Pronunciation of Ex-Tension
/ˈɛkstˈɛnʃən/, /ˈɛkstˈɛnʃən/, /ˈɛ_k_s_t_ˈɛ_n_ʃ_ə_n/

Synonyms for ex-tension:

accession (noun)

accretion, enlargement, extension, increment, raise, rise.

accessory (noun)

accent, adornment, appliance, appurtenance, attachment, component, decoration, extra, frill, help, trim, trimming.

addendum (noun)

codicil, postscript, rider.

addition (noun)

accession, accessory, accrual, additive, adjoining, aggrandizement, annexation, bonus, boost, commission, dividend, enhancement, gain, hike, inclusion, increasing, option, profit, reinforcement, Adding, Affixing.

amplification (noun)

buildup, deepening, elaboration, exaggeration, expatiation, heightening, intensification, magnification, padding, raising, strengthening, Boosting, Supplementing, upping, fleshing out.

arm (noun)

affiliate, authority, block, command, department, detachment, division, ell, force, offshoot, power, projection, section, sector.

attachment (noun)

accoutrement, adapter, auxiliary, fitting, fixture, part.

augmentation (noun)

enrichment, growth, inflation, multiplication, swelling, up, beefing up.

branch (noun)

bough, branchlet, bug, bureau, category, chapter, classification, connection, dependency, derivative, detour, divergence, fork, local, member, office, outpost, portion, prong, scion, shoot, spray, sprig, subdivision, subsection, subsidiary, tributary.

bridge (noun)

arch, bond, catwalk, gangplank, link, overpass, platform, pontoon, scaffold, tie, transit, trestle, viaduct.

continuance (noun)

constancy, continuation, endurance, guts, longevity, permanence, perpetuation, run, survival, term, vitality, period.

continuation (noun)

assiduity, augmenting, continuance, continuity, duration, enduring, furtherance, line, persisting, preservation, preserving, propagation, sequel, succession, sustenance, tenacity, Maintaining, Perpetuating, Producing, Prolonging, Protracting, Sustaining, going on.

continuity (noun)

chain, cohesion, continuousness, continuum, durability, flow, interrelationship, perpetuity, persistence, sequence, stability, stamina, train, uniting, unity, whole, Dovetailing, Linking.

credit (noun)

balance, debenture, installment buying, installment plan, lien, loan, mortgage, plastic, respite, stock, tab, trust, wealth, Securities, capital outlay, on account, on the arm, on the cuff, surplus cash.

deferral (noun)

deferment, stay, suspension.

dimensions/dimension (noun)

ambit, amplitude, bigness, bulk, capacity, depth, dimensionality, greatness, height, importance, largeness, length, magnitude, measure, measurement, scale, size, volume, width, admeasurement, extensity.

distance (noun)

absence, area, bit, breadth, expanse, farness, gap, heavens, hinterland, horizon, lapse, objective, outskirts, remoteness, remove, separation, sky, space, way, Purlieu, provinces, country mile, good ways, far piece.

enlargement (noun)

blow up.

expanse (noun)

belt, distance, domain, field, immensity, latitude, margin, plain, range, region, room, sphere, territory, tract, wilderness, uninterrupted space.

expansion (noun)

diffusion, dilation, evolution, maturation, unfolding, unfurling, opening out.

extension (noun)

addendum, addition, adjunct, amplification, annex, appendage, appendix, arm, augmentation, branch, broadening, compass, continuing, delay, development, dilatation, distension, elongation, expansion, extent, increase, lengthening, orbit, postponement, production, prolongation, protraction, purview, radius, reach, scope, span, spread, stretch, stretching, supplement, sweep, widening, wing, drawing out, spreading out.

extent (noun)

amount, bounds, capaciousness, degree, intensity, leeway, limit, mass, matter, neighborhood, order, period of time, play, proliferation, quantity, spaciousness, time, tune, vicinity, wideness, Elbowroom, proportions, dimensions.

extra (noun)

affix, complement, supernumerary.

growth (noun)

advance, advancement, crop, cultivation, flowering, germination, improvement, produce, prosperity, sprouting, success, surge, swell, thickening, vegetation, waxing, Evolvement, Maturing.

increase (noun)

access, accumulation, breakthrough, escalation, incorporation, maximization, merger, optimization, upgrade, upsurge, upturn, Cumulation, burgeoning, step-up.

inflation (noun)

blowing up, boom, puffiness, tumefaction.

limb (noun)

extremity, fin, leg, lobe, pin, pinion, process, spur, stem, switch, unit, wheel, Gam.

loan (noun)

accommodation, allowance, credit, floater, investment, time payment.

orbit (noun)

arena, boundary, career, circle, circumference, course, dominion, jurisdiction, pilgrimage, precinct, province, realm.

plane (noun)

condition, face, facet, footing, grade, horizontal, obverse, position, stratum.

projection (noun)

bump, bunch, eaves, hook, jut, knob, ledge, outthrust, point, prominence, protrusion, protuberance, ridge, rim, shelf, sill, spine, step.

radius (noun)

interval, semidiameter, spoke.

ramification (noun)

bifurcation, branching, breaking, complication, consequence, divarication, excrescence, forking, outgrowth, partition, radiation, result, upshot, Subdividing.

range (noun)

confines, diapason, dimension, earshot, gamut, hearing, ken, panorama, spectrum, swing, limits, parameters, run of.

reach (noun)

ability, grasp, influence, mastery.

scope (noun)

comprehensiveness, elbow room, freedom, fullness, liberty, opportunity, outlook, field of reference.

size (noun)

body, caliber, content, diameter, enormity, highness, proportion, stature, substance, substantiality, tonnage, vastness, voluminosity, hugeness.

space (noun)

blank, headroom, headway, infinity, lacuna, location, omission, slot, spot, turf, zone.

spread (noun)

dispersion, dissemination, profusion, ramification, spreading, suffusion, transfusion, transmission.

stress (noun)

affliction, agony, alarm, albatross, anxiety, apprehensiveness, burden, clutch, crunch, disquiet, disquietude, distention, draw, dread, expectancy, fear, fearfulness, ferment, flutter, hardship, hassle, heat, impatience, misgiving, mistrust, nervousness, oppression, passion, pull, restlessness, spring, strain, tautness, tenseness, tension, tensity, tightness, traction, trauma, trepidation, trial, urgency, worry, overextension, nervous tension.

stretch (noun)


sweep (noun)


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