Pronunciation of Exclusive
/ɛksklˈuːsɪv/, /ɛksklˈuːsɪv/, /ɛ_k_s_k_l_ˈuː_s_ɪ_v/

Antonyms for exclusive

unlimited, halfway, unbigoted, dis cursive, all around, all-encompassing, Unhandsome, more overstated, ex-tensive, more thumping, most all-embracing, un-exclusive, more ball of wax, more extensive, fragmental, cheap, diffuse, no stone unturned, the big picture, more umbrella, sleazy, graceless, un-prejudiced, catchall, more overdrawn, bird eye, wholesale, rumpled, global, more comprising, dowdy, all over, most umbrella, universal, INDEPTH, more encircling, low-end, unexclusive, pro-founder, more containing, blimpest, co pious, poor, styleless, multi national, untidy, bird's eye, all the options, part, un bigoted, more undetailed, downscale, Embracive, more all-over, unsectarian, Overdrawn, wall wall, more wholehog, broad, most unexclusive, wholehog, thorough-going, bird's-eye, all together, extensive, fulldress, more catchall, the word, most comprehending, most apprehensible, most allembracing, out and out, all inclusive, public, most embracive, full-out, wrinkled, most wide-ranging, far-reaching, most ball-of-wax, nonexclusive, messy, non exclusive, most thorough going, all-embracing, more expanded, most world wide, more scopious, non-specific, multi-national, most synoptic, divided, more all-encompassing, large, most containing, most humongous, in-discriminate, nonspecific, re-gular, un-qualified, bird'seye, in determinate, all encompassing, un-disputed, most fullout, re gular, partial, non-exclusive, more nonspecific, synoptic, most thorough-going, most all over, largescale, overall, fragmentary, most catchall, from a z, most unbigoted, slovenly, over-stated, most overstated, more all embracing, frowsy, barn door, open minded, most comprehendible, open, blimper, most nonexclusive, un-detailed, infinite, farreaching, fullblown, apprehensible, more fullout, over-drawn, wideranging, Bird-eye, more unsectarian, undetailed, fullout, large scale, full-scale, un disputed, sloppy, unfashionable, unstylish, allinclusive, most thumping, more ball-of-wax, pandemic, most allencompassing, more allencompassing, wall to wall, more whole-hog, across board, birds-eye, more world wide, more wall to wall, in-tensive, most scopious, ex-tended, more synoptic, broadminded, more nonexclusive, most unsectarian, openminded, the works, sweeping, inelegant, un exclusive, more graspable, graspable, most expanded, more comprehendible, worksest, more unexclusive, pro founder, un restricted, generic, in depth, more thorough going, uni-versal, inclusive, comprehensive, inexpensive, more comprehending, outmoded, lock stock and barrel, most allover, comprehendible, dime-store, more wideranging, unkempt, un sectarian, more apprehensible, scattered, all out, most wideranging, most wholehog, wall-to-wall, more thorough-going, most ball of wax, most world-wide, broad minded, more full out, most all encompassing, most wide ranging, most whole hog, uni versal, more humongous, out, most overdrawn, mussy, without exception, far reaching, more unbigoted, allaround, allover, un prejudiced, allout, all-over, workser, ex tended, from to z, dis-cursive, shabby, exhaustive, all embracing, lock stock barrel, un qualified, inferior, old-fashioned, unbecoming, un-limited, more full-out, most wall-to-wall, from z, wide ranging, un-sectarian, deficient, more embracive, across the board, un confined, more all-embracing, all options, most wall to wall, shared, most encircling, In Toto, over drawn, lucid, trashy, in-finite, most all embracing, full out, most all-over, birdseye, distributed, world wide, more whole hog, discount, the whole shebang, incomplete, pro-found, pro found, in finite, scopious, scopic, more wide-ranging, whole-hog, un-confined, whole shebang, un detailed, non specific, catholic, tasteless, more world-wide, allembracing, explicit, cheesy, in discriminate, birdeye, ball-of-wax, ex tensive, tacky, more all over, unrestricted, allencompassing, most graspable, uncool, un-bigoted, un-restricted, most nonspecific, most whole-hog, most comprising, farflung, unattractive, far flung, more wall-to-wall, birds eye, in tensive, thorough going, most scopic, most undetailed, co-pious, wordest, comprehensible, more all encompassing, disheveled, of great scope.