Pronunciation of Entity
/ˈɛntɪti/, /ˈɛntɪti/, /ˈɛ_n_t_ɪ_t_i/

Antonyms for entity

un-reality, part, un-realities, substitute, in-sight, re-course, creative thoughts, zombies, finises, micro-fiches, locum tenens, microfiche, non-entities, visuals, non-entity, vampire, figurines, dis solution, under-study, de-mises, re-lease, re semblance, losses, de-mise, fraction, non entity, intellections, dernier ressort, unreality, re-sourcefulness, de mises, unrealities, incorporeal being, re-flections, transcriptions, mental agility, transcription, torso, dream, temporary expedient, counter-parts, fillin, re course, Manes, re-leases, castle in air, zombie, de lineations, counter part, photo-copies, de-ceases, de-legate, parallelism, re-sources, ideality, changeling, carved figure, after lives, re source, re plica, pinchhitters, Temps, Effigies, Idealities, re-plications, chip off old blocks, image, mimeograph, abstract, in-sights, pie sky, re-lay, in sight, dummy, re flection, re lay, locum, de-lineation, reprint, non existences, non existence, daemon, mock up, counter-part, eidola, offprint, re-presentative, Eidolon, eidolons, Succedanea, knockoff, re presentative, necrosis, re plications, ethereal being, de lineation, re placements, paste ups, dis solutions, de-lineations, up start, mental picture, de legates, After-life, incorporeal beings, mimeographs, knock-offs, bronzes, pie in sky, comparableness, re productions, re-serves, re-duplication, idea, Torsi, mockups, marbles, wittiness, re-productions, Torsos, Kelpies, re-prints, chip off old block, dernier ressorts, pro curator, imagination, ghost, locums, re presentation, de cease, eternal rests, tracings, micro fiches, re sourcefulness, pro-curators, re-plica, ex-terminations, mock ups, re prints, pasteups, de-legates, re-placements, banshee, re semblances, non-existences, re-placement, statue, inanimate, necrosises, comparablenesses, model, after-lives, eternal rest, re presentations, carved figures, photo copies, re-courses, temporary expedients, micro-fiche, ex-termination, re print, up-starts, paste-up, passing overs, re serve, re-serve, re-duplications, chip old block, pinch-hitter, pinchhitter, re sourcefulnesses, un realities, de-cease, knock offs, banshees, dis-solutions, re-sorts, photo-copy, re-pose, re-lief, de legate, ex terminations, re-presentations, re lays, procurators, offprints, re lease, simulacrum, re leases, re duplications, locum tenentes, re-production, dis-solution, chip old blocks, statuettes, in sights, vampires, re flections, look alike, re-semblance, paste up, castle air, pro-curator, Re-presentation, dyings, micro fiche, nonentity, re sources, lookalike, pro curators, under-studies, castle the air, under studies, standin, intellection, mock-up, re-plication, non entities, effigy, visitor, knockoffs, wittinesses, re courses, replication, concept, un reality, small fry, visualization, de ceases, re-print, Photostats, death, visitors, ectypes, ethereal beings, statuette, de mise, after life, likeness, insights, finis, re-lays, Phantasma, daemons, temporaries, rubbings, creative thought, small fries, mental agilities, photo copy, trope, kelpie, re lief, reduplication, pasteup, succedaneum, re pose, visualizations, changelings, under study, pie the sky, up-start, figurine, re-sort, re-flection, Ivories, mock-ups, counter parts, mental pictures, re-source.