Pronunciation of Enemy
/ˈɛnəmi/, /ˈɛnəmi/, /ˈɛ_n_ə_m_i/

Antonyms for enemy

proselytizers, valentine, tower strength, grubstaker, collaborator, escort, expounders, flame, fair-haired boy, righthand people, dude, accomplice, Expounder, Subsidiaries, endorsers, bedfellow, seconder, bosom buddy, counter-scripts, young men, guest, consociate, re serve, wooer, joiner, de fenders, groupie, wooers, one of folk, yesperson, decent persons, sub-ordinate, chip off old block, musketeer, de-sire, medalist, object affection, co workers, Transients, apostle, aide, partisan, insiders, chip old block, one and onlies, dearies, savior, co ordinates, police, paramour, bedmates, monogamists, first and last, deary, Plants, running dogs, friend in need, godparents, Encourager, concomitants, friend, bosom buddies, well wisher, adherent, tipster, de-fenders, co ordinate, counter-script, domestics, quarterbacks, buddy, counter-part, buttinski, re-petitions, the greatests, deliverers, chum, cobbers, lover, one of folks, co adjutants, protector, sectators, sweetheart, counterscripts, counter-parts, roomer, companion, compeer, paraprofessional, preservers, co-worker, rescuers, bird dog, second guesser, light of my life, confidant, sub-scriber, supporter, maintainer, auxiliary, vacationer, right-hand man-woman, one onlies, duplications, guy, dearie, ancillas, be-loved, benefactor, duplication, hearty, good buddy, Bedmate, light of one life, encouragers, helpful persons, hearts desire, admirer, co-partner, shills, under-writer, Co-operator, re-petition, tootsies, right hand persons, photo copy, running dog, under writer, abiders, co mates, re plica, convoyers, comates, co partners, beau, re-serves, connection, spouse, converters, Germinations, sharers, co mate, dear ones, clubhouse lawyer, doxy, de tail, knight errants, tower of strength, fair haired boy, apologist, coworkers, apologists, underwriter, pro-posers, hail-fellow, good buddies, light ones life, cooperator, compadre, roomie, pro-poser, lovebirds, Pard, in-mate, Clubber, Co-ordinates, sis, co operators, co-adjutant, stall, the greatest, in sider, monomaniac, counter script, knight, dearests, re-plica, Temps, buttinskis, cuzzes, partakers, righthand manwomen, para-site, tipsters, coconspirators, fairy godparents, preserver, para sites, bootlicker, knockoff, heart desires, Alveoli, co adjutant, backer, titleholders, co-ordinate, adjunct, participant, decent person, alveolus, Proselytizer, in dividual, reliever, catechumen, mono maniacs, workmate, wife, Wolves, familiars, other half, love my life, ancilla, gentleman caller, co-conspirator, financers, righthand persons, another adherents, teammate, beloved, henchman, re-plications, co conspirator, bootlickers, Doxies, hatchet man woman, partner, partners, workmates, accessory, proposer, up holders, one of the folks, kissing cousins, hubbies, coadjutor, kissing cousin, vacationers, pro fessor, husband, secondguesser, campaigner, fellers, hatchet manwoman, numero unos, dear one, counterscript, helper, upholders, AMIGA, co-partners, Abider, law, co-conspirators, comate, in-mates, co partner, true love, co worker, gentleman callers, first and lasts, Sectator, para-professional, monogynist, a party to, campaigners, para site, infatuate, de-tails, knockoffs, pleaders, co-operators, right hand person, de sires, date, abettor, confreres, templars, in-dividual, sises, boyfriend, honeybunches, colleague, de sire, vindicators, heart's desire, out of towner, first last, amigo, pre servers, mate, devotee, love, under writers, participators, hatchet man-woman, cooperators, right-hand manwomen, one folk, counter parts, right-hand manwoman, ex-pounder, pro-fessor, hatchet man-women, right hand manwoman, out of towners, member, counter part, Wellwisher, heart's desires, upholder, photo-copy, paraprofessionals, quarterback, hatchet man women, hail-fellow-well-met, ally, espousers, pro posers, idolizer, idolizers, succorer, follower, loved ones, converter, co-mates, benefactress, suitor, re-plication, intimate, cavaliers, partaker, wellwishers, preciouses, hearts desires, gentleman friends, up-holder, pro-fessors, myrmidons, secondguessers, right hand man woman, in-sider, ephemera, chip the old block, co-workers, proposers, Sectary, fellow, Rooter, pre-servers, grubstakers, helpful person, hanger on, ex pounders, catechumens, para-sites, confrere, classmate, decent people, sympathizer, co operator, light of one's life, BROS, fiance, right hand manwomen, salvagers, sub ordinates, light my life, coconspirator, disciple, amigas, votarients, out-of-towner, second-guessers, light one life, assistant, comrade, greatests, fair-haired boys, templar, pal, confidante, sweetie, gallants, de-fender, help, votarient, temporary worker, man at arms, infatuates, cheerleader, pleader, one only, up-holders, in mate, de tails, roomies, counter scripts, team players, first lasts, stakers, rescuer, top dog, right-hand people, right-hand persons, pro fessors, sub scriber, object of affection, light of ones life, clubbers, dear, roomers, photo-copies, inamorato, swain, crony, other halves, sharer, mono-maniac, re petition, fellow travellers, copartner, be loved, vanquishers, sponsor, advocate, pards, halvah, phonies, support, pre server, Inamoratos, well-wishers, de-tail, go between, duplicate, re petitions, re-serve, sub scribers, yes person, salvager, exponent, Coworker, one the folks, myrmidon, homegirl, knight errant, ex-pounders, fairhaired boys, re presentative, sustainers, re plications, bedfellows, germination, insider, light of life, Co-mate, homegirls, hatchet manwomen, sub-ordinates, fan, right hand people, doll, Photostats, up holder, re-presentative, heart desire, advisor, BRO, seconders, darling, financer, ex pounder, righthand manwoman, Votarist, sub ordinate, friend need, maintainers, sustainer, pre-server, one of the folk, one folks, fellow workers, light life, one and only, classmates, ephemeras, monomaniacs, right-hand person, clubhouse lawyers, ephemerae, kept women, deliverer, co conspirators, INS, schoolmate, numero uno, friendly, fancier, cohort, patron, champion, second-guesser, proponent, CUZ, lookalike, pro poser, temporary workers, de-sires, convoyer, para professionals, connates, co-adjutants, well wishers, vanquisher, sojourners, STAT, top dogs, buff, consociates, titleholder, photo copies, endorser, joiners, one the folk, rooters, REPRO, STATS, votarists, a party tos, fairy godparent, fairhaired boy, medalists, attendant, cobber, vindicator, associate, under-writers, in mates, fair haired boys, staker, honeybunch, consort, enthusiast, juliets, men-at-arms, de fender, lovebird, fellow worker, lieutenant, Espouser, well-wisher, confederate, another adherent, monogynists, valentines.