Pronunciation of Esprit
/ɛspɹˈɪt/, /ɛspɹˈɪt/, /ɛ_s_p_ɹ_ˈɪ_t/

Antonyms for esprit


Usage examples for esprit

  1. This bright little score is full of that esprit of which French composers seem to possess the secret, and is wedded to an exceedingly amusing libretto. – Masters of French Music by Arthur Hervey
  2. It took all his esprit de corps to pretend to himself as well as to others that he felt no difference. – Mary Gray by Katharine Tynan

Idioms for esprit

  1. esprit de corps;

Rhymes for esprit

  • cc, tea, shri, leigh, zea, goatee, sze, nee, nie, sie, ski, tv, flee, loree, flea, xi, ab, klee, louie, conferee, ghee, indri, debris, lp, whoopee, cd, nabil, ravi, mpg, sep, li, cac, bourgeoisie, chablis, franchisee, sheree, rb, rea, pawnee, ddt, bui, musee, inductee, bee, enlistee, bibi, ranee, appointee, yi, sightsee, he, id, yie, kyi, lavie, lsd, tennessee, mc, nominee, ree, kea, glee, retiree, gee, mcgee, d, mi, guarantee, quay, dea, gutsy, rupee, tse, guarani, ji, detainee, smee, plea, odp, dundee, foresee, markee, honoree, spree, repartee, cyb, p, she, ne, vendee, marquis, ye, thierry, xie, chea, undersea, sea, trustee, tenn, tee, njt, three, lxi, ged, jubilee, jee, bea, lee, je, shi, oversea, ti, bt, guaranty, qi, chee, ot, t, vee, c3, pri, ze, waikiki, wee, eap, tyree, nic, brea, sri, mit, fsi, designee, cree, knee, valoree, yee, marquee, the, mme, crea, bree, si, ip, ofc, mee, pea, snee, magee, qui, key, vi, trainee, oad, lea, escapee, khe, me, tree, prix, ve, m3, enrollee, decree, thi, internee, ki, quai, kee, draftee, we, see, degree, curie, banshee, syp, rosemarie, spie, mcghee, se, dsv, devotee, potpourri, mea, g, sci, andree, fee, pree, cxc, zee, mt, cie, henri, lessee, free, jaycee, dee, yippee, fi, rosalee, referee, cat-3, apc, gyi, emcee, dupree, z, pattee, cod, parolee, jessee, nestle, slee, disagree, bbc, capri, nghi, marie, ib, blea, be, v, de, brie, yangtze, licensee, b, re, fop, ee, atp, jie, te, deportee, hee, c, thee, resignee;
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  • awb;