Pronunciation of Empty
/ˈɛmpti/, /ˈɛmpti/, /ˈɛ_m_p_t_i/

Antonyms for empty

plethoric, Sandwiched, take in, sated, packed, explicit, most scrutinized, more sheathed, dynamic, more malfunctioning, alive, choater, filled to the rafters, put one finger on, lived in, in stalled, productive, more nonspecific, most satiated, full to the gills, de terminate, all-embracing, figures out, crawling, over-loaded, more bundled, figured out, congest, more spouting, treasured, gum, furnished, most surfeited, de-legate, most obstructed, suggestive, determinating, growing, dis-guised, de positing, de-positing, wide, realizable, voluminous, occlude, occupied, put one's finger on, exceptional, be set, in-tensest, in-commodious, demonstrative, more wellused, flooded, more coated, most synoptic, re-posed, more varnished, effervescent, most pent, more humongous, endue, peopled, crowded, most deluged, de-tailed, well-provided, overfed, feasible, encumbered, load, more circumscribed, most consigned, more jam packed, dis-cursive, more capped, most lidded, more warped, most overfull, widely known, worthy, overfull, most wellused, re sonant, malfunctioning, energetic, more lived in, in-tact, most outspread, un broken, all embracing, most shielded, up rafters, more plethoric, most jam packed, most crammed, substantial, jammed, consequential, packs like sardines, gestural, more well-traveled, most coated, chock, top full, starred, dis-charged, over-flows, over spread, more sardined, dis-patches, blimpest, dis tending, filled to rafters, most comprising, in tense, dis-patch, practicable, functional, more wall-to-wall, de-luged, most topfull, set context, place, dis-patched, more surfaced, jammed in, more satiated, most spangled, more stocked, wide ranging, invaluable, dis-tending, choke, chock full, profitable, reasonable, over-flowing, more topfull, whole shebang, unreserved, most sated, more shielded, practical, vivacious, in-tenser, filled the rafters, un biased, adequate, dis cursive, close, openminded, de legates, inculcate, most well-provided, re-sting, thirsty, expressive, brimming, most latitudinous, chockest, more powdered, more pervaded, overstuffed, wall-to-wall, dis guised, fertile, invest, usable, most close-grained, Gesticulatory, close grained, ex tensive, adopted, Brimmed, more synoptic, choice, far ranging, across board, more brimful, more well provided, most crushed, over flow, valid, most all embracing, Shoaling, more trammeled, more beset, puts one's finger on, stiff with, more livedin, more gorged, re membered, co pious, sets in context, more encumbered, more gridlocked, chockfull, puts one finger on, traveled, un abridged, dis charge, most confining, de posits, over flowing, re-ported, most barred, farflung, re-corded, de terminates, fill, de terminating, re posed, non specific, un detailed, more jamfull, satiated, un-refined, dis patch, more spattered, most imbued, gesticulative, brims over, bejeweled, most unbroken, obstruct, most compressed, putting one finger on, more regarded, more glutted, figure out, more confining, allinclusive, most clogged, pro-fuse, most lodged, more wellprovided, more all embracing, glutted, more thumping, to roof, in-decent, most cropped, more topped, stuffedup, more flowered, most blocked, choatest, un-abridged, dis-charging, more stuffedup, in stalling, over-grown, esteemed, most sheathed, studded, nonspecific, most overlaid, most arranged, outspread, over-crowded, wellused, over-run, clocked up, more secreted, closegrained, sprinkled over, more occluded, habited, worksest, rammed in, filled rafters, more swarming, in-tense, most mobbed, in-stalled, determinated, more huddled, more particularized, most attended, flowered, most serried, un workable, Crammed, dis tend, most utilized, chock-a-block, more spangled, overspread, rational, most farranging, the works, most apparent, farranging, serried, impregnate, pouring out, offcolor, more satiate, dis-charges, more jam full, most well used, more comprising, farreaching, most expanded, Peppered, abounding, far flung, congested, most jamfull, most circumscribed, most occluded, more unbroken, jampack, dis tends, most spattered, expansive, most outstretched, overladen, emotional, packed like sardines, splayest, gorged, more cropped, ex tended, jammed full, most bristling, most carpeted, fit bust, more wall to wall, more crammed, most surfaced, most well-traveled, in-decipherable, copious, up hilt, more consigned, more wideranging, inundated, most encumbered, be-jeweled, over crowded, full gills, inter national, logical, full to top, maintain, most swarming, more clogged, dis patches, cursive, more roofed, more populated, put finger on, de-terminating, weighted, more peppered, topped off, mob scene, more hampered, more seething, blimper, Prized, most two-by-four, more attended, lock stock and barrel, eventful, over-spreading, occupy, putting finger on, puff up, more lodged, more permeated, more bristling, filled, well provided, topping off, most gridlocked, most lived-in, full the top, level with, most peppered, de legate, over flows, across the board, most allembracing, overfilled, jam-full, dis-tends, more plugged, most suffused, most jam-packed, full up, most frequented, hold, most cursive, un refined, inter-national, de-posits, overflowing, most weighted, more latitudinous, revealing, most well provided, fancy, de-posit, starry with, Stoppering, most stocked, more jam-packed, most well-used, elbow to elbow, in finite, momentous, more close grained, effective, jampacked, most stuffed up, sets context, dis tribute, most starred, out spread, too much on plate, sufficient, allembracing, allow, more imbued, eloquent, jamfull, tucked up, more carpeted, most consolidated, busy, drown, charged, more utilized, bulging out, more weighted, more consolidated, be jeweled, engaged, important, un disguised, full to gills, more suffused, dusted over, re corded, more studded, most streaming, setting in context, loaded, significant, most permeated, bulged out, Gestic, un-equivocal, maintained, top off, more outspread, broad, more starred, covered, replete, over-flowed, carpeted, over-spread, more squeezed, over whelmed, up to hilt, re members, fecund, determinates, most explored, more sandwiched, de-terminate, dis charges, dis-tribute, inoculate, keep, most wide-ranging, un-disguised, brimming over, blow by blow, full the gills, more two-by-four, engorged, more undetailed, set in context, dis-patching, wall to wall, in depth, melodramatic, overspreads, dis-tended, most issuing, bursting, most well traveled, more outstretched, weighty, re-plenished, flowing, most lived in, responsive, fruitful, pumping up, most seething, dis patched, more pent, most stuffed-up, far reaching, de-legates, unrestrained, supported, infuse, more wide-ranging, most wellprovided, inhabited, special, entire, more bejeweled, more overfed, wellprovided, valuable, most varnished, more mobbed, drench, dis-tend, more wedged, in tenser, most bunched, most hampered, cramped, to the roof, over-laid, un-workable, more sown, all inclusive, stuffed-up, re ported, lidded, brim over, more jam-full, more far ranging, pump up, full top, over-whelmed, satisfied, fraught, more stuffed up, in commodious, more overfull, more undisguised, most sardined, full to the top, most far ranging, most warped, in decent, most stoppered, in-delicate, dis charging, most sown, brimmed over, more overrun, deadly, up to rafters, large scale, uni versal, overloaded, too much plate, more massed, most powdered, full, more containing, bright, complete, running over, re-member, most welltraveled, rams in, most peopled, Latitudinous, Shoaled, most humongous, more compressed, most leased, jam full, more crushed, most roofed, closed in, over-flow, re sting, appressed, successful, most livedin, lively, most bundled, most umbrella, most stuffedup, most surveyed, re-sonant, de tailed, most tidal, suffuse, most massed, compact, cherished, over laid, high-grade, be-set, in-stalling, dis tributes, most wideranging, re-plenishes, over-filled, in-stall, in tact, out-stretched, Defended, undisguised, more serried, laden, re-plenishing, key, active, most containing, spread with, de luged, worthwhile, well used, most studded, infested, most scopic, more overspread, bulge out, far-ranging, packing like sardines, livedin, in decipherable, most encircling, most enveloped, most wide ranging, two-by-four, more closegrained, massed, more overloaded, largescale, most nonspecific, more expanded, in delicate, out order, over flowed, pack like sardines, uni-versal, most overfed, most glutted, re plenishes, lock stock barrel, more blocked, Clocklike, most rippling, close-grained, un interrupted, undrained, revelatory, the roof, well traveled, more barred, top-full, more all-embracing, most wedged, lived-in, most all-embracing, precious, most squeezed, up to the hilt, most populated, over loaded, re plenishing, most flooded, undetailed, over grown, most overspread, major, un-detailed, most overfilled, more elbow to elbow, over flown, ex-tended, gridlocked, exuberant, bulges out, over full, more lived-in, more close-grained, scopic, more issuing, dis charged, more thronged, over-full, developing, most secreted, most gorged, most thumping, more fluidic, re-pose, over-flown, telling, most capped, workser, scattered with, stuffed up, re-members, up to here, dis-tributes, sardined, pumps up, dis tended, most close grained, un comfortable, in-finite, most huddled, most undetailed, more cursive, un-broken, un available, more well-provided, dis-charge, re-plenish, more frequented, most wall-to-wall, tops off, up to the rafters, puffing up, barn door, de posited, un-limited, re plenish, puffs up, animated, more far-ranging, most satiate, more two by four, elbow-to-elbow, stuffed, most elbow-to-elbow, up here, more elbow-to-elbow, non-specific, lousy with, more leased, the big picture, tidal, more deluged, splayer, up the hilt, useful, most jam-full, priceless, most flowered, workable, open minded, jam pack, permit, teeming, most elbow to elbow, more dilated, de terminated, most plethoric, topfull, most malfunctioning, more well used, more flooded, riddled, applicable, standing room only, putting ones finger on, more lidded, un-available, most spouting, off color, most overloaded, most fluidic, sur-faced, most choked, two by four, theatrical, more bunched, more choked, setting context, most particularized, more sated, un-comfortable, most overrun, more appressed, stoppered, more overfilled, well-used, de-terminates, fit to bust, swarming, well-traveled, macerate, most thronged, most bejeweled, un-restrained, un equivocal, thronged, over spreads, de posit, more well-used, de-posited, most undisguised, abundant, more arranged, re member, jam-pack, re pose, virtuous, most wall to wall, roofed, wideranging, co-pious, re plenished, strewn with, glut, most pervaded, more surfeited, of great scope, powdered, pumped up, ramming in, chocker, sur faced, pro fuse, interested, de-terminated, more streaming, fluidic, most topped, comprehensive, more peopled, large, up the rafters, Choate, overspreading, dis patching, over-spreads, more stoppered, splay.