Embark Upon

Pronunciation of Embark Upon
/ɛmbˈɑːk əpˌɒn/, /ɛmbˈɑːk əpˌɒn/, /ɛ_m_b_ˈɑː_k ə_p_ˌɒ_n/

Antonyms for embark upon:

complete, conclude, finish, neglect, hold, let alone, leave, not do, forget, close, offer, keep, idle, reject, abstain, give, avoid, doubt, be lazy, stop, not believe, not take, cease, dodge, end.

Synonyms for embark upon:

assume (verb)

accept, acquire, appropriate, arrogate, attend to, begin, confiscate, don, embrace, enter upon, seize, set about, take on, take over, take up.

endeavor (verb)


launch (verb)

bow, commence, inaugurate, instigate, institute, introduce, jump, kick off, open, originate, start, usher in, break the ice, set going, break the seal, get show on road, start ball rolling.

tackle (verb)

attack, attempt, essay, launch, pitch into, square off, try, turn to, undertake, work on, deal with, engage in, take a shot at, take in hand, devote oneself to, try on for size, apply oneself, go for it, bang away at, give a try, give a whirl, make a run at, start the ball rolling, turn one's hand to, come to grips with.

Other synonyms and related words:


Rhymes for embark upon:

  • dark, kuan, rohn, quark, kon, lark, sark, harc, hahn, pran, starck, mon, parc, on, clarke, caan, mark, swan, arc, marque, sohn, sonn, ron, mon, parke, clark, xian, lon, yon, bonn, merc, spawn, shark, rohn, juan, kahn, john, hark, chon, on, kuan, han, bonne, caan, wann, mark, harc, bonne, kron, starke, won, jaan, conn, juan, park, shon, tron, stark, han, non, bonn, shon, donn, jonn, bon, ark, don, barch, merc, ronne, xuan, jon, wan, sparc, lon, dwan, ron, kahn, spawn, won, starck, khan, lian, park, ronne, lian, parke, parc, dwan, dark, conn, xian, tonn, marque, spark, sonn, pon, yon, bon, spark, starke, hon, ark, bark, tonn, donn, chon, john, non, tron, narc, wann, jaan, bark, sark, khan, clark, jonn, pran, hark, swan, sparc, jon, kon, clarke, marc, marc, cron, stark, don, cron, sohn, narc, wan, quark, hahn, kron, barch, lark, caen, pon, xuan, shark, hon, caen, arc;
  • aton, fernand, demark, salon, bataan, yvonne, embark, galvan, hassan, koran, koran, dejohn, johan, alon, baton, vivyan, tehran, forgone, gabon, toran, tehran, taiwan, hassan, sorbonne, antoine, demark, bataan, dhahran, antoine, remark, sichuan, oran, chiffon, yvonne, javan, orran, nippon, oran, upon, taiwan, nippon, c'mon, remark, stephane, oman, eldon, fernand, anon, galvan, ilan, ceylon, chiffon, upon, dhahran, evonne, salon, elston, odds-on, c'mon, golan, bhutan, golan, saigon, milan, baton, evonne, yuan, gabon, elston, javan, eldon, dejohn, ilan, orran, johan, walk-on, alcon, saigon, oman, kahan, walk-on, amman, iran, anon, kahan, aton, forgone, alcon, vivyan, embark, sorbonne, odds-on, sichuan, ceylon, iran, amman, stephane, bhutan, milan, toran, alon, yuan;
  • christiane, rapprochement, moldovan, cadogan, thereupon, whereupon, cadogan, moldovan, whereupon, christianne, disembark, disembark, denouement, denouement, christiane, christianne, kazakhstan, rapprochement, teheran, thereupon, kazakhstan, teheran;
  • azerbaijan, azerbaijan;

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