Ex press

Pronunciation of Ex Press
/ˈɛks pɹˈɛs/, /ˈɛks pɹˈɛs/, /ˈɛ_k_s p_ɹ_ˈɛ_s/

Antonyms for ex press

differ, ineffective, help, difficult, approximate, disbelieve, exclude, Hindered, speak clearly, tricky, push away, waste, closed, deceive, inconclusive, remove, disintegrate, build, later, hold, secrete, discourage, unmindful, broken, indirect, inactive, take, secondary, tardy, disadvantageous, estrange, capture, unplanned, devious, muffle, yield, fight, involve, dim, conditional, restrict, unified, reverse, keep, retain, general, flawed, unrestricted, understated, indifferent, insert, pull, tentative, obscure, inattentive, lose, figure, edit in, miss, stagnate, procrastinate, hold back, give, ready, linger, overlook, spread, incomplete, raise, forgotten, suppress, nonchalant, extend, Obscured, thoughtless, homogeneous, request, changing, neglect, remain, unsystematic, withhold, careless, keep secret, lazy, united, displease, doubtful, wait, release, Postponing, inaccurate, clumsy, impede, restrain, dawdle, be idle, hinder, distort, similar, put in, unsuitable, indistinct, uniform, go slow, rest, idle, minor, decelerate, unsure, ruffled, hazy, refute, inspirit, disregarded, heedless, dishonest, complicate, push, unnoteworthy, hold up, be silent, correspondent, inferior, repel, close up, weak, rebuff, plant, Languishing, fuzzy, alienate, unclear, wavering, unaffected, Procrastinating, unmethodical, disorganize, shadowy, informal, insignificant, false, conceal, dissuade, Grounded, disregard, worst, halt, Misspeak, tolerant, check, gather, implied, undemanding, delayed, be quiet, repulse, retard, shorten, mispronounce, use, neglected, dirty, abuse, disorderly, encourage, lenient, sender, ruin, detain, Delaying, commonplace, leave alone, displace, harmonious, uneducated, deny, like, unsuited, save, imbalance, faltering, ok, close, not clear, withstand, denote, unspecific, be original, eradicate, imprison, unwilling, sluggish, mystify, stand, undiscriminating, disprove, receiver, unfitting, uncareful, mysterious, inexact, smooth, interrupted, aid, mix up, tarry, mislead, refuse, combined, same, blocked, avoid, slipshod, unintelligible, disavow, interim, meet, Mistakable, slack, build up, normal, exhale, stop, together, cloud, impotent, loiter, unexceptional, unfinished, cover, smudged, undefined, unpredictable, imprudent, invalidate, unhelpful, bury, be vague, bottle up, alike, lethargic, erase, deceitful, listen, dodge, unintentional, gloomy, unlimited, question, culpable, raze, surrender, change, wily, concealed, dull, reserved, fail, receive, unconfident, indeterminate, estimate, common, uncompress, unacceptable, ground, customary, propel, bumble, uncategorical, halted, persist, unpronounced, add, turn off, easy-going, ask, transfer, misunderstand, vague, pollute, questionable, ambiguous, unstudied, maintain, part, confine, disperse, conventional, uncertain, implicit, qualified, clouded, responsible, dubious, negative, leisurely, usual, face, temporary, wrong, veto, clogged, misuse, pour, lag, loose, secret, Resembling, regular, undecided, misrepresent, ordinary, slow, unwitting, praise, confuse, negligent, mumble, Familiar, dark, least, prepared, run ragged, competent, Unwrinkle, repress, compliment, unfixed, second-rate, ignore, reject, doubting, indefinite, incautious, imprecise, deferential, equivocal, disconnect, Slowed, incorrect, improper, relaxed, confused, imperfect, Deviating, walk, divide, varying, ignorant, construct, disembody, fix, expand, disclaim, stupid, hesitant, hoard, Indistinctive, decorated, keep quiet, stay, darken, worsen, yielding, unreliable, contradict, expected, flexible, complicated, undistinguished, forget, collect, prohibit, limit, foggy, guilty, hidden, connected, cease, standard, guess, cloudy, order, hide, unbroken, oppose, falsify, unhurried, let go, congested, dismiss, increase, destroy, chance, refrain, mixed, intermittent, unimportant, put together, dissociate, inappropriate, unfit.