Pronunciation of Encouraging
/ɛnkˈʌɹɪd͡ʒɪŋ/, /ɛnkˈʌɹɪd‍ʒɪŋ/, /ɛ_n_k_ˈʌ_ɹ_ɪ_dʒ_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for encouraging

Doomful, more premonitory, unfulfilling, de rogatory, ex-acting, more dark-complexioned, more wrackful, more moping, more culpatory, dire, nit-picking, most self-disciplined, more reproaching, in despair, lightless, most oppressing, more nit-picking, most unnerving, disturbing, un-luckier, re signed, captious, more discomposing, helpless, un lettered, most agonized, unmitigable, desperate, unpromising, most spinechilling, most acherontic, most sunk, more vexing, Eradicative, most ill lighted, more low-down, unfeeling, most discommoding, more pitchdark, broodiest, re solute, have the blahs, more delphian, most lightless, dunest, cankerous, more mirthless, more spine chilling, more deprecating, more off-putting, ugly, un clear, most crepuscular, most depressive, most lowdown, self disciplined, dis-quieting, more depressive, tearjerking, most malificent, most vexing, unkind, unloving, most frustrating, more erosive, woeful, more dismaying, more undraped, more precursive, most doomful, most bare bones, more bare-bones, un-relenting, perturbing, more annihilative, more unclothed, nowin, hyper-critical, most aphotic, un-availing, most annihilative, in-opportune, de-rogatory, more invalidating, un kinder, un-holy, un-holier, self denying, cloudy, de testable, dis composing, unpropitious, doubtful, in convenient, Mopish, pre cursive, illboding, un-lighted, most barebones, aphotic, more harassing, awful, most offputting, most anguished, more agitating, most aggravating, austere, dis advantageous, more nubilous, no-win, hyper critical, un kindest, more no-win, ex acting, more agonized, sad, most dejecting, most pitch dark, Wrackful, pessimistic, un-favorable, unfriendly, dis-approving, dark-complexioned, darkcomplexioned, de-moralizing, more lightless, most dismaying, fairier, most illlighted, lowdown, fellest, most grieving, past hope, un satisfactory, un-clearest, malificent, more pitch dark, self-disciplined, more undermining, mopiest, un-clothed, most dark skinned, more disapproving, de moralized, down in mouth, illlighted, re pressing, windswept, more heart rending, non transparent, more extirpative, hairraising, darkskinned, beastliest, most nontranslucent, most dissuading, ill boding, spine-chilling, overclouded, more straightlaced, more scorched, most spine-chilling, non-transparent, unsatisfying, more deforested, over cast, mono-tone, more anguished, dis tasteful, more unmitigable, in distinct, grodiest, no win, negative, most undermining, more fatalistic, more discrediting, dubious, most pitchdark, in-tractable, more cavillous, more daunting, in dumps, more self disciplined, un settling, un availing, un cultivated, poorly lit, anguished, wretched, more hurting, ruinous, more chapfallen, in validating, more off putting, un lucky, most condemning, most heart-rending, un-clad, drab, dis approving, crepuscular, in the pits, censorious, most daunting, goner, most scaring, more irredeemable, more spinechilling, uncertain, un-satisfying, more acheronian, morose, more tortured, more depressant, un sightliest, un-achievable, more pitch-dark, malefic, un-promising, most glowering, sickie, more tarnished, more cankerous, more bare bones, mirthless, un interesting, most petrifying, un propitious, fatalistic, Precursive, off-putting, most deforested, un fulfilling, most racked, in-validating, more eradicative, ill lighted, Culpatory, fore-boding, unhappy, most overclouded, disappointing, more dejecting, most precursive, low down, more unachievable, most ebon, more unpromising, most harassing, in curable, mis anthropic, spinechilling, more acherontic, un pleasant, most invalidating, re-signed, down the mouth, more crepuscular, more nontranslucent, re-doubtable, most undraped, most denouncing, more windswept, in low spirits, tragic, duskest, most obfuscous, Exceptive, deforested, un draped, most malefic, ebon, more glowering, more exceptive, dark, mis-tier, most splenetic, in-curable, pre monitory, dismal, more unlit, Wreckful, in-convenient, not clear, more ill lighted, unsettling, dun, up creek, more no win, more selfdisciplined, most opposed, more low down, more denouncing, duner, in-auspicious, grim, beyond recall, un-holiest, upsetting, broodier, ill-lighted, most no win, erosive, weather beaten, most caviling, most crushing, more frustrating, most discrediting, most dampening, more scaring, most premonitory, un clothed, Extirpative, heart rending, disconcerting, Ender, up the creek, most unpopulated, more impracticable, un fortunate, un adorned, hair raising, un-lettered, depressing, nontranslucent, unpopulated, un lighted, selfdenying, re-solute, bare-bones, un luckiest, most lethiferous, un yielding, illfated, more lowdown, un-read, dis-crediting, most dragged, more atramentous, most dark-skinned, matest, dis-maying, most atramentous, over clouded, more malefic, most sickie, dis heartening, dis trustful, swarter, doleful, in effective, gloomy, drearer, over-cast, most horrifying, more muted, pitch-dark, dis-composing, most deprecating, Nubilous, most heart rending, most straightlaced, destructive, more hindering, more unfulfilling, un-godlier, in opportune, more caviling, most rayless, most darkcomplexioned, most disapproving, un holiest, un-sightly, more dark skinned, un-friendlier, fairiest, more discomforting, more unnerving, un-happy, dark-skinned, most disheartening, most cimmerian, more impeding, grody, drear, heart-rending, more repressing, most delphian, most unlit, un-kind, in-exorable, more aphotic, un kind, dis-pleasing, most dark complexioned, most irredeemable, un godliest, most acheronian, un feeling, more blighted, somber, in-hospitable, un mitigable, unfavorable, down in the dumps, most scowling, more unsatisfying, most discomposing, un holy, de-testable, in hospitable, off putting, most culpatory, discouraging, most reprehending, more obfuscous, ill defined, nononsense, un-friendly, Dissatisfying, more racked, pitchblack, hopeless, selfdisciplined, more chiding, un-embellished, more sickie, cimmerian, appalling, de-sert, no nonsense, un sightlier, more emulsified, unpleasant, horrible, joyless, dis gusting, more bummed, acherontic, barebones, most unsatisfying, saddening, illstarred, pitch dark, un sheltered, funereal, most fatalistic, un-kinder, ex-posed, Cavillous, most extirpative, un embellished, most nontransparent, most bummed, dreary, have blahs, most darkskinned, irritable, more saddening, un godly, most off putting, dark skinned, un-fortunate, dis-concerting, most cankerous, most wreckful, dis tressed, un-illuminated, mater, most unlighted, un read, de moralizing, demoralizing, most unachievable, most troubling, pitchdark, most goner, most worsening, un-sightliest, de pressed, most wrackful, de pressing, more petrifying, more ebon, most impeding, in auspicious, un happier, more dissuading, dismaying, more nowin, un achievable, un-draped, most saddening, dis quieting, most nit-picking, de-solate, dis-graceful, more horrifying, un covered, in flexible, ill fated, more malificent, more illlighted, most scorched, de solate, in pits, swartest, dis-comforting, stygian, most unilluminated, down in dumps, most erosive, beastlier, under-mining, rayless, spine chilling, most sullied, un-pleasant, more self-disciplined, most unmitigable, de-forested, un-mitigable, un-enlightened, un happiest, un-eventful, dis agreeable, most tarnished, Bummed, more nit picking, un favorable, un-fulfilling, dis-gusting, dis graceful, un nerving, most mirthless, more grieving, dis-trustful, un clearest, un friendlier, more disheartening, most bulldozed, more heart-rending, dark complexioned, more dampening, down mouth, over-critical, un-godliest, un-kindest, de forested, un-settling, threatening, un relenting, not known, scarier, most stygian, dis-tressed, grodier, down the dumps, up-setting, in-sufficient, more sourpuss, weatherbeaten, more stygian, most off-putting, most disconcerting, offputting, de-pressing, ominous, un friendliest, down and out, drearest, most self disciplined, in tractable, un-sheltered, in-effective, unachievable, re-pressing, dis-heartening, more blurred, fore boding, un illuminated, most windswept, falling short, most repressing, nit picking, most spine chilling, more unilluminated, unlighted, more unread, dis-advantageous, mis-anthropic, scary, more dark-skinned, more reprehending, most pitch-dark, un-satisfactory, the end, most muted, illdefined, dis maying, mopier, most selfdisciplined, un-lucky, more worsening, un-godly, in famous, de-pressed, more sunk, more darkened, un enlightened, un-cultivated, most hindering, broody, most unlettered, adumbral, dusker, more presaging, ex posed, chapfallen, condemnatory, dis pleasing, most bare-bones, most cavillous, unlit, unlikely, in adequate, premonitory, un-friendliest, un promising, more foreboding, most unread, down dumps, shot down, more darkcomplexioned, un godlier, de sert, most monotone, more monotone, most ill-lighted, bleak, more condemning, endest, dim, more nontransparent, more mopish, dis crediting, more overclouded, undraped, more oppressing, un happy, futureless, more unpopulated, in definite, in-definite, unlettered, irredeemable, Atramentous, more lethiferous, stark, most dark-complexioned, in-adequate, more unlighted, dis-appointing, up setting, most no-win, mis tier, straightlaced, re doubtable, over critical, more offputting, fault finding, pre-cursive, more goner, un luckier, in-flexible, un-nerving, low-down, most unpromising, non translucent, more rayless, most eradicative, un populated, most adumbral, un-populated, most condemnatory, displeasing, most agitating, more sullied, under mining, de-moralized, ill starred, most exceptive, most blighted, un-adorned, more doomful, more troubling, more aggravating, un clad, most nit picking, unilluminated, most foreboding, more disconcerting, more discommoding, un-yielding, acheronian, most tortured, more condemnatory, un holier, dis concerting, most chiding, more scowling, depressive, dis-tasteful, dis comforting, most nowin, most reproaching, in-distinct, most unfulfilling, un-clear, more dragged, dis appointing, dis-agreeable.