Pronunciation of Enthusiastic
/ɛnθjˌuːzɪˈastɪk/, /ɛnθjˌuːzɪˈastɪk/, /ɛ_n_θ_j_ˌuː_z_ɪ__ˈa_s_t_ɪ_k/

Antonyms for enthusiastic

stagiest, dis impassioned, dis-obliging, dis abused, most sapped, purposeless, draggier, most streetwise, on ropes, more lusterless, ho-hum, negligent, lackluster, un involved, most disheartened, couth, dis heartened, most milk warm, sombre, Moratory, most snail like, weak, dis-impassioned, more protesting, dis-interested, most slow moving, un-accommodating, more muted, in disposed, more loitering, most blood-warm, more snail like, most slow-moving, more world-weary, in-voluntary, more shattered, more daydreaming, in-docile, dis-passionate, un-interested, wishy washy, in-disposed, most energyless, in the know, in-tensest, dronier, most unwishful, draggiest, pro testing, stagy, most lusterless, most plodding, laidback, pro-testing, more blood warm, Disimpassioned, be grudging, lethargic, more plodding, worldweary, listless, frore, more jet-set, frorest, more gelid, more balking, milk warm, unimpassioned, most pabulum, worldly wise, more undermined, mattest, un nerved, in capacitated, icebox, un-perturbed, Hard-hearted, more ho-hum, un-ruffled, slow moving, in-curious, cold, with-drawn, most unnerved, un-resolved, un-deceived, most unimpressible, un flappable, in-different, out it, most unimpassioned, un demonstrative, more punctured, dis illusioned, most dallying, Unpassionate, couther, more in to, dis entranced, lackadaisical, un inspired, anti pathetic, be-grudging, un-caring, most hiemal, slow-moving, unhasty, apathetic, indolent, matter-of-fact, more sticking, insouciant, more nothing, Shying, disenthralled, most shattered, most compelled, out gas, in attentive, un eager, more into, slowmoving, most disabused, most brumal, more hohum, most satiated, cold blooded, un excited, most demurring, sick and tired, most nothing, most numbing, dis passionate, in-capacitated, offhand, out of gas, more disimpassioned, most bloodwarm, most let down, more energyless, stagier, un deceived, more hard hearted, more tortoiselike, most slowmoving, dis enchanted, most enfeebled, in hospitable, more blood-warm, against the grain, sick tired, unmoved, in different, draggy, un liveliest, re-mote, dis-heartened, streetwise, anti-pathetic, more let down, hesitant, un-demonstrative, phlegmatic, unmindful, been around, more debunked, snaillike, un-hastier, co-uther, slowgoing, against grain, satiated, most warmish, most uneager, uncaring, more bloodwarm, most hohum, in tenser, most uptown, more uptown, stony, in voluntary, more schooled, Drony, re served, sombrest, out love, more demurring, unhastiest, more disenthralled, dis-abused, most numbed, most mondaine, un-impassioned, most time wasting, un caring, most world-weary, un cooperative, most jet set, dis obliging, frigid, thickskinned, re sting, dis-illusioned, more moratory, more blasting, un curious, more worldweary, nonchalant, enervated, more shying, un emotional, un resolved, casual, un hurried, most worldweary, algid, more streetwise, sadder wiser, in tense, unwilling, most balking, matter of fact, most disenthralled, most siberian, tortoiselike, indifferent, under mined, disinterested, brumal, in-active, careless, unworried, most zero, sombrer, most hard hearted, not the mood, most protesting, laid back, most prostrated, slowest, un-involved, un ready, JETSET, un-inclined, more unimpressible, warmish, more siberian, more mopish, milkwarm, not in the mood, Blood-warm, more let-down, one dog night, matte, time wasting, below freezing, wishywashy, more slow moving, impassive, more begrudging, lukewarm, de-vitalized, un perturbed, unobliging, bloodwarm, co uther, wellbred, below zero, be numbed, most nipping, more sapped, halfhearted, most disimpassioned, disillusioned, more jet set, up-town, more nipping, more milk warm, averse, more ho hum, droniest, most hard-hearted, un feeling, reluctant, dis-enthralled, in-hospitable, most dawdling, out of shape, un-nerved, unaccommodating, unconcerned, re-served, most debunked, calm, most citified, dis interested, dilatory, hard hearted, more uninclined, unnerved, doubting, un-feeling, more tarrying, more zero, disinclined, un-livelier, more snaillike, de-laying, more pabulum, world weary, most tortoiselike, with drawn, in docile, Snail-like, de liberate, brought down to earth, dull, more unexcited, most vitiated, wise to, undeceived, most daydreaming, un accommodating, un-eager, most iced, most let-down, out of condition, onedog night, hohum, more brumal, gone seed, most hyperborean, in animate, be-numbed, one-dog night, most milk-warm, un wishful, Half-hearted, more unimpassioned, most gelid, more dallying, tepid, cool, most time-wasting, more milkwarm, in active, de-bunked, two dog night, impotent, most shying, un-responsive, more uncheerful, de-liberate, un-enthusiastic, dis enthralled, un-moved, more time-wasting, bored stiff, coldblooded, more unnerved, slightly warm, more unwishful, going through motions, most timewasting, most schooled, more unobliging, un cheerful, most ho hum, un imaginative, un responsive, punctured, dis-inclined, rimiest, uncheerful, uninclined, un-committed, ho hum, un-hurried, aloof, re fined, de bunked, thick skinned, un inclined, dis inclined, world-weary, more enfeebled, half hearted, more grudging, unexcited, most ho-hum, on the ropes, un-hasty, un-concerned, neglectful, twodog night, in-animate, more procrastinating, snail like, out of it, most unaccommodating, most loitering, un-emotional, in decisive, most undermined, Unlively, energyless, disentranced, rimier, most snaillike, more disabused, most snail-like, slow, most unready, Worldlywise, well bred, gone to seed, Mopish, unwishful, un-hastiest, dis-entranced, pessimistic, not in mood, more postponing, more dawdling, frorer, sleetiest, most blasting, more vitiated, most punctured, un-obliging, in-tense, most hawkish, more chilled, timewasting, most into, un impassioned, more timewasting, in-attentive, more citified, more uneager, un-excited, re-sting, in-tenser, regardless, washed out, un hastier, most muted, un-cheerful, un interested, most tarrying, two-dog night, in know, blood warm, most unexcited, un concerned, more letdown, most algid, un-impressible, de laying, unhastier, have goose bumps, un committed, most world weary, happy, more milk-warm, bored, un sympathetic, sophisticated, most jetset, most laggard, most sticking, most icebox, un decided, sleetier, most moratory, more mondaine, hawkish, limp, un hasty, most procrastinating, more hawkish, spring fever, un lively, not mood, dispassionate, most disentranced, most chilled, lusterless, iced, more snail-like, un ruffled, most uncurious, most letdown, out shape, more time wasting, un-troubled, more disentranced, up town, un-willing, un-curious, un livelier, more uncurious, incurious, more jetset, uncurious, un troubled, switched on, most blood warm, un-imaginative, unliveliest, un-decided, under-mined, more laggard, in-clement, un obliging, time-wasting, most devitalized, detached, more objecting, in-decisive, un-lively, behindhand, out of love, de vitalized, sadder and wiser, brought down earth, heedless, uneager, more hard-hearted, more world weary, more undeceived, in curious, more hiemal, un-ready, unready, more unaccommodating, most milkwarm, un-wishful, wishy-washy, un-sympathetic, un impressible, more devitalized, more numbed, weary, hiemal, un enthusiastic, most undeceived, most grudging, un hastiest, uninterested, let-down, couthest, more prostrated, uptown, dis-enchanted, mondaine, most objecting, Unimpressible, jet-set, more slow-moving, lax, un willing, un-inspired, out condition, unenthusiastic, more disheartened, in to.