Pronunciation of Embrace
/ɛmbɹˈe͡ɪs/, /ɛmbɹˈe‍ɪs/, /ɛ_m_b_ɹ_ˈeɪ_s/

Antonyms for embrace

dis allow, casting aside, sitting on fence, tergiversing, fencesits, re signs, dis allowed, silent treatment, sits on one hands, re-tract, dis missed, laid aside, dis-cards, ostracize, repudiate, turning nose up at, keeps back, push away, self-denial, dis approves, dis-place, re-signs, took pledge, say no to, ex patriating, dis carded, dis-affirmed, adiosing, lets well enough alone, dis believed, cold-shouldering, passing up, give up, took the cure, kisses off, dis-regarding, dis affirm, steer clear, dis-places, turn nose up at, kept from, goes the wagon, sate out, dis claiming, Reprobated, dis-patches, ex-pulsed, dis missing, said no to, re-probated, Tabooed, abstains from, dis places, sit ones hands, re strain, let go, leaving the cold, snub, abstaining from, has done with, re-moves, tossing aside, sits the fence, toss over, free, expulses, dis owning, dis credit, leave, uncover, not touch, pooh pooh, have no truck with, de sert, ex-patriate, sat ones hands, dis-crediting, coldshoulder, not touched, hast done with, with holding, going on the wagon, ex pulsed, preclude, eschew, fence-sitting, dis possess, divorces from, cold shoulder, hadst no truck with, dis avowing, give cold shoulder, re-probates, re-butted, swearing off, dis-missing, be littles, coldshouldering, turns nose up at, ex-patriating, re peal, Forgone, dis avow, dis-acknowledge, ex-patriated, dis claims, deep sixing, go wagon, sitting out, denude, shake off, sits one hands, deep-six, unwrap, dis believing, dis approve, re moving, give, dis-owned, abnegation, enjoin from, freeing of, dis-approved, de-cline, dis-carding, enjoined from, repulse, re-canted, saying no to, deepsixes, renouncement, sate on one's hands, be-little, dis patched, sat on hands, leave in the cold, be-grudged, demur, fence sitting, dis approving, call on, dis-avows, have done with, go on wagon, sit the fence, brush off, left the cold, abstain from, dis-avowed, forsake, dis believes, dis-believes, re pealing, steers clear of, refuse, dis patching, dis regards, left cold, not touches, de-ported, left flat, dis-affirm, re-buffing, laughed away, sat fence, dis acknowledge, sit on fence, dis-possess, dis-claimed, apostacizes, sits hands, abandon, take cure, went on wagon, abstained from, sitting on hands, bar, held contempt, cold shouldering, sate on ones hands, shied away from, deny, dis regarding, dis placing, fence sat, Tabooing, laughs away, dis-avow, leaves cold, sat on the fence, dis patches, throwing overboard, de clines, ex communicated, laughing away, dis-patching, passes up, apostacizing, going on wagon, shies, shakes off, dis-claims, prohibit, dis-credits, keeping back, be little, re pealed, shying away from, fence-sit, ex-communicates, leaves in the cold, fence sit, mislay, free of, swept away, dis-acknowledging, ex-communicate, denies oneself, leaved cold, turning nose at, fencesat, lay aside, dis-patched, dis-affirms, went the wagon, dis-patch, re-straining, starves, divorcing oneself from, leaves the cold, shun, hadst done with, tossing over, swear off, turned nose up at, nixing, shies away from, take the pledge, sweeping away, re moved, ex pulse, re canting, divorcing from, be-grudges, with-hold, dis-acknowledges, take pledge, divorced from, re tract, dis allows, sate the fence, sits one's hands, deepsixed, dis affirmed, decline, sitting the fence, gave the go by, dis approved, giving the go by, fence sits, dis-owning, holds contempt, dis-credited, re signed, sitting on ones hands, turned back on, sitting fence, expulsed, dis card, re pulsed, leave flat, hath done with, cold-shoulders, sat on one's hands, Negativing, takes cure, fence-sat, holds in contempt, leaves flat, loose, re-fuse, dis-card, going the wagon, cast aside, ex-pulsing, swore off, dis credited, casts aside, not buy, ex communicates, goes on the wagon, sit fence, parting with, dis-believing, dis possessed, dis allowing, sweeps away, dis regard, setting aside, sat on fence, re buffed, shy away from, gives go by, adioses, with-holds, letting well enough alone, de-riding, re-pealing, ex communicate, casts out, dis-affirming, de ported, dis-allows, be grudged, taking cure, leave in cold, casting out, dis-claiming, re fuse, dis-proving, dis-approves, de rides, sate one hands, holding contempt, calling on, de cline, deep-sixes, leaves in cold, going wagon, adiosed, adios, sit out, apostacized, prevent, disclaim, be grudge, dis cards, dis acknowledges, be grudging, tergiverses, dis-proved, object, parted with, de-ride, leaving in the cold, re probating, let well enough alone, exclude, Forsworn, turns back on, divorce from, hold in contempt, be-grudging, dis claimed, left in cold, turns thumbs down, fencesit, dis-approving, junk, dis-approve, dis-placed, re-pealed, dis-acknowledged, turn away, deep-sixed, with-held, ex-communicating, Negatived, taking the pledge, hast no truck with, haddest done with, leaving in cold, pro-testing, re signing, tergiverse, turns nose at, discard, taking pledge, ex patriated, sit on one hands, sate on one hands, re-tracts, having no truck with, sit hands, called on, not touching, rebuff, re-peals, dis place, swears off, tossed over, sits on ones hands, re legates, misplace, dis-regard, rule out, dis proves, dis patch, dis claim, de ride, except, sit on the fence, re pulsing, hath no truck with, nixed, re-butting, not buys, dis possesses, dis-allowed, sat one hands, give go by, deepsixing, calls on, re legate, dis-possessing, disbelieve, divorces oneself from, sit on one's hands, sate on the fence, with held, take exception to, steers clear, surrender, sits on one's hands, hold contempt, pro tested, Ejected, re fuses, went wagon, re strained, starve, not bought, dis-prove, keep from, laugh away, leave cold, re-pulsing, leaved flat, dis prove, release, haddest no truck with, dis-allowing, sits on the fence, sit one's hands, pro-tested, Ratted, sitting one hands, re strains, be-littles, tost aside, leaved in cold, re-canting, renounce, not buying, with holds, give the go by, leaved the cold, dis-placing, re buffing, re-moving, sits fence, pro testing, dis affirming, dis affirms, Reprobating, junking, takes the pledge, dis-believed, sweep away, junked, re straining, dis owned, sat the fence, taking the cure, sat on one hands, unfasten, re-buffs, fence-sits, re buff, dis believe, sit one hands, goes on wagon, go on the wagon, letted well enough alone, re-probate, turned nose at, sets aside, has no truck with, dis credits, jettison, dis acknowledged, sate ones hands, re probate, re butting, omit, steering clear, dis acknowledging, divorce oneself from, steered clear, ex-patriates, toss aside, expulsing, throw overboard, dis-carded, having done with, re-signed, de-porting, re fused, re-buffed, keeps from, re-strained, coldshouldered, kissed off, sat one's hands, re-strains, passed up, de-rides, had done with, dismiss, strip, dis-believe, tosses over, pass up, de porting, poohpooh, re-pulsed, dis-proves, ex communicating, Expulse, ex patriate, cold shouldered, cold-shouldered, ex-pulse, deep-sixing, spurn, holding in contempt, abstain, dis placed, re-legate, re move, dis-possesses, distrust, re buffs, takes pledge, re-fused, taking exception to, sitting on the fence, ex-communicated, frees of, sitting ones hands, dis carding, re-move, washed hands of, had no truck with, forswear, steered clear of, held in contempt, ex patriates, re-strain, deepsix, leaving flat, tossed aside, denied oneself, re fusing, sit on ones hands, re-legates, sitting on one's hands, parts with, be grudges, part with, be-grudge, dis proving, re butted, coldshoulders, go the wagon, de-clines, not hear of, Shying, dis avows, ban, sits ones hands, re tracts, tosses aside, took cure, dis proved, enjoins from, with hold, fencesitting, relinquish, takes exception to, took the pledge, turn back on, cold-shoulder, ex-pulses, sits out, says no to, cast out, reject, steering clear of, deep sixed, throws overboard, dis possessing, sware off, laying aside, dis regarded, repudiation, ratting, took exception to, de riding, enjoining from, freed of, takes the cure, put by, ex pulses, giving go by, re-pulses, dis-credit, leaved in the cold, Re sign, bare, dis-allow, dis-avowing, dis-claim, de-sert, dis-possessed, goes wagon, ex pulsing, expose, kept back, deny oneself, dis avowed, threw overboard, take the cure, looked down on, leaving cold, apostacize, steer clear of, divorced oneself from, left in the cold, balk, dis-regarded, kissing off, sate one's hands, turn nose at, went on the wagon, turn thumbs down, leave the cold, denying oneself, re pulses, gives the go by, re peals, dis-regards, dis crediting, dis-missed.