Pronunciation of Ex-Act
/ˈɛksˈakt/, /ˈɛksˈakt/, /ˈɛ_k_s_ˈa_k_t/

Antonyms for ex-act

imaginary, plain, unwise, praise, put in, large, reply, give, despise, opposite, forsake, unconscientious, diluted, erroneous, lazy, save, cheating, unpracticed, improper, informal, edit in, insane, deter, uncertain, unsound, consent, repulsive, loose, mistaken, ignore, contradict, discourage, insignificant, facile, late, unbelievable, agitated, prevent, artistic, important, infinite, pass, accountable, release, unelaborate, unrefined, unsophisticated, receive, counterfeit, hypothetical, casual, idle, interminable, grant, messed up, incorrect, untidy, dubious, half-baked, inconceivable, meaningless, disorderly, common, willing, graceful, harsh, excited, doubtful, inequitable, complicated, reverse, broken, compliant, standard, generous, lengthy, considerable, affected, unlikable, allow, unceremonious, mighty, deceptive, unsuited, limited, half-done, unstable, different, untrue, unclean, exonerate, fictitious, unpleasant, start, slipshod, illogical, disloyal, rare, cancel, disagreeable, free, tricky, afraid, encourage, ordinary, unconvincing, pliable, unaffected, Dirtied, award, retreat, crude, regular, extraordinary, insert, disclaim, wavering, upright, unreal, not want, lethargic, dissimilar, unrealistic, irresolute, undefined, disproportionate, ragged, variable, hinder, far, implicit, worthless, inelegant, natural, flawed, not finish, please, Inexhaustive, unmethodical, fix, impede, usual, lying, dry, infrequent, disallow, past, hide, bad, dishonest, submit, tractable, countermand, atheistic, crass, supply, advance, uncommon, fallible, questionable, fraudulent, uncivilized, unlikely, unreliable, yielding, little, conditional, reward, let off, unjust, unkempt, incomprehensive, leave alone, unsuitable, keep, forego, coarse, misunderstand, unfair, unacceptable, cool, unusual, leave, minor, check, unsettled, evil, slack, unwilling, deceitful, deficient, unenthusiastic, stupid, unthorough, repudiate, ignorant, fuzzy, yield, answer, ambiguous, chaotic, irreligious, plant, partial, Uncramped, long-winded, cursory, needy, recall, nominal, unfaithful, miss, dislike, slovenly, disparate, irresponsible, follow, refrain, obscure, unreasonable, mild, tardy, untraditional, objectionable, inexact, negligent, dirty, disorder, agnostic, weak, unfitting, defective, obstruct, vertical, nasty, nice, Sciolistic, general, fickle, help, uninvolved, dependent, disregard, dismiss, give in, lax, approximate, anomalous, wobbly, approve, avoid, eccentric, unrestricted, supress, inappropriate, unhealthy, faithless, mad, dull, complaisant, stop, unsatisfactory, unsubstantial, desert, infirm, indistinct, unsure, unfixed, gigantic, comply, untrustworthy, polluted, disbelieve, inactive, polite, simple, loosen, prolix, serve, tolerant, unfriendly, unfit, detached, abjure, unscrupulous, Refused, hateful, unfinished, erring, curved, supple, abnormal, refuse, senseless, easy-going, substandard, let go, sham, submissive, give up, circumscribed, flexible, twisted, rough, misleading, be immune, pretended, ungenuine, uncritical, decision, giant, assuage, treacherous, Surrendering, displace, giving, unburden, kind, second-rate, unmindful, biased, big, corrupt, distinct, false, reimburse, undetailed, amenable, unstylish, victory, revoke, unequal, unlimited, inaccurate, agreement, unimportant, undiscriminating, left, spread, unlike, oppose, undecided, disordered, substantial, indolent, indirect, uncultured, low, unconventional, unfathomable, endless, irrational, diverse, useless, trivial, nonessential, hate, unscrew, blemished, unfussy, assist, poor, sloppy, improbable, moving, indefinite, imperfect, significant, present, untruthful, unruly, veto, inefficient, surrender, faulty, undependable, similar, immature, insincere, placate, unsystematic, sparing, neglect, overlook, mixed, vulgar, disperse, calm, unconcerned, old, changing, add, equivocal, dissuade, block, easy, halt, inconstant, varying, limber, verbose, commonplace, devious, disapprove, inconsistent, dodge, mismanage, hypocritical, unintelligent, relaxed, vague, indifferent, slow, remove, incomplete, moderate, have, straighten, Deceiving, gentle, thoughtless, confused, conceal, uncaring, drop, imbalanced, unfactual, ask, inferior, imprecise, unmannerly, divergent, unfashionable, quit, lose, hold, small, unjustified, abandon, part, unsteady, inadmissible, customary, lenient, wordy, consequential, withhold, open, immoral, huge, permit, uncareful, faraway, clumsy, aid, untwist, changeable, troubled, compensate, wrong, restricted, deny, normal, question, horrible, cover, invalid, unfasten, soothe, sick, careless, obey, fail, inadequate, illegitimate, undemanding, reputed, unreserved, Obscured, unspecific, soft, cease, ungodly, like, nonspecific, inconclusive, uncomplicated, pliant, divide, compliment, foolish, delay, Misbehaving, irregular, suspicious, unbroken, Resembling, away, repress, legendary, messy, forget, theoretical, listen, uneven, reject, beyond, offer, superficial, bending, alterable, brief, liberate, unclear, rejected, disorganized, do not want, Distrusted, forfeit, unobserved, incredible, take, implausible.