Ex tend

Pronunciation of Ex Tend
/ˈɛks tˈɛnd/, /ˈɛks tˈɛnd/, /ˈɛ_k_s t_ˈɛ_n_d/

Antonyms for ex tend

move, minimize, drop, sink, explain, abridge, deflate, connect, drain, lighten, shrink, hurt, force, fail, withhold, accelerate, earn, curtail, denounce, lose, demolish, save, constrict, hold, break down, pale, deny, encourage, block, hasten, be direct, refresh, deprive, depress, facilitate, confuse, contract, answer, surrender, further, disturb, discontinue, stunt, reply, help, reduce, discourage, mismatch, placate, confine, recede, shorten, frustrate, disjoin, cause, mismanage, fight, disarrange, go, assist, conclude, go down, support, slump, soften, borrow, soothe, end, subdue, obscure, let go, retreat, combine, twist, retrogress, restrict, hurry, repress, idle, allow, refrain, blow, take away, unburden, close, be born, worsen, enlighten, straighten, collect, disconnect, forward, push, compress, finish, forego, run, hoard, make easy, uncomplicate, take back, take, reveal, calm, decline, stand, abbreviate, miniaturize, lead, descend, belittle, miss, disgrace, quicken, depart, condense, dissuade, laze, demote, decelerate, fall, fold, leave alone, disorganize, upset, hold up, bore, fill, humiliate, disagree, release, disprove, walk, energize, create, ignore, wrap, deplete, mend, penalize, expedite, speed, contradict, divide, dissatisfy, reproach, clear up, quieten, weaken, lull, resist, circumscribe, simplify, raze, quiet, wind, hide, fix, Unlink, speed up, dishearten, tiptoe, subtract, disallow, destroy, debase, injure, gather, languish, separate, conceal, wait, DO, stay, rush, rest, ruin, decrease, carry out, dismantle, unite, reject, cut, withstand, halt, cover, take out, lower, stagnate, continue, humble, rise, shame, clarify, be honest, agree, censure, serve, take down, return, better, promote, overthrow, carry on, overturn, leave, castigate, desist, diminish, secrete, disapprove, quit, kill, withdraw, advance, narrow, not use, condemn, displace, complete, prevent, neglect, shrivel, obey, resign, aid, play down, oppose, check, mix up, remove, slow, retain, veto, knock down, abandon, unmix, lessen, cave in, concentrate, maintain, criticize, cease, forge, be upright, improve, degrade, keep, let down, stop, dishonor, summarize, join, clip, break, shun, damage, cramp, undermine, refuse, run away, hinder, set back, spoil, disorder.