Pronunciation of Exhale
/ɛkshˈe͡ɪl/, /ɛkshˈe‍ɪl/, /ɛ_k_s_h_ˈeɪ_l/

Antonyms for exhale:

Trailed, de-scribe, brings forth, in haling, siphoned, in-duce, de sign, de-lineated, hold, in-sufflates, de lineated, suck in, de signing, calls forth, winded in, ex-tracts, ex-tort, ex pressed, in hales, ex-press, de-pict, in sufflate, ex press, in spire, keep, called forth, de-rives, calling forth, brought forth, de-signing, call forth, penciled, be witches, de-signs, Pencilling, re-spires, de-riving, ex tort, in-haled, de scribing, out-lines, out line, argue into, de signed, re spire, be-witching, pre pares, argued into, in-spire, Caricaturing, ex-torts, evoked, in-sufflating, pre-pare, de scribe, out-line, be witch, be-witched, de-lineate, graphing, singles out, pencils, in hale, absorb, pro filed, in spiring, de rives, de scribes, argues in to, map out, wiled, graphed, de-scribing, de-scribes, sucking in, pre-pared, bring forth, de-scribed, be witched, in haled, out lined, out lining, sucks in, pro-filed, ex pressing, in-sufflated, winds in, ex torts, draw in, insufflated, sponge, be witching, draw, insufflate, win over, inhale, wiling, draws in, Penciling, de-sign, de signs, bringing forth, in-duces, pre paring, pencilled, in duce, singling out, in-spired, ex tract, sucked in, insufflating, in vite, mapped out, yank, de picts, drawing in, Inbreathe, re spired, re spiring, Crayoning, in sufflating, de-rived, Caricatured, in-sufflate, breathe in, out-lining, pro-file, ex-tract, in-spires, pre pare, de-picts, Crayoned, pre-paring, in duces, Profiled, be-witches, in-hale, pro-files, de-signed, pro files, mapping out, soak, ex-pressing, re-spired, argues into, pro file, de riving, in-hales, siphoning, de lineate, argued in to, pro filing, out-lined, in sufflated, argue in to, re-spire, take in, de pict, wind in, singled out, pre pared, in-haling, insufflates, de rived, in-spiring, in spires, be-witch, wound in, de rive, out lines, profiling, de scribed, pencil, de-rive, drew in, re spires, pro-filing, single out, in spired, winding in.

Usage examples for exhale:

Rhymes for exhale:

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