Pronunciation of Ex-Tend
/ˈɛkstˈɛnd/, /ˈɛkstˈɛnd/, /ˈɛ_k_s_t_ˈɛ_n_d/

Antonyms for ex-tend

encourage, narrow, disjoin, gather, withhold, abridge, rush, serve, take out, kill, agree, disallow, mend, reject, decrease, refrain, bore, censure, damage, resist, allow, wait, be born, ruin, continue, prevent, energize, rest, slow, fill, reveal, reply, obey, aid, let go, clip, condense, be honest, fall, penalize, frustrate, be genuine, unmix, speed, surrender, miss, retain, support, undermine, clear up, carry on, abbreviate, castigate, disorder, disorganize, drop, overturn, secrete, refuse, belittle, be upright, create, run, help, release, borrow, contract, confine, shame, discourage, uncomplicate, facilitate, withstand, set back, cease, calm, miniaturize, repress, upset, demolish, cave in, clarify, dishearten, explain, decelerate, pale, dishonor, better, make easy, dissuade, deplete, further, raze, lead, quieten, fold, soften, disprove, retrogress, lull, condemn, answer, carry out, oppose, disapprove, take down, hurt, wind, separate, leave, block, depress, save, weaken, debase, placate, break down, stunt, decline, withdraw, circumscribe, quit, conceal, hold up, combine, overthrow, shrink, diminish, mismanage, hurry, hide, join, abandon, concentrate, push, walk, return, contradict, curtail, mismatch, enlighten, conclude, complete, worsen, stop, forego, move, lose, expedite, connect, reduce, halt, unite, depart, finish, rise, disarrange, fix, DO, simplify, deflate, stay, cut, demote, sink, improve, run away, unburden, deprive, quiet, displace, stagnate, constrict, shrivel, collect, hoard, veto, maintain, compress, accelerate, go, disturb, advance, dissatisfy, laze, resign, obscure, restrict, blow, descend, remove, force, end, mix up, recede, hasten, take, straighten, soothe, assist, forward, desist, not use, lessen, refresh, cover, promote, take away, reproach, divide, stand, speed up, hold, dismantle, hinder, destroy, Unlink, disagree, be direct, injure, break, subdue, humble, go down, slump, take back, check, keep, spoil, neglect, deny, fail, drain, disgrace, minimize, close, disconnect, play down, twist, degrade, cramp, earn, lighten, leave alone, quicken, fight, humiliate, confuse, wrap, languish, lower, discontinue, forge, ignore, tiptoe, cause, shorten, criticize, subtract, shun, denounce, let down, summarize, retreat, knock down, idle.

Synonyms for ex-tend

administer (verb)

apply, apportion, authorize, bring, contribute, deal, deliver, disburse, distribute, dole out, execute, extend, furnish, impose, inflict, issue, measure out, mete out, offer, perform, portion, provide, regulate, serve, supply.

aggrandize (verb)

acclaim, applaud, commend, dignify, distinguish, ennoble, glorify, hike, hike up, honor, hype, intensify, jack up, jump, parlay, praise.

amount (verb)

aggregate, approach, approximate, become, come to, correspond, effect, grow, match, mean, number, purport, reach, rival, sum, tally, total, touch, check with, be tantamount to, be equivalent to, develop into.

amplify (verb)

add, build up, deepen, elaborate, exaggerate, expatiate, flesh out, inflate, pyramid, raise, soup up, strengthen, swell, up.

arch (verb)

arc, bend, bow, bridge, camber, form, hook, hump, hunch, round, shape, span.

augment (verb)

build, compound, mount, piggyback, progress, reinforce, sweeten, tag on.

boost (verb)

put up.

branch off/branch out (verb)

diverge, diversify, divide, fork, part, proliferate, ramify, separate.

build (verb)

escalate, improve, wax.

build up (verb)

fortify, plug, promote, publicize, puff, spotlight.

come up to (verb)

arrive, come near, equal, resemble, measure up to, rank with, compare with, bear comparison with, admit of comparison with, get near, stand comparison with.

compound (verb)

aggravate, confound, confuse, exacerbate, worsen, make complex, make intricate.

continue (verb)

abide, endure, hang in, keep on, keep up, linger, live on, loiter, maintain, make headway, outlast, outlive, persevere, persist in, press on, project, pursue, push on, remain, rest, ride, stand, stay, stay on, stick to, survive, sustain, uphold, Perdure, carry forward, keep at, forge ahead, stick at, get on with it, keep on truckin', keep the ball rolling, move ahead, never cease.

deepen (verb)

dig, dig out, dredge, excavate, hollow, redouble, rise, rouse, scoop out, Intensate, scrape out.

defer (verb)

adjourn, block, delay, detain, hinder, hold up, impede, intermit, lay over, obstruct, postpone, procrastinate, prorogue, remit, shelve, slow, suspend, table, waive, hang fire, retard, put on ice, set aside, give rain check, put on back burner, put on hold.

deploy (verb)

arrange, display, dispose, position, set out, set up, use, utilize, form front, put out patrol, take battle stations.

develop (verb)

actualize, beautify, cultivate, enrich, evolve, exploit, finish, materialize, perfect, polish, realize, refine.

dilate (verb)

distend, expound, puff out, spin off, be profuse, be prolix.

display (verb)

advertise, bare, betray, boast, brandish, demonstrate, disclose, emblazon, evidence, evince, exhibit, expose, feature, flash, flaunt, flourish, glaze, grandstand, illustrate, lay out, manifest, model, parade, promulgate, publish, represent, reveal, showcase, sport, trot out, uncover, unmask, unveil, vamp, show off, lay bare, make known, open out, make clear, bring to view.

drag on/drag out (verb)

keep going, persist, go on slowly.

drag out (verb)

drag on.

drawl (verb)

chant, drone, intone, nasalize, utter, pronounce slowly.

draw out (verb)

attract, drag, lead on, pull, spin, tug, make longer.

elongate (verb)

fill, put rubber in.

enlarge (verb)

blow up, bulk, diffuse, embroider, jazz up, slap on, snowball, upsurge, give details, grow larger, make larger.

escalate (verb)

ascend, climb, scale, step up, make worse.

expand (verb)

discourse, embellish, spell out.

extend (verb)

accord, add to, advance, aggrandize, allocate, allot, amplify, augment, award, beef up, bestow, boost, bring forward, broaden, carry on, confer, continue, crane, develop, dilate, donate, drag one's feet, drag out, draw, draw out, elongate, enhance, enlarge, expand, fan out, give, go on, grant, heighten, hold out, impart, increase, last, lengthen, let out, magnify, mantle, multiply, open, pad, pose, present, proffer, prolong, protract, put forward, reach out, spin out, spread, stall, stretch, stretch out, string out, submit, supplement, take, tender, unfold, unfurl, unroll, widen, yield, run on, Prolongate, put forth, place at disposal, spread out.

fan (verb)

agitate, arouse, enkindle, excite, stimulate, stir up, whip up, work up, Impassion, add fuel.

give (verb)

administer, dispense, indicate, minister, produce, render, return, set forth, show, put on.

go (verb)

connect, cover, fit, lead, make, range, run, vary, give access.

grow (verb)

abound, age, arise, branch out, breed, burgeon, burst forth, come, fill out, gain, germinate, luxuriate, maturate, mature, originate, pop up, propagate, pullulate, ripen, shoot, spring up, sprout, stem, thicken, thrive, turn, vegetate, come to be, get bigger, get taller.

heighten (verb)

elevate, exalt, lift, send up, make higher.

increase (verb)

annex, double, further, mark up, sharpen, swarm, tack on, teem, triple.

join (verb)

abut, adjoin, bound, butt, communicate, conjoin, fringe, hem, line, march, meet, neighbor, parallel, rim, skirt, verge on, be adjacent to, be at hand, be close to, be contiguous to, lie beside, lie near, lie next to, open into, trench on.

lend (verb)

afford, allow, entrust, lend-lease, let, loan shark, oblige, permit, shark, stake, trust, lay on one.

lie (verb)

be, be on, belong, beset, exist, occupy, prevail, be seated, be even, be beside, be buried, be established, be fixed, be found, be interred, be level, be located, be placed, be smooth, have its seat in.

magnify (verb)

bless, eulogize, run up, jump up.

multiply (verb)

accumulate, cube, generate, manifold, populate, procreate, repeat, square.

offer (verb)

bid, come forward, move, ply, press, propound, sacrifice, suggest, volunteer, make available, lay at one's feet, be at service, put on the market, put up for sale.

overhang (verb)

beetle, command, endanger, impend, jut, loom, menace, overtop, poke, portend, pouch, protrude, stand out, stick out, swing over, threaten, tower above, rise above, be imminent, be suspended, cast a shadow, dangle over, droop over, flap over.

pay (verb)

adjust, bequeath, chip in, clear, come through, compensate, cough up, defray, dig up, discharge, foot, hand over, handle, kick in, liquidate, plunk down, prepay, recompense, recoup, refund, reimburse, remunerate, repay, requite, reward, satisfy, settle, take care of, bear the cost, bear the expense, make payment, foot the bill.

pervade (verb)

charge, imbue, impregnate, infuse, overspread, penetrate, percolate, permeate, suffuse, transfuse.

pose (verb)

ask, posit, prefer, propose, proposition, put, query, question, set, state.

present (verb)

acquaint, adduce, allege, cite, declare, fix up, get together, imply, infer, intimate, lay, pitch, recount, relate, roll out, stage, do the honors, DO, give an introduction, make a pitch, open to view.

proceed (verb)

derive, emanate, ensue, follow, head, pass, result, spring.

proffer (verb)

gift, hand, hit on.

project (verb)

overhang, pop out, pout, protuberate, push out, thrust out, hang over, be conspicuous, be prominent.

protrude (verb)

bulge, extrude, jut out, obtrude, point, pop, start, stick up, butt out, shoot out.

ramble (verb)

amble, clamber, cruise, depart, digress, divagate, drift, gad, gallivant, knock about, meander, perambulate, peregrinate, promenade, roam, rove, saunter, scramble, snake, sprawl, straddle, straggle, stray, stroll, trail, traipse, twist, walk, wind, zigzag, Excurse, bat around, branch off, knock around, be all over the map, get sidetracked, sprangle, spread-eagle.

ramify (verb)

bifurcate, subdivide.

re-create (verb)

furbish, refurbish, revamp, give a new look to.

recondition (verb)


renew (verb)

brace, exhilarate, freshen, gentrify, go over, mend, modernize, overhaul, reaffirm, reawaken, recondition, recreate, reestablish, refit, refresh, regenerate, rehabilitate, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, remodel, renovate, reopen, repair, replace, replenish, restate, restock, restore, resume, resuscitate, retread, revitalize, revive, spruce, transform, Recommence, begin again, bring up to date, breathe new life into.

run (verb)

circulate, encompass, go, lie, proceed, go around, be current, move past.

snowball (verb)


span (verb)

arch, cross, ford, go across, link, pass over, traverse, vault.

sprawl (verb)

drape, flop, loll, lounge, ramble, recline, sit, slouch, slump, lie spread-eagle.

spread (verb)

array, bloat, cast, coat, daub, disperse, even out, flatten, flow, gloss, level, mushroom, overlay, paint, pervade, prepare, radiate, smear, spray, strew, uncoil, untwist, unwind, Outstretch, be displayed, be distributed.

stick out (verb)

outthrust, push, Protend.

strain (verb)

constrict, distort, drive, exert, fatigue, injure, overexert, overtax, overwork, rack, sprain, task, tauten, tax, tear, tighten, tire, weaken, wrench, draw tight, push to the limit.

strengthen (verb)

anneal, bolster, buttress, confirm, corroborate, empower, establish, harden, invigorate, justify, renew, sinew, steel, substantiate, support, temper, tone, tone up, toughen, make firm, add fuel to fire.

supplement (verb)

complement, complete, fill up, heat up, subsidize, top, punch up.

swell (verb)

balloon, belly, billow, blister, fatten, intensity, plump, puff up, round out, surge, tumefy, uprise, well up, be inflated, become bloated, become distended, become swollen.

trail (verb)

chase, dally, dangle, dawdle, dog, droop, drop back, fall back, fall behind, falter, flag, halt, hang, hang back, haul, hunt, lag, nose out, plod, shadow, spook, spoor, stalk, stream, string along, tag along, tail, tarry, tow, trace, track, trudge, Draggle, take out after, poke along, shag, hang down, bedog, bring up the rear, follow a scent.

unfold (verb)

disentangle, fan, loosen, outspread, release, straighten, unbend, uncurl, undo, unravel, unwrap, shake out, reel out, uncrease.

widen (verb)

ream, open wide.