfranchised, in sincerest, unqualified, dis advantageous, un intelligent, wimpier, inefficient, theoretical, hopeless, indecisive, uncareful, un availing, most profitless, more nongermane, unhelpful, un filled, un-fit, no go, un-important, in-capable, uncompelling, more disenfranchised, not pertinent, virtual, un inhabited, good-for-nothing, most emasculated, in efficacious, futile, ideal, in-firmest, out lunch, un skillful, more slack-spined, more forceless, irrelevant, ill fated, in-considerable, more unfitted, in sincerer, in-utile, un proficient, un-intelligent, in-efficacious, in-capacitated, un workable, fragile, unequipped, un-luckier, most good for nothing, un-workable, out window, dis honest, un convincing, in-expert, more zero, unseasoned, un-inhabited, spinning wheels, wastest, characterless, un handy, unskillful, more failed, in-effective, more gainless, disenfranchised, most neutralized, in-sincerest, un prepared, slack spined, unfurnished, non-functional, most nothing, dis-qualified, in utile, groundless, save one's breath, more slack spined, most uncareful, no big deal, no effect, imaginary, un-purposed, unsound, imagined, in efficient, empty, non-germane, more infecund, in firm, in sipid, in considerable, pictured, un-skillful, ineffective, nongermane, to no purpose, not up to, spinning ones wheels, unfunctional, in nocuous, un-needed, un-skilled, no good, no purpose, save one breath, in-sipid, un ablest, in sufficient, most unfurnished, un-abler, in sincere, more unfurnished, most slackspined, fictitious, in-eligible, more emasculated, un qualified, insignificant, out of gas, de-void, most etiolated, un-furnished, most characterless, more loitering, envisioned, fanciful, un careful, in expressive, un-proficient, unusable, most unhelpful, more butterfingers, most uncool, most strengthless, Strengthless, most nonfunctional, un-cool, more unsanctioned, in-sincere, in complete, trivial, more disqualified, scrappest, un adapted, most slack-spined, more thwarted, dis-organized, un-lucky, hypothetical, wimpy, un sanctioned, in-credible, enervated, more nonfunctional, more unpurposed, in significant, of no avail, in-significant, fake, not serious, un initiated, most sapless, dis organized, most emasculate, inconclusive, needle haystack, in-effectual, invalid, visualized, un-suited, more despoiled, fabled, un prolific, de spoiled, un trained, most floundering, un-fruitful, not effective, counter-productive, un helpful, more amateur, counterproductive, in effectual, most chicken, in-substantial, more vitiated, unpersuasive, de pendent, un-prepared, non existent, shaky, Unhandy, unsuccessful, null void, un-handy, most zero, un-real, more anticlimactic, most resultless, fictional, Gainless, in-complete, un fruitful, more enfeebled, romantic, unfitted, unusuable, most unproficient, un-armed, ineffectual, more fragile, more unadapted, symbolic, useless, most vitiated, un handier, invented, inconsequential, in firmest, un profitable, Infecund, most unusuable, un-usable, Resultless, Non-existent, in valid, good for nothing, un-adapted, un productive, more uncool, un needed, wimpest, un-handiest, in-sincerer, un functional, de-spoiled, unprolific, un-availing, in-firm, de-solate, more purportless, most butterfingers, unfed, un-initiated, dis-honest, counter productive, most defeasible, most unsanctioned, most nongermane, inexperienced, more evacuated, unsanctioned, inoperative, more unfed, no way, in capacitated, most unpurposed, un-handier, insincere, un-filled, un skilled, un-careful, defeasible, feckless, needle in haystack, in experienced, most amateur, Unpurposed, more etiolated, more unproficient, un real, de sert, sub standard, lame, invertebrate, un usable, in-consequential, alleged, more ineffective, most inproficient, wimpiest, illfated, most anticlimactic, in-firmer, slack-spined, de-sert, in-nocuous, more neutralized, around circles, null, un necessary, most infecund, incompetent, idle, in conclusive, un available, assumed, in-competent, more unusuable, in effective, dis-advantageous, in conceivable, in-valid, un-sanctioned, in-vertebrate, in firmer, anticlimactic, supposed, fruitless, un handiest, de-pendent, more sapless, un lucky, inproficient, unconvincing, most disqualified, incapable, unhandier, in fecund, un-profitable, unfruitful, dis enfranchised, un-satisfactory, more unprolific, un-prolific, platonic, un-productive, in-fertile, cant hack it, in-decisive, unproficient, in competent, un-convincing, most slack spined, un-trained, un sure, inexpert, forceless, helpless, un-helpful, un luckier, un-substantial, more unfunctional, wishywashy, Inexistent, un substantial, in consequential, in expert, Purportless, in operative, out gas, un believable, most foiled, in vain, un-equipped, not have it, de feasible, more nothing, impotent, nonexistent, most evacuated, pointless, more floundering, on a treadmill, in-conclusive, chimerical.