Pronunciation of Enact
/ɛnˈakt/, /ɛnˈakt/, /ɛ_n_ˈa_k_t/

Antonyms for enact

be-lying, re-dresses, declare null and void, counter-acts, dis-claimed, over-turn, went back word, counterchecks, dis annulled, brings to naught, blotting out, got the hook, called all bets off, flew in face of, in validates, renigs, x outs, in validate, re-canted, forget, blue pencilling, dis annulling, dis claims, revoke, brought to naught, re-butted, negate, calling bets off, turns thumbs down, get hook, cancel, pulls the plug, re-move, counter-acted, Trashed, cancelled out, de clare, counter acts, counter-balanced, getting off the hook, counter-ordering, nigging, dis-missing, flying the face of, xouted, finishes off, repudiate, discourage, re-tracts, re nig, counter-vail, dis-charging, contradict, re-nigged, nixed, dis mantles, over-throwing, dis solve, un-does, repeal, dis-claiming, abolish, goes back one word, scratching out, crawls out of, disestablished, dis-proved, declares null void, putting an end to, set aside, dis missing, got hook, with-draw, re-nig, idle, KOD, dis-annuls, kos, weaseling out, disestablish, flew in the face of, put the kibosh on, in-validates, declared null void, un-doing, counter orders, canceled out, dis solved, dis proved, x-outs, lose, oppose, over-throw, pulling plug, counter-checking, dis-affirming, washed out, counter ordered, dis-owning, counter checking, scratches out, puts end to, finishing off, de-clares, remove, cross out, refuse, dis-solved, gets hook, over throws, declaring null void, taking out, cease, countercheck, goes back on ones word, counterordered, expunge, rendering null void, de stroying, dis annuls, de stroyed, blue penciling, torpedoing, wiping slate clean, putting end to, dis claiming, goes back on one's word, desist, dis allow, counter-order, counter-check, rendered null void, Counterchecked, went back on one word, renigging, went back on ones word, getting the hook, in validated, hinder, flies face of, over-turning, re butting, getting hook, renigged, renders invalid, renders null void, bring naught, canceling out, de-stroying, dis-mantle, turn thumbs down, countermand, dis-allow, forgetting it, rendered invalid, re strict, de-faced, goes back word, crawl out of, re-nigging, go back ones word, dis affirms, renders null and void, flew the face of, dis-solves, with-drew, overthrow, going back on one word, dis mantle, over throw, counterordering, overturn, de-face, dis affirming, dis-affirmed, de stroy, call all bets off, rendering invalid, dis allowed, dis-mantling, over threw, dis mantling, blue penciled, torpedo, cancelling out, over-thrown, getting off hook, bring to naught, gets off the hook, re-calling, counter-balance, dis-affirm, pulling the plug, gat the hook, going back on ones word, go back on ones word, over-threw, over turns, un done, put end to, stand down, Negativing, stop, pulled plug, crossed out, with-drawn, counter act, dis prove, disannuls, gets off hook, dis-solve, weaseled out, neglect, calling all bets off, backwatered, x outed, re-peals, puts kibosh on, counter-checks, dis-proves, x-outing, go back one's word, dis solving, get the hook, brought naught, backed out of, un doing, Suppressing, xouting, ko'd, disallow, re nigged, re nigging, goes back on one word, wash out, goes back one's word, shoot down, dis-charges, counter order, dis proves, dis allowing, dis-annulling, dis-annul, offing, re-canting, in-validating, with drew, dis-affirms, rest, crawled out of, end, dis-claims, counter vailing, re peal, prohibit, standing down, re-pealed, blue pencil, brings naught, with draws, stamping across, re-call, counter check, with-drawing, fly face of, dis-charge, dis annul, flying face of, re move, dis affirm, nullify, re butted, calls bets off, void, dis-establish, dis allows, re-dressed, Quashed, pull the plug, counter-orders, re-tract, re-calls, renig, got off hook, bringing naught, dis-annulled, Killed, wiped slate clean, over turning, gotten hook, washing out, setting aside, dis owning, re-moving, re moved, re calls, x-outed, counter-balancing, direct, putting kibosh on, dis-allowed, re-strict, Voided, Disannul, weasels out, re-peal, dis proving, de stroys, over throwing, wormed out, get off the hook, blotted out, de-stroy, disestablishing, calls all bets off, counterorders, backs out of, going back word, un does, prevent, suppress, counter ordering, re dressing, counter-ordered, crawling out of, pulled the plug, forgot it, flies in the face of, counterorder, deny, dis owned, re dresses, re tracts, put kibosh on, washes out, finished off, dis solves, x outing, dis charge, re tract, be lied, dis establishes, re-dress, flies the face of, dis establishing, goes back ones word, re-dressing, blots out, re peals, counter balance, fly the face of, xout, be lying, de faced, declared null and void, nig, xouts, re-pealing, backing out of, blue pencilled, go back word, kill, de faces, Counterchecking, cancel out, counter-act, forgat it, wangles out, un did, re dress, dis affirmed, scratch out, fly in face of, dis-established, going back one's word, shooting down, inhibits, koing, re calling, re pealing, gotten off hook, counter checks, dis-establishing, counter checked, go back on word, stamps across, re versing, forgets it, fail, de-clare, re-moves, de face, disannulling, Negatived, be-lied, gotten off the hook, crossing out, Torpedoes, in validating, counter-checked, re-versed, miss, gat off the hook, dis-establishes, with draw, pull plug, worming out, blot out, dis-proving, counter vail, wangling out, dis-missed, nixing, going back ones word, counter acting, dissuade, puts the kibosh on, re pealed, put an end to, dis charges, took out, flew face of, abandon, cancels out, went back one word, counter-acting, counter acted, offed, shot down, declares null and void, backwater, over thrown, going back on one's word, declaring null and void, counter balancing, loaf, finish off, called bets off, dis-owned, dis-allowing, reverse, worms out, dis-charged, ignore, dis-claim, flying in face of, over turn, ko'ing, re moving, re canting, re-butting, wangled out, backwatering, render null and void, destroy, call bets off, re-nigs, go back one word, dis mantled, counter-balances, dis-mantled, counter-vailing, dis establish, de-stroyed, crosses out, re-verse, quash, putting the kibosh on, wait, de-facing, puts an end to, sets aside, with drawn, declare null void, torpedoed, wipes slate clean, dis charging, dis established, re verse, over-throws, counter balanced, dis claimed, de-faces, bringing to naught, nigged, in-validated, dis claim, dis-mantles, dis missed, shoots down, de-stroys, veto, go back on one's word, dis-solving, counter-vails, blue pencils, pulls plug, stands down, disestablishes, re-called, gat off hook, un-did, rendered null and void, back out of, halt, counter vails, disorganize, backwaters, dis-prove, got off the hook, counter balances, re nigs, dis-allows, counter vailed, recall, with drawing, goes back on word, gotten the hook, disannulled, render invalid, rescind, in-validate, de facing, dis charged, stood down, de clares, rendering null and void, counter-vailed, terminated, stamped across.